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This is the thread for people to announce their desire to become either the Buff Leader (BL) for this Buff Cycle. Do not suggest other users. If someone wants to become the Buff Leader, they will post on their own, and if they don't have a strong urge to be it then they shouldn't be signing up anyway. The CAP project requires the utmost dedication and a substantial amount of free time, especially to lead, meaning that only those who have carefully considered the magnitude of their application will apply at all. If you are not prepared to fulfill all of the responsibilities to the very end, then do not throw your hat into the ring. The buffing process is expected to last 2 weeks after its initialization.

Before applying it is important to read and understand the following posts
Topic Leadership
CAP 5 - Policy Review Summary
Buff Leader Policy Review

We are looking to fill the following position to help us lead this Buff Cycle:
  • Buff Leader: In the public's eyes, this is the leader of the project. The Buff Leader's responsibiltiy is to lead discussion about the CAP's current role, scope for buffs, and to create the slate of Major and Minor Buffs. The Goal of the Buff Leader is "quality control" rather than "project control", and their focus should be synthesizing community consensus.
Buff Leaders should have the following qualifications:
  • Deep knowledge of the game of Pokemon
  • Familiarity with competitive Pokemon concepts, strategy and philosophy, as practiced within Smogon
  • Willing to voice opinions and lead others
  • Open-minded to new ideas
  • Creative, "outside-of-the-box" thinker
  • Good writing skills
  • Level-headed when resolving disputes
  • Liked and respected by the CAP community
Once this CAP starts, the Buff Leader will be among the most important, most visible members of the CAP community, and they are expected to be a strong guiding force throughout the buffing process. If you are selected for any of these positions, you will have a great deal of power to influence the project. But you also have a responsibility to stay on top of things. You will have forum moderators to help you, but you need to be regularly active on the project until it is complete. All potential candidates should look through both the Topic Leadership Guide and the CAP Process Archive, to get an idea of what will be expected of you, if you are selected to be the Buff Leader.

This thread is strictly for candidacy posts and posts supporting those candidates. Please stay on topic. Below are the guidelines for posting in this thread:

  • Candidates will benefit from highlighting their active involvement throughout the duration of a recent CAP project. Involvement in multiple CAP projects is strongly preferred.
  • Do not suggest other people. If you want you encourage someone else to run, then send them a PM or talk to them on the PS! CAP chatroom or the CAP Discord channel.
  • If you are new to the CAP project, do not sign up in this thread. Instead, spend a project or two lurking, learning, and participating first.
  • Include a summary of your involvement in the CAP project.
  • Make a pitch for why you should be selected. If you can't present and defend yourself, then you can't expect to lead a project whose primary function is discussion and debate. Convince us that you are a good choice.
  • Even if you don't think you are better qualified than certain other candidates, you still should consider posting your application. Candidates not selected as Buff Leader for this project will be on the watch list by the PRC for next time around. Don't post your name if you don't intend to be active in the project, even if you are not selected, since people will be scrutinizing your involvement more closely.
  • Feel free to post support for any candidates already named.
  • Do not post disparaging remarks about any candidates.
If these rules are not followed, the offending user will be subject to moderation.

These signups will remain open until the conclusion of the Defunct CAP Buff Poll


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I am applying to be the next buff leader. I was on the TLT for CAP 30 and I was in charge of the BSR/BST stage. I have been posting in CAP for over a year now and I have been super involved in everything metagame related- I managed 2 team tournaments in the last 6-7 months, had a strong leadership role in 2020-2021 CAP Snake and I am part of metagame council, QC team, VR council and I run a lot of metagame related threads such as the Speed Tiers and the "Don't Use That! Use This!" thread.
Outside of CAP I have a strong 10 year background as a competitive Ubers player.

I think I'd be a good buff leader as I am willing to look at all the possible avenues to make this process go as smoothly as possible while maintaining a very strong direction that is embellished by competitive aspects.


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Hello everyone. I would like to apply to be the leader of this Buff Cycle.

While I haven't had a leading position in a regular CAP process, I was heavily active in practically every stage of CAP 30, providing my input and opinion often to questions, slates, other users' opinions, and more, enough to the point where I was invited to play in one of the inaugural games for CAP 30 for such extensive activity throughout. I also currently am the metagame leader for BDSP CAP.

I believe that I'll be a good leader for this process because of my openness to creativity and community input while still maintaining the quality needed for this process to be successful. For many of the posts I made during CAP 30's process, for example, I always wanted to focus on what would be the right direction for a successful and healthy outcome, but at the same time I also wanted to prioritize making our decisions not entirely streamlined. A successful project in terms of quality doesn't entirely mean that it's successful in terms of our own enjoyment and satisfaction; a balance between both scales would be one of my priorities if I'm chosen. A good handful of my thoughts I've shared wouldn't have been without the help of the community's inputs as well; many of my posts were essentially adding on to other's opinions in support of them. Taking into account everyone's opinions will be important to me as well if I'm chosen as the leader, no matter if I agree with them or not.


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hi! im applying for the position of buff leader for this cycle.

I've been an active contributor to CAP since Astrolotl (CAP27) and have had a presence in basically every CAP since then. I've also gotten a CAP ladybug for those contributions. In the most recent CAP, my concept got slated and I was an active presence during the ability stage, contributing to making sure Merciless didn't get slated. I've also participated in every cap circuit tour in 2021, with mixed results.

As the buff leader, I think I'd be good at identifying intelligent community consensus and using it to make decisions about the direction of the discussion or the final slate, in order to make sure metagame health and the actual final viability of the chosen CAP is prioritized.
Hey guys, I'm Darek and I'm here to apply for Buff Leader for this Buff Cycle. I've been involved with CAP since CAP28, and have been active in both the process and metagame alike. Currently, I am on the CAP VR council and am currently Assistant Manager for the Brazy Breezis for the ongoing CAPCL.

As buff leader, my main focus would be on open discussion and creativity. Coming off of Voodoom's buff process, we can see that Voodoom still remains fringely viable due to its inconsistency in comparison to other wallbreakers in the tier; learning from this, I would seek to prioritize buffs that help establish a unique and distinctive niche for our desired CAP. Overall, I would ensure that everyone's ideas are properly heard such that we can choose the most effective option for a mon that is not just viable, but also distinct in playstyle and an improvement to the metagame as a whole.
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