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Hello! As we have voted on here, we will be starting Colossoil's pre-evo process from scratch. As discussed on Discord (here) we will start by discussing and polling the # of pre-evos Colossoil will have. We're also posting the pre-evo stages in the main CAP forum for visibility, as discussed here.

Should Colossoil should have None, One, or Two pre-evo(s)? After this discussion thread closes, we will poll these options. For reference, here is Colossoil's Final Product thread.

You will have 24 hours to discuss.


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I think One is the correct answer.

Colossoil feels very distinct with its features and is a very large mon by nature. While obviously totally possible to be a single-stage mon, I think features work best as a part of an evolutionary line, like the other major ground types in Sinnoh.

However, it doesnt exactly scream a three stage line here. It leans much more a Hippopotas than Gible here. A middle stage would only work to take away from it imo, so just one works right.
Either One or Two, one seems fine since :colossoil: ist a very complex desing, but three could work just fine, specially to allow artist a bit more room for creativity on the first stage, but isnt really necesary, so one is just fine
Supporting one prevo for the reasons given by LoL. It feels like a donphan or hippowdon where a smaller, slightly simpler single prevo makes the most sense.
Colossoil doesnt really have many design elements that make me think it would have more than one prevo. There are exceptions to this like Gengar but overall it fits the group with One or None to me.


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Echoing support for One, the hippo comparisons are on the mark but given colos size I wouldn't be opposed to two either. Really don't feel none for this one, colo is so damn big I think it'd feel a little out of place without at least one prevo.
I think either one or two are fine.
There aren’t a lot three staged ground types. Most three stagers either gain their ground type upon evolution or have been designed as 2 stages originally.

But among The only 3 stagers that stay ground through all stages are Krookodile and Garchomp, which share a lot of similarities in their design and flavor.

This is pretty similar with dark types.
The only three stage lines are Krookodile and Obstagoon, but again these share a lot of similarities with Colo.
So while a two stage line would follow the trend of both dark and ground types often having only two stages, a three stage line would fit well into the roster of Krookodile, Garchomp and Obstagoon.

We already had a One design before, it feels like it still fits. Even if we are restarting from scratch, I see nothing wrong with keeping the One.


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I think one prevo is the best choice here as imo Colossoil seems more leaning towards Wailord, Sharpedo, and Hippowdon lines, but I wouldn't be opposed to two prevos since I believe we have precedent for it.


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None, this Pokemon reminds me a lot of something like Druddigon in that I think it works fine as a standalone Pokemon


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Colo's weird since it doesn't have a super complex design, but has a massive one instead. I think some comparisons could be drawn to mons like Wailord and Abomasnow, and thus I would go with one prevo, possibly even none
None; Its design seems like it would be a rarer encounter in a route much like a Tauros or Duraludon. Large, bulky and makes you feel like you found something cool, unique and powerful.
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