Tournament CAP OM Mashup Tournament (Winner: Jrdn!)

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Played 3 won 3 thanks in part to a humongous helping of hax (hey well I've lost I guess I'll click Ice Beam and pray it freez- OH MY GOD)
mnm in which I lose and then hax my way out of it with Freeze hax
stab in which I bring that one rain team I have but add Plasmanta > Thundurus and win because Fidgit is trash against rain (the fact that their Slowking missed Focus Blast on my Greninja might have helped)
mono in which I bring a slightly edited sample from regular monotype and face (I think) a sample team from the OP

ggz Mx sorry again for the hax

EDIT: Also the first tag didn't work for me for some reason so I only realized the round was up today.
Lost to good boy Reshif in 3 (mostly) ggs Monotype in which I get possibly the worst MU humanly possible. Severe stomping: viewer discretion is advised. In which Lando tells Modo to suck it. Good match besides that tho. Hoopa scared me a for a hot sec. Zygarde is dead to me. First he gets his ass banned then he goes and uses WAVES OVER ARROWS. Smmfh I'm super salty about it. Absolutely no hate towards Reshif though he was a good sport about it.

GG Resh, GL in Round 2!


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Calling act cuz my opp isn't answering (Check his profile to see the schedule)

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