CAP LC Tournament - Finals (Won by Simbo)


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CAP LC Tournament

Hello and welcome to this CAP LC Tournament where the babies of the CAP Project can fight to decide who are the real winners of the cuteness and strength, and of course, this tournament also will help you to train and show how good you are. With that being said good luck to everyone who participates.

  • Standard CAP LC which means cawdet is banned
  • General tournament rules which can be found here
  • Battles are bo3 (best of 3) in a single elimination tournament
  • Replays must be posted in case you couldn't save the replay you and your opponent have to to say who won
  • Each round will be 1 week, extensions are allowed but need to be requested first in the case you and your opponent can't fight due to timezones coinflips are what decides the winner
  • Calling activity is allowed but before that try to request an extension first
  • Sign up will be closed April 26 (just say In and you are in)

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