CAP Generation 7 Kickoff Tournament [Won by DarkSlay]

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OP stolen from inspired by the Generation 6 Farewell CAP Tour

Hi everyone and welcome to the first CAP Tournament of Gen 7, the
CAP Generation 7 Kickoff Tournament!

Gen 7 is now well underway and it's about time for everyone to get stuck in and show off their experiences of the new metagame. Let's get started!

  • All matches must be played with the Generation 7 CAP/Pokebank OU banlist. Any changes in this banlist will take effect the round directly after they are announced, unless stated otherwise.
  • This will be a Best of Three tournament (unless stated otherwise)
  • Please get your battles done in the week-long slot you have been provided. I recommend contacting your opponent as soon as possible, so you have more time to work and re-work things out. Though not mandatory, try to do this in a public manner - writing on your opponent's profile page is usually best, and if not, try and make sure that you have some evidence of your contact such as a screenshot.
  • Replays are required, especially as this will be the first tour of the Gen 7 CAP metagame. If you don't provide a replay, the battle didn't happen!
  • Please don't be a sore loser! Under the same bracket please do not John or have someone Ghost you!
  • If you cannot find a suitable time during the week, you must show evidence to either Kyubics or Bionic Puppy and then we will give you an extension. Try to establish this as soon as possible, and please note that extensions will not be more than two or three days long.
  • When applying for activity wins, you must show proof! Screenshots are preferred.
  • Breaking any of these rules may result in a warning or instant disqualification. You only get one warning!
Round 3:
vs Snorlax in the way
Granny Pie vs DarkSlay
vs reachzero

All matches were randomly selected!

Deadline is Sunday 5th February, 11pm GMT.

Round 2:
Wenderz vs DarkSlay
sparktrain vs Broken Phobias
GreenGogoatttt vs Granny Pie
Snorlax in the way
vs HeaLnDeaL
Airwind vs reachzero
blalib vs snake_rattler

All matches were randomly selected!

Deadline is Sunday 29th January, 11pm GMT.

Signups are now closed!

Round 1:
Snorlax in the way
vs EPICflygon ( '-')>
sparktrain vs SHSP
Granny Pie vs Frat Dude
snake_rattler vs cbrevan
reachzero vs hoblaph
Marjane vs Wenderz
vs Rat With Wings
Heaven Jay vs GreenGogoatttt
vs KrazyCake

Broken Phobias

All matched and byes were randomly selected!

Deadline is Sunday 22nd January, 11pm GMT. Remember, all matches are Best of Three and replays ARE required!

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