Tournament CAP NFE Tournament (Round Two)


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Round 1 has officially commenced!

Round 1

Lasen vs. Hys
Frostbiyt vs. BP
The Thunderbirds vs. Mirbro
vooper vs. Velvet Blood
againa vs. -Voltage-
Cheese5555 vs. BloodAce0107
Jho vs. Rage.Spam.Quit.
WMAR vs. snake_rattler
EpicUmbreon29 vs. 85percent
Anime Sans vs. GrootFromDidney
RaJ.Shoot vs. TheJ3estPenguin
Birkal vs. PD
Granny Pie vs. Simbo
Calucha vs. PhantomHurious
Zetasniper vs. Monsareeasy
outbackrabbit vs. cbrevan

SBPC, Quagg, Marjane are all byes.

Matches are due in a week, and I hope everyone has fun!
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