CaP Prevos: Privatyke - Part 1 - Overview & Type Discussion

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Just take a look at Inkay and see that Flying isn't really an option here. At least Inkay floats.

Privatyke is definitely a squid/octopode type creature and should be treated as such. Very confused how anyone could interpret it as a bird.
I like Water/Fighting but I also see some merit in Water/Steel due to the sword hand. Pure Water also makes a lot of sense to me. Water/Normal is also an interesting idea, as we did the same with Voodoll. I also agree that the Water/Flying typing makes absolutely no sense at all.
I don't see Water/Steel as viable: Arghonaut has more metal appendages than Privatyke, and is not a Steel-type. I know Scratchet and Voodoll are part Normal, but a Normal type changing to something else is not common among official Pokémon, and Privatyke does not look especially "Normal". Water/Dark is somewhat interesting, but again, Arghonaut feels even more Dark than Privatyke.

I guess another potential option would be pure Fighting; that is, interpreting Privatyke's immature octopus look as it not being used to the sea yet. Both Water and Water/Fighting feel more sensible, though.


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Looks like Water/Flying is a no go, which means we have our slate.


Poll will be going up shortly! Stay tuned.
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