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Hi all!

Its that time again and probably the most exciting step of the Prevo process! STATS! As usual, any reasoning is sound! Voodoom is a strong special attacker with good speed and decent bulk.

Voodoom - HP 90 / Atk 85 / Def 80 / SpA 105 / SpD 80 / Spe 110 / BST 550

Please look up Pokemon you think are similar (either through typing, abilities or design) and try and make some good reasoning for why you are picking those stats! As I have said many times, prevos are a primarily flavour concern, but I will not "down play" competitive spreads (as long as there is no min/maxing etc). As long as your reasoning is solid (and your BST not too bloated), I will likely slate your spread! At that point it is in the lap of the community!

As with previous stats subs, I am allowing you to Final Submit from the beginning of the thread, but I will post a 24 hour warning in about 48 hours so people have time to discuss/work on their spreads. Please make sure your stats are clear and easily readable. Makes my life a bit easier when it comes to looking over the numbers and reasoning!

Our Prevo So far:
Typing: Normal/Dark
Abilities: Volt Absorb / Lightning Rod / Cursed Body
Final Submission

HP: 70 (-20)
Attack: 55 (-30)
Defense: 65 (-15)
Sp. Attack: 50 (-55)
Sp. Defense: 65 (-15)
Speed: 55 (-55)
Total: 360 (-190)

- As Voodoll's concept is based on enduring punishment without necessarily retaliating, its defensive stats remain sort of high while its offensive stats drop more.
- Special Attack and Speed drop the most, representing Voodoll's pre-"awakening" state. This could also give Volt Absorb more relative utility than Lightning Rod, considering the lore of Voodoll's evolution.
- 360 is a bit high, but not unprecedented considering cases like Larvesta to Volcarona (the only real base 550) and some others like Elekid (360), Magby (365) and Vullaby (370).
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Final Submission

HP: 70 (-20)
Attack: 60 (-25)
Defense: 55 (-25)
Sp. Attack: 65 (-40)
Sp. Defense: 55 (-25)
Speed: 75 (-35)
BST: 380 (-170)

Since it will only evolve once, I don't think we should bring its stats down too much, so i went with the very bold stat total of 380. I feel like making its HP among its highest stats will do it some favors as a prevo, giving it a good value in early game and Little Cup (just examples). A high speed stat works with its evolution, as does a higher Sp. Attack stat. I definitely think its defensive stats should remain equal, as that gives it an interesting mechanic we haven't seen among many other Pokemon.
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HP 80 / Atk 40/ Def 65 / SpA 45 / SpD 55 / Spe 65 [TOTAL: 350]

Changes are:
HP -10 / Atk -45 / Def -15 / SpA -60 / SpD -25 / Spe -45 [BST -200]

  • It isn't uncommon to see Pokémon evolve and have the resulting base stat increases be increments of 10, as can be seen with Staryu and Starmie, though many Pokémon prefer to do increments of 5 instead. HP and Special Attack are the only drops in increments of 10.
  • HP is its highest base stat because Voodoll's lore is about taking punishment.
  • The next-highest base stat is a between Defense and Speed. Speed because that's its evolution's highest base stat, and Defense to help with taking punishment.
  • Its worst two stats are its Attacking stats, as it doesn't snap from the punishment it takes until it evolves. Its Attack is worse because not only is Voodoll a bit on the passive side, but Voodoom is more of a Special Attacker anyway.
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Final Submission

55 HP / 40 Atk / 55 Def / 75 SpA / 50 SpD / 70 Spe [BST: 345]

Changes of:
-35 HP / -45 Atk / -25 Def / -30 SpA / -30 SpD / -40 Spe

So, the first thing I did when making this spread was look for Pokemon statistically similar to Voodoom with whom I could make some comparisons. First checked out Pokemon around its BST, and while there are a few around there, only one shares its 550 BST: Volcarona. However, Volcarona is much more extreme in its stats, and I didn't think they were the most comparable. But, only 5 BST points away you have Arcanine, and that was the Pokemon I thought was the perfect comparison to base things off of. Not only is its BST so close to Voodoom's, but they both are also the second of two stages, have every single stat between 80 and 110, and share the exact same HP, Def and SpD. So, with that in mind, I started out Voodoll's spread by applying the exact same stat changes as between Growlithe and Arcanine, swapping Atk and Speed to match their stat differences.

Looking at the resulting spread, I decided that I wanted to slightly alter two things. First, I thought that Voodoll looked practically incapable of doing much on the physical offensive side, and felt like Attack should be its lowest stat, so I moved 10 points from Atk and split them between its defenses. And secondly, while both Arcanine and Voodoom have equal defenses, Growlithe did not, and to differentiate Voodoll a bit more, I decided to swap which defense lost the extra 5 points. I also thought this worked with its lore, as its whole story revolves around taking punishment, and its design would seem to indicate that is more of a physical punishment (ie being stabbed by pins) than a special one. As such, being better able to take that punishment makes sense to me.
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Final Submission

90 HP / 45 Atk / 80 Def / 45 SpA / 40 SpD / 55 Spe (355 BST)

±0 HP / -40 Atk / ±0 Def / -60 SpA / -40 SpD / -55 Spe (-195 BST)

This stat spread is a little wackier than what I'd typically submit, but I'll give it a go. Anyway, I decided to use Shroomish and Breloom as a reference. Shroomish is unimposing little thing that gains a Fighting typing and becomes more mobile upon evolution, which makes it a lot like Voodoll in a way. What really intrigued me about Shroomish's stat spread is that its HP does not change upon evolution. I decided to mirror this in Voodoll's spread so it's capable of taking a bunch of abuse in its first stage. Evolution to Voodoom mainly focuses on increasing its ability to dish out powerful hits. Here's a stat-by-stat breakdown:
  • 90 HP -> 90 HP: Stays the same. Mirrors the Shroomish line.
  • 45 Atk -> 85 Atk, 45 SpA -> 105 SpA: Voodoll's attacking stats are equal like Shroomish's, but Voodoll's SpA increases more upon evolution while Shroomish gets a larger Attack boost.
  • 80 Def -> 80 Def, 40 SpD -> 80 SpD: Shroomish's special bulk stays exactly the same upon evolution, so I flipped it and kept Voodoll's physical bulk the same. This emphasizes Voodoll being capable of taking physical punishment.
  • 55 Spe -> 110 Spe: Speed doubles upon evolution, like Shroomish.
  • 355 BST -> 550 BST: Shroomish's BST increases by a factor of roughly 1.55x upon evolution, and so does Voodoll's.


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Final Submission

80 HP (-10)
40 Atk (-45)
70 Def (-10)
50 SpA (-55)
55 SpD (-25)
50 Spe (-60)
345 BST (-205)

Now, before you stab me with pitchforks and sewing pins, let me explain. I didn't really have any inspiriation for this stat spread, but more of made it based on logic of a voodoo doll and Voodoom itself.

To begin, I decided to lower Voodoll's HP down to 80, as it fits well with the idea of the punishment that a voodoo doll gains during usage. Voodoo dolls are made durable for continuous usage, but is lower than Voodoom because fighting other usually means you gain a higher tolerance to pain. A similar story can be said for Physical Defense, as it experience the same stat drop. Physical Attack is harshly lowered to 40 for two major reasons: Voodoll can't really attack physically thanks to its rigid voodoo doll arms, and it is biding its time to release its built up rage against its maker in its evolved form. Its Special Attack got one of the worst drops to 50, but remains higher than its physical offenses. This is because Voodoo black magic can be considered a form of special attack, and Voodoll gained a bit of a proficiency because of it. This also blends well with its evolution, who is more specially offensive in nature. However, Voodoll has not gained his elecrokinesis abilities and is constantly going through its punishment, giving him no time to practice his magical abilities. For Special Defense, which got a nice drop to 55, I used the reasoning that most voodoo doll torturing is done with physical harm, such as the needles that it has stuck nicely into its body. This means that magical torture, which it is less adapted to, would have a larger effect on the user. Its speed got the harshest drop to 50 simply because a voodoo doll isn't exactly the most flexible thing, meaning it is harder to move around. You can also make the biding its time reference here as well, as it will evolve into a raging fury.
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Final Submission

Voodoll - HP 75 / Atk 40 / Def 60 / SpA 55 / SpD 50 / Spe 75 / BST 355

-15 HP / -45 Atk / -20 Def / -50 SpA / -30 SpD / -35 Spe (-195 BST)

So my spread decided to take a more linear approach by giving Voodoll the HP to "take punishments" per its flavor profile while also giving it the Speed to set itself in line with its evolution, Voodoom. I also made it take a major hit to both of its offenses while keeping its Special Attack slightly higher to fit in with the whole "voodoo magic" aspect of it and its evolution. I figured it having a better defensive spread than an offensive one would suit its more "punished" nature and it has a way to boost its SpA anyways via Nasty Plot so there is no need for it to be super offensive right off the bat. This spread also takes into account some competitive aspects when it comes to LCAP in that it can outspeed all the relevant Fighting-types (up to Mienfoo) while missing out on faster mons such as Abra and Starmie, leaving it to be threatened by them. This allows Voodoll to potentially be viable in LCAP as the main concern it will have is with the Fighting-types and if can outspeed the fastest one (Mienfoo) then it will be useable at the very least.
116 Atk Timburr Mach Punch vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Eviolite Voodoll: 16-24 (66.6 - 100%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO
188+ SpA Croagunk Vacuum Wave vs. 0 HP / 36 SpD Eviolite Voodoll: 16-24 (66.6 - 100%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO
240 SpA Abra Hidden Power Fighting vs. 0 HP / 36 SpD Eviolite Voodoll: 20-28 (83.3 - 116.6%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO
196 SpA Life Orb Staryu Hydro Pump vs. 0 HP / 36 SpD Eviolite Voodoll: 13-17 (54.1 - 70.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
36+ Atk Snubbull Play Rough vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Eviolite Voodoll: 18-24 (75 - 100%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO
Essentially these calc show that if Voodoll is healthy it will be very hard to revenge kill it, but it won't likely stay at full health so it ends up being a lot easier to do so. This spread allows Voodoll to walk the fine line of being able to be viable in LCAP while also fitting its flavor profile by lacking the offenses and favoring the HP/defenses/Speed. Nasty Plot single-handedly would make this an offensive threat, but to do so, it must deal with its less-than-stellar defensive typing as it has only one resist and 2 immunities to work with while having 3 common weaknesses.


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You guys have a bit under 24 hours if you want to submit a spread! Everything looks pretty legal so far so I won't have to DSQ anyone!
Final Submission

Voodoll - HP 85 / Atk 45 / Def 55 / SpA 70 / SpD 55 / Spe 40 / BST 350

Changes: -5 HP / -40 Atk / -25 Def / -35 SpA / - 25 SpD / -70 Spe (-200 BST)
  • 85 HP allows Voodoll to take more punishment like its voodoo flavor suggests
  • A large decrease in attack is added because this Pokemon does not look like it will go into a battle arms swinging (I mean, at least Voodoom has the Fighting type and fists)
  • Defenses are not dragged down as much as speed and attack to support the punishment flavor, and for defense not being higher than special defense, it's called voodoo magic for a reason
  • Speed is dropped because in it's design, it is sitting down and looks like a lifeless doll that cant move an inch

Going into a few competitive ideas
- Volt Absorb will be the main ability, in my opinion, as it's speed is to low to support a sweep with Lightning Rod, and a bulky set with Eviolite can enjoy getting healed by a STAB attack from Elekid, Chinchou, Snugglow, and Monohm (Whenever it is created).
- Having weaknesses to common types such as Fighting, Flying, and Fairy will be hard to deal with on a defensive pokemon, so teammates that can counter/check those types are great partners to Voodoll.

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