Tournament CAP + Almost Any Ability (CAAAP) - Finals


Party rockers
A reminder that now Kommo-o is also banned from this CAAAP tour onward!

/challenge Almost Any Ability@@@ +CAP, -Cawmodore, -Chromera, -Necturna

Stop not playing and give wins please, makes bookkeeping far easier for me. By me, I mean for spoo.


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The Dragon Master gets act win, opp never responded
Atha v Astra requested extension, you have till wednesday
Amamama v TheCounterTeamer you guys tried to schedule but didnt get games done in time so have an extension too, play by wednesday
txitxas v MagearnaTheBoss same as the above

Round 3:
(txitxas  vs MagearnaTheBoss) vs  JayHeaven
shnowshner  vs  The Dragon Master
D2TheW  vs  spoo
Zetalz  vs  BasedWhat?
SunMYSER  vs  (Atha vs Astra)
Wes8888  vs  (Amamama vs TheCounterTeamer)

Deadline: June 27, 12:00 AM GMT -4.

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