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What should our Style Bias be?

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Somewhat Defensive for me. We have enough Bulky attackers in CAP, so I'd like this one to be more towards defense. And also, I just love Giratina for its absurd defences and status support, so I'd like another Dragon like it.
voted somewhat defensive due to the fact that without some bulk, this CaP might get eaten alive by its rather common weaknesses.


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voted offensive because it seemed to have a good offensive stab combo. in hindsight it does have a very neat collection of resistance's but I would of prefered dragon/ice or fire or water or steel for a defensive typing
Somewhat offensive. It has excellent resists but it has 3 of the worst weaknesses to have as well, so I think it would perform better as a tank geared towards offense. I guess somewhat defensive can be worked with though, and if given a good enough ability it could perform well offensively anyways


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Fidget has a somewhat defensive build and is weak to both EQ and Ice. I wouldn't worry about dragon because I'd assume a dragon type wouldn't want to switch into a dragon type. Exactly what ice moves are popular anyway, is it HP Ice or Ice Punch? I'd only worry about it getting ruined by ice if it was getting hit by Ice Beam because of how weak the former moves are. Also, as far as carrying ice to handle dragons it's all to hit for dual weakness, not a regular one. The only weakness I can see here that could be seriously bothersome is EQ, but I know it's not impossible to get over.
I agree that most teams pack ice moves to take advantage of dragons that are 4x weak to ice. Our 2x weak CAP 8 dragon won't have nearly as much to fear from all the Ice Punches, Ice Shards, and HP-Ice moves out there. So perhaps the ice weakness is not as bad as I made it sound. I also agree that EQ can be managed around, and every team has plenty of switchins against ground moves.

If this goes defensive, I don't think it will be a disaster. However, I also think a lot of people are badwagoning the idea of a defensive dragon, and aren't really considering how much work this pokemon will have cut out for it to switch in much against a typical team.
Somewhat defensive.

Electric types and dragon types are usually very offensive, it would be fun to get something a bit different this time around.
I voted for somewhat offensive since I prefer the the corresponding Abilities and this CAP is supposed to revolve around Ability (to whatever extent it can influence polls).
I chose somewhat defensive because i'dd like to see a bulky CaP, that can also land a hit when necessary. Electric and Dragon are both pretty nice offensive, STAB thunderbolt/punch and dragonpulse/claw.
>.> Evidently the forum ate my post. I hope that it tasted good.

Anyway, I voted Somewhat Defensive for pretty much the main reasons that were listed on the first page. The arguments of DeckKnight and a few others totally won me over from the other side. :)
The comprehensive case for Defensive/Somewhat Defensive:

We have a chance to give our CAP some truly amazing abilities that have seen little use. I ask you, of what use is immunity to various additional effects if you are still 2HKO'd by any attack?

And what of power concerns. Some have bemoaned that Electric/Dragon is too mighty an offensive combo. Trending defensive allows us to curb super offensive spreads without sacrificing movepool options.

My fellow citizens of CAP, our calling is clear. Electric has proven its resists supremely useful through Rotom-A already, Magnezone also completely walls the vast majority of attacks that cannot strike it for SE damage. We should plumb the depths of what a Defensive Dragon can bring rather than bringing on yet another fast, powerful Dragon sweeper. We already have Salamence, Flygon, and Latias, let us explore the other side of Dragons.
I do like your reasoning on this Deck Knight. Especially since you mentioned a concern for Magic Guard on this Electric/Dragon (I share this concern as well). And now that you mention it... a defensive Dragon WOULD be a nice change of pace (not to insult Dragonite, but Elec/Dragon is better typing defensively). I too, support a Somewhat Defensive spread.


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Somewhat Offensive because I don't want another more overpowered Altaria.
Somewhat defensive.
We gave it some good offensive and defensive typing, while Dragons have proven their worth.


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Although I voted Somewhat Offensive because it could still pack defense to it, I feel now that a defensive dragon would be very interesting. Altaria's supposed to be Defensive, but it's almost always used offensively anyway.
Somewhat Defensive - it's got a few nasty weaknesses that will give it a bit of trouble switching in, yet some great resists. A bulky OU dragon would be refreshing, but still able to use its two great STAB's.
Somewhat defensive. I'd like to see a Dragon use all of those resistances and be defensive. However, I think we shouldn't make it defensive to the point where it doesn't take any advantage of it's offensively excellent typing.


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Voted for Defensive because

A) OU doesn't need another pokemon that abuses the brokenness of the Dragon attacking type, further exagerrating the trend of 4/6 team slots being Dragon or Steel, and
B) CAP has 3 offensive pokes, 2 Defensive pokes, and 2 balanced pokes, so Defensive would even things out nicely.
No offense, but why is your reasoning based on assumptions more than anything else? It seems to me that you haven't been playing too many battles on the CAP server recently, if you did, you would know that the metagame there is far different from what you describe.

First of all, despite the fact that there are more "offensive pokes" than "defensive pokes", most CAP teams are stall primarily because of high Arghonaut and Fidgit usage. Syclant and Revenankth were nerfed quite a while ago and have lost their offensive capabilities as a result of the two Pokemon I mentioned above. Stratagem and Kitsunoh are seen a little more often, but even then, I would say that stall seems to be a more common stategy than offense nowadays.

Next, your argument against an offensive Dragon typing is flawed because again, the CAP metagame isn't the same as standard OU. Salamence and Latias are not as threatening in the CAP environment as the standard OU environment because of Arghonaut, and a whole slew of other factors that I don't need to discuss. CAP isn't saturated with "4/6 Dragon/Steel". Also, why are you assuming that an offensive Dragon type will inherently be broken? Sure, Dragon is resisted by only one type, but Pokemon like Salamence and Garchomp aren't broken merely because of their type. There are many steps in the process that can be taken to prevent such a thing from happening.

Overall though, I am honestly biased in that I dislike the current direction the CAP metagame has taken. I think voting for a defensive build or bias will only push us further in that direction, and so I have voted Somewhat Offensive.
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