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merry christmas yall! i'll start sending out your build requests later today.
ok i lied they should be all sent out now! Try your best to get them in soonish- I'll set a hard deadline for January 8th, let me know if anyone has issues w/that now or later. Remember not to tell who you got! If anyone needs building help shoot me a DM wherever- PS, Discord, here- and I'd be happy to help!


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Merry Christmas Lasen!, here I have for you the scariest offensive Deo-S set, Mixed Life Orb EForce, featured on a Psyspam HO team.
:Hawlucha::Roaring Moon::Hatterene::Deoxys-Speed::Aurumoth::Indeedee:

A brief explanation to this team is that you lead Indeedee, pretty much no matter what, unless you're counterleading your opponent. Next, any threat of hazards, go hard Hatterene either block the hazards or have the eject activated. Past this, just go to whatever threat fits the situation best. Aurumoth and Hawlucha are the MVPs in my opinion, but every member of the team contributes to its success. Regarding testing, I used the team to hit mid-1400s but I didn't have much time to ladder (aint playing mons during christmas).

Some replays showing how the team plays:

Thanks for the cool suggestion, and happy holidays! :)
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Daddy Long Pult is back in town and he's delivering a Ting-Luniclus team to Amamama


Team is standard balance with as few mons weak to stuff to hazards as possible with only 1 mon caring about Sticky Web and Spikes. Reuniclus is a fairly standard fella, lategame wincon and doesn't afraid of anything and Dragapult and Corviknight are a miniature pivoting core. Clefable felt really good as a way to consistently check Iron Valiant and whatnot as well as rounding out a pretty good Fairy/Dark/Steel defensive core. I opted for no removal despite having Corviknight; I could have easily given it Defog but I don't think hazard stack is as consistent a playstyle in CAP as it is in OU but feel free to change it. Hemogoblin is the last piece of the puzzle with Tera Ground to both take down opposing Hemo, deal with Tran, and take the Mighty Kleave from Iron Terrakion (I don't know it's name) while covering Tera Poison/Steel from it to resist E-Speed.

Can't post replays because I am sick as a dog and the only replays I have of this is team is of someone in the top 4 of playtest so :boi:


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merry merry christmas to metagross does architectu!

:iron crown::skeledirge::malaconda::raging bolt::equilibra::venomicon:

this team was built around the core of iron crown, skeledirge, and malaconda, which was a pretty challenging - but fun, as a result - request!

so, going into this, i knew i wanted to build some sort of sun team, mostly because i think malaconda has almost no reason to be used outside of its powerful ability to enable teammates via sun support. the challenge, though, came with fitting both iron crown and skeledirge on this archetype which is traditionally limited in its pool of viable options. if i decided to build full-sun, then iron crown would be very hard to justify over better sun wallbreakers/speed control like gouging fire, venusaur, or walking wake. but if i went with a more balanced build, with skeledirge as the only teammate that benefits from malaconda's sun, then i think malaconda would be difficult to justify over other defensive/support pieces that will generally provide more to a team. so, being left in this interesting position, i decided to pursue a compromise, and ended up with this semi-sun balance!

i don't have much experience with iron crown but i figured choice scarf made the most sense with an approach like this. the sets for malaconda and skeledirge are also pretty standard. next, since i knew i didn't want skeledirge to be the only pokemon benefitting from sun support, i immediately thought that raging bolt would be a strong addition. raging bolt serves as the team's primary wallbreaker, able to overwhelm foes like equilibra and ting-lu which iron crown greatly appreciates, while its priority and special bulk help check a lot of random mons like gholdengo, tera'd roaring moon, iron moth, and many more. with these four, i noticed the team was quite weak to spikes and certain ground-types, so equilibra felt like a natural choice. libra is crucially able to remove spikes on gliscor and sort of ting-lu, two mons that would completely shut down this team if they could freely set hazards, and is the main special wall to soak hits from ghost-types and strong breakers like kyurem. finally, i needed rocks, a cresceidon switch-in, and a switch-in for physical mons that threaten dirge (gambit/meow/tusk among a few others), so i think venomicon works out quite well as glue in the last slot.

most teras are pretty self explanatory except for maybe tera steel venom, which may seem odd considering the team has two steels already, but i feel like it's nonetheless appreciated for mons like meowscarada, kyurem, iron boulder, and more, which otherwise have the potential to pose large threats. this team also has almost no counterplay to opposing sun with walking wake or tera ground tera blast volcarona, and other mons with fire/ground coverage like gouging fire or tera blast iron moth are also threatening, but sadly you can't really cover everything with a team like this. ev benchmarks are mostly for things like darkrai and gambit but i'm sure they could be further optimized.

this team is untested, so as always there will be room for improvement in some areas. overall, i think it's a good team, but maybe not a great one; there are absolutely difficult matchups that will just require outplaying. try it out though and change things to your liking!


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You hear that? It's Krilowatt zooming!
Merry CAPmas Lightniong I am here to happily deliver your Scarf Krilowatt called One in a Krillion!
:krilowatt: :hemogoblin: :glimmora: :gholdengo: :iron boulder: :skeledirge:
This team uses fast Kril to pivot in and out and select the best option to counter. It also has a secret weapon: Copycat! It can use it to copy hazards, recovery and more!
Hemo has stats to outspeed Heatran and start snowballing after Bulk Up. Glimmora + Gholdengo do what they know best, hazard setting + prevention of removal. This Iron Boulder is here to sweep late game, with that fantastic offense and Booster Energy in Atk, it OHKOes Equilibra and can Tera Flying to prevent Earthquakes, it can also be Tera Ghost to prevent Phazing from Arghonaut, and 2HKO it with Psycho Cut thanks to the Booster Energy Boost. Skeledirge is here to check Hemo, force a change, Sub and Torch Song Kingambit thanks to the Speed investment. Krilowatt can enter at any time, scout and switch out to the best counter. And for the good news, One in a Krillion fits as the nickname!

Hope you enjoy it!
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A very merry holiday season to Palosaks!

:enamorus: :equilibra: :venomicon: :caribolt: :krilowatt: :skeledirge:

Given that the 'core' you provided consisted of one mon, Enamorus, I had a lot of freedom to build and that's much appreciated. Nonetheless, I tried to create a fun and usable team for you, I hope you like it!

There is not much that really wants to switch into Enamorus' Specs boosted coverage, especially with an impending Doom Desire, so I started with Equilibra. Besides Doom Desire, Equilibra also has excellent defensive synergy with Enamorus, switching in on any Rock, Poison, and Electric moves coming its way, while Enamorus can potentially get a free switch-in on a predicted Fighting or Ground move. It also provides hazard removal, which helps out Enamorus and the rest of the team. Next, I added Venomicon for Stealth Rock and overall good special bulk, being able to take on mons like Iron Valiant, Darkrai, Rillaboom, Clefable and opposing Equilibra.

Caribolt provides a way to get a lategame sweep going if you get a Swords Dance and/or Rapid Spin off-- the latter being additional hazard removal being a bonus as well. It can also break for Enamorus if desired. Krilowatt is here offensively pressure bulky mons like Cresceidon and Great Tusk and pivot other mons in, though I also thought it was neat to use the Stellar Tera type here given its great coverage. Just don't let it get knocked off lest your lobster will become unacceptable.

Lastly, Skeledirge lets you take on top threats like Hemogoblin, Metagross and sun breakers not named Specs Iron Moth or Walking Wake. It can also burn things, which is great for the rest of the team. Its EV spread is meant to outspeed SD Kingambit while not being 2HKO'd by Metagross' Earthquake and the rest in special bulk.

I did not get the chance to test the team, but as long as you don't run into full sun it should probably be fine. Have fun with the team!
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'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;
shnowshner was waiting for a team with Equilibra and Roaring Moon,
and to that, in his stocking, good old St. Nick gifted him this boon;

Okay, I'm dropping the rhyming for the team explanation, because honestly I don't think I can actually manage to pull that off. As mentioned prior, this team is built around Roaring Moon + Equilibra. This honestly wasn't a super hard core to work with, as Roaring Moon is broken and Equilibra is already a fairly solid glue mon, and while I could have easily just made Sun to fulfill the request, I decided that it would be a lot more fun to just do regular balance or bulky offense instead.

Hisuian Samurott serves as my main (or I guess only) way of setting hazards and as a mon that can lure in Fairy-types for Equilibra. I was considering going with the Swords Dance set for a bit to serve as a secondary wincon, but I decided later on that an Assault Vest set would work better here to create a nice Specially Defensive core with Equilibra. Skeledirge's role to mainly soak up physical attacks, serve as a counter to Hemogoblin (Which most of the team struggles with), and act a bit as a secondary win condition in the event Roaring Moon is unable to sweep. Rillaboom acts as a wallbreaker and a form of speed control, and synergizes nicely with the rest of the team by providing Grassy Terrain support and dealing with bothersome Water-types such as Cresciedon and Krilowatt. Lastly, Zapdos provides paralysis support in the form of Static, acts a special wallbreaker, and gives the team a more reliable answer to Venomicon.

Regarding sets, most of the stuff here is fairly standard, but there are a couple of things that stand out a bit. While I decided not to deviate from the norm for most of the Tera Types here, Tera Fighting Zapdos was an exception. I wanted it to be able to act as an emergency Kingambit check, so a Tera-type that resisted Dark was mandatory, while at the same time, I really didn't want to give Zapdos a Tera Type that would be weak to any of the main moves you see Venomicon running. As a bit of an added bonus, Tera Fighting does allow Zapdos to check Tera Flying Iron Boulder, since Thunderbolt OHKOs 75% of the time with one layer of spikes. As for EV spreads, the spread on Skeledirge allows it to avoid a 2HKO from Tera Ground Hemobolin's Tera Blast, while nothing else here really needs explaining.

In terms of stuff the team struggles with, fast physical attackers that have a way of getting past Skeledirge are going to be a pain in the ass to deal with for obvious reasons. A lot of times, if you are up against something like an opposing Roaring Moon or SD Iron Valiant, you may end up finding yourself in a situation were you are forced to prematurely Skeledirge so that your entire team doesn't get swept. There's definitely some things that can be optimized here, as the matchup into Hyper Offense, while not unwinnable, doesn't feel great. Still though, the team preforms fairly well into most balance and bulky offense structures, and I've had a fair amount of fun using it as well.

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Merry Christmas skippergamez

A swords dance miasmaw team was requested and I'm posting 2 because I can't decide which version I prefer!



So there's really only one decent choice of set for SD maw but that's alright because it is honestly pretty excellent, Ngas being buffed to also effect paradox mons has turned miasmaw into one of the hardest sweepers to stop once it gets going, as most teams very are reliant on at least one of unaware/booster energy/stamina/protosynthesis in sun, to deal with sweepers, which you just get to completely ignore. One major weakness of this strategy however is being super vulnerable to physical priority which is relatively common in the meta. In hindsight I definitely could have gone with a psychic terrain team and been much more successful but I'm sure someone else will try it.

Having decided to build balance I started the team off with a defensive core of garg and mollux, they both have strong defensive synergy with miasmaw and accomplish a few key things, they provide both rocks and rapid spin, strong hazard removal being important without boots on maw. I felt that rocks Garg would be really good at forcing chip onto miamaws checks with salt cure and mollux creates further opportunities to cripple them with status. After that the two teams diverge but the remaining 3 mons accomplish almost the exact things just with roles shuffled around slightly. The main difference being the second team has a more hazard centric gameplan with t-spikes, 2 knock off users and gholdengo to prevent removal.

Don't feel like going into the set details but feel free to ask questions if you have em.
merry merry christmas to metagross does architectu!

:iron crown::skeledirge::malaconda::raging bolt::equilibra::venomicon:

this team was built around the core of iron crown, skeledirge, and malaconda, which was a pretty challenging - but fun, as a result - request!

so, going into this, i knew i wanted to build some sort of sun team, mostly because i think malaconda has almost no reason to be used outside of its powerful ability to enable teammates via sun support. the challenge, though, came with fitting both iron crown and skeledirge on this archetype which is traditionally limited in its pool of viable opt
Thank you so much Spoo Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :quagchamppogsire:


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to kenn!

I present to you Naviathan Rain:
:naviathan: :pelipper: :barraskewda: :archaludon: :iron treads: :zapdos:

I promise I've been trying to build this all week and especially couldn't deliver Plasmanta after the most recent CCAT

Rain is definitely not an easy teamstyle to build in the current metagame, but it seemed like the only teamstyle that could have Naviathan without wishing it had something like Roaring Moon or Miasmaw. When I tried building this style myself, I found it difficult to have Naviathan + Pelipper + Barraskewda while also covering for Choice Band Rillaboom and fitting hazard control on the team. In all honesty, Rain would fit Naviathan much better if Defog Pelipper and Ferrothorn existed again.

After trying many variations of final 3 mons, SHSP passed me an OU rain team built by njnp, which I edited for CAP purposes. The Pelipper, Archaludon, and Iron Treads sets are not mine, but this squad works much more convincingly than any other squad I tried to put together myself. My biggest piece of advice is to make sure you know when to set up with Naviathan or just launch an attack. Hopefully this is acceptable and you thwart CAP sun teams!


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Merry (Late) Christmas to you as well snake and a Happy New Year!

:metagross::iron valiant::krilowatt::venomicon::ogerpon-cornerstone::gouging fire:
You asked for a Bulky tank Metagross team and I hope I delivered! The first thing I thought of was something to capitalize on the breaking that Metagross can do like getting rid of Venomicon as well as opposing Fairy types such as Iron Valiant so said Pokemon felt like a nice partner for Metagross. The set is mainly used to hopefully win the mindgame with Roaring Moon as it can be a HUGE pain for this team as you have STAB priority if it isn't Tera'd or Thunderbolt if Moon has Tera'd and Valiant can Tera to gain STAB on it as well. The rest of the team kinda forms a backbone that can allow multiple avenues to win with hazardstack or DD Gouging Fire or gaining momentum via pivoting.

The team is untested but I hope you enjoy it and hopefully Moon gets banned again soon so it can truly shine and not have to play that 50/50
Happy holidays JesskyKhemically! Sorry that this was delayed the plan was to deliver it earlier but was waiting until after my playtest match (where I learned it had a massive Kril issue but fixed it). Now that those matches are out of the way here it is!

:Kitsunoh: :Gliscor: :Arghonaut: :Mollux: :Krilowatt: :Meowscarada:

When I saw I got Kitsunoh I was really excited cause I always thought it was a cool mon that could do some interesting things despite it having to contend with the likes of gholdengo. However one thing I found interesting is that a niche it has is that given a balloon it can be a good deterant for spinners, specifically the likes of equilibra due to it's more common move set not being able to break the balloon (due to the return of doom desire). That as well as the utility it can bring to the team and it being a really good mon to bring into venomicon made me want to make a hazard stack team with the goal of wearing down the opponent with hazards and having pokémon clean up at the end. The set of shadow strike, uturn, wisp and strength sap can make this mon really annoying to kill as well as spreading status and crippling physically offensive mons.

Gliscor was the first pokémon I thought of due to it's amazing utility it can bring to the team, ground type immunity and most importantly a knock off absorber for the team. This in combination with Kitsunoh's strength sap & wisp makes this team incredibly annoying to bring down. After that the team needed hazards as well as an answer to threats such as roaring moon and gambit. The natural pokemon for this was arghonaut due to it being a natural spikes user, knock off user to remove boots from opposing mons and a fire resist. Lasty to complete this defensive core it needed a good specially defensive pokémon that helps round out the team and helps out against Krilowatt. I decided that specially defensive mollux was the best pokemon to round this out. Mollux helps against a lot of the specially defensive threats as well as helps out against a lot of pokémon that cause problems for this team currently like ogerpon wellspring, krilowatt and cresceidon.

Now that the team has a back bone it needs some pokémon to abuse it and act as cleaners. Kril was a pokémon that came to mind due to it's magic guard ability being a natural fit on a hazard stack team that doesn't have removal as well as it being a hard pokémon to switch into (as I learned in my match using an older version of this team) made it a great addition to the team. Lastly the team needs a fast pokémon that can act as a better cleaner that can act as a good pivot for the team. After looking for a good fit, I thought meowscarada was a good last mon with it's new additional buff with triple axel. This gives us another knock off user and pivot all in one and also with it's new additional buff of triple axel lets us hit the likes of venomicon in a pinch.

This version of the team is untested but I feel pretty happy with the changes in the end. If you have any other questions about the team let me know and I'll be happy to answer them for you^^
Merry late Christmas to Joesh, who gave me the task of building the most insane Necturna set.
I’ve tried a bunch of different things and to no one’s surprise there’s no way around Shell Smash.
Even more so there’s no way around shell smash and dual stab sets as its stabs are maybe the only reason this Mon is worth it over other sweepers, being able to hit most unaware mons SE pre Tera is neat. (only other semi helpful trait on nect is being able to spin block in a pinch).
So any originality had to come from which STAB moves and what kind of coverage.
Sadly this Mon has not a single fun move like encore, taunt, strength sap or even fucking ingrain or leech seed. Additionally it has to pick which mons to lose to. Item, Tera and coverage move decide if you sack the Mon vs meta staples like Venom, Kingambit, Hemogoblin, Roaring Moon, Gouging Fire and even mons you’d think you have a solid matchup into like arghonaut and Equilibra.
Since losing to any of these isn’t already bad enough for Nect, it fails to outspeed most relevant Scarf mons as well as booster energy sweepers with one boost and never gets the opportunity for a double dance due to its bad bulk further weakened by repeated smashes.
You think I’m finished?
Nect also manages to not break most Meta Walls after one smash.
In the end I’ve decided on a set with Will-O-Wisp and shell smash hex, that operates more like a hex breaker with an additional ability to sweep if there’s an opening (which rarely happens) tbh I’d rather have another Mon in the last slot but on this team I felt like I at least could somewhat justify the Mon.
On HO I’d rather have anything else and it sadly does not lend itself for any other set as Shell Smash. If Geomancy was in the game I think it might be a bit more solid but as is rn let’s see what sketch can do for next once it’s freed.
Anyway here’s the team.
Merry Christmas to Da Pizza Man
:iron valiant: :Colossoil: :Gholdengo: :Glimmora: :Ogerpon-Wellspring: :Hemogoblin:

I haven't tested this team at all but basically I had to make a team with Tera Stellar CM Iron Valiant. The set I opted to use was CM/Moonblast/Tbolt/Psychic. I opted to use Psychic over a Fighting move because I thought it would be better to get two procs of Tera Stellar to hit the likes of Venom + Argh + Cresceidon as well as threaten Iron Moth, although it does leave a large hole in its inability to hit Equilibra effectively. Ogerpon-W serves as a consistent, threatening switchin to Libra, while Nasty Plot Gholdengo can serve as a lure for it, with +2 Modest Focus Blast picking up an OHKO on most standard Libra sets. Glimmora exists to punish Hemogoblin and to serve as the rocker for the team; it also pairs well with Balloon Gholdengo for obvious reasons and while it too struggles into Equilibra the rest of the team makes it manageable. Colo fills up some slots by acting as an aggressive form of hazard removal, status absorption, and Ghost resist, while Hemogoblin provides reliable priority that prevents the team from getting run over by threats like Roaring Moon and Iron Boulder. Again the team is untested but it is probably possibly maybe serviceable. Happy Holidays!


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Sorry this is rather late but I got my ass kicked at work week the past days

Merry Belated Happy ChristYears Concept Everything You get the honor of two (2!) teams because both of them fill me with dread!

Building with Hemo and Cres is really hard for me as I don't find them to be amazing partners: Cresceidon is a nebulous mon in the first place in spite of how good it is. So instead of anything normal I sought to create a team that takes advantage of Hemogoblin's breaking/sweeping potential and Cresceidon's knack for being annoying.


First I thought of sun because 50% stronger Bitter Blade. Moon provides decent Speed and high initial power + Knock Off support, Venusaur is great Speed under sun and can potentially run away with a game. Cresceidon's moveset runs EP to harass its usual answers thinking they can switch in for free, otherwise it's mostly there for emergencies and to TWave something should you get the chance. Gliscor is an additional nuisance that exists solely because this team loses to Venomicon getting a free switch, you also have enough Speed to counterlead Excadrill.

What's my answer to Kyurem?
A: Lol!

Q: Is this team tested?
A: Lol!


So the second idea was a result of being reminded that Cres gets Healing Wish, thus here's Modest 3A HWish Multiscale Cresceidon designed to throw your opponent off guard with 37% success. Hemogoblin is Trailblaze Tera Grass to net you a free vacation to The Hague. Remember how the last team didn't have a switch-in for Kyurem? Roaring Moon is back too with classic DD Acro set. Glimmora is there to piss off the opponent's physical attackers and Sash SD Drill can probably run away with a game.

How should I play around Equilibra?
A: Tera Grass Trailblaze > Bitter Blade solves the issue of getting outpaced by a +1 Equilibra.

Q: Is this team tested?
A: Lol!
Merry belated Christmas Darek !! :quagchamppogsire:
ik we are wayyy past the deadline and it's literally the middle of the 2nd week of Jan but nevertheless your Band Miasmaw team has finally arrived!!

:iron moth::saharaja::miasmaw::equilibra::venomicon::krilowatt:

Miasmaw is doubtlessly a S+ tier sweeper in the post-dlc meta. However if bolstered-up with Choice Band, making a reliable sweeper set of Maw and then building a team around that set becomes quite a challenging task due to it's best moves (Scale shot, First Impression) not really being usable anymore. So moving forward, despite knowing that almost all the Choice-sets of Maw make use of Compound Eyes (DragonRush+Gunk +CC/Eq+Uturn or some variations of it), I really wanted to utilize N-gas because of its vast potential in wallbreaking/blocking weather shenanigans.
I partnered Maw up with the only booster wizard who fell down to UU, Iron Moth has pretty neat defensive typing and excellent SpD bulk and Speed (therefore not being over-reliant on booster-energy) and can abuse tera-boosted Energy Ball to punish Tera Water libra and muscle through Argho.
Alongside that offensive core this team also features the regular offensive-pivot Shrimp which runs Copycat as its 4th move to copy spikes/salt cure/recover/iron defense and so on but you can run Twave/Tbolt/Epower (for tera-Electric/poison, Tran, Mollux, Cresc, tera) too. Rest of the team serves as defensive-checks to various threats to maw-moth while having decent offensive capabilities to thwart anyone from setting up and sweep (Camel's Atk is literally maxed so ofc it will hit em hard enough!)
The ideal approach of playing with this team would be to gradually wear opposing mons down to 1hko range of Miasmaw all the while keeping your side of the field clear off all sorts of hazards. Mons besides the central offeinsive-core got decent bulk and typing so they complement each other well. You have enough pivoting options that would provide Maw and Moth with free switch-ins. This team matches up well against Weather teams as Maw have enough firepwer+Ngas support to check common weather-leads, so you can lead with Maw in those cases. I've listed below calcs, replays, speed tier comparisons that further support my claim that this is a not-bad-kinda-neat-doe team as well as change suggestions for your convenience:

some calcs in key matchups while considering the max-damage limit (think I went overboard here :\ )

252+ Atk Choice Band Miasmaw Scale Shot (3 hits) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Venomicon: 138-165 (36.8 - 44.1%) -- approx. 3HKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Miasmaw Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Equilibra: 382-450 (93.6 - 110.2%) -- 62.5% chance to OHKO
135 SpA Tera Grass Moth Energy Ball vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Arghonaut: 206-246 (49.7 - 59.4%) --76.6% chance to 2HKOafter Leftovers recovery
135 SpA Iron Moth Energy Ball vs. +1 0 HP / 4 SpD Tera Water Ogerpon-Wellspring-Tera: 132-156 (43.8 - 51.8%) -- 9.8% chance to 2HKO
135 SpA Iron Moth Fiery Dance vs. 244 HP / 12 SpD Gliscor: 160-189 (45.4 - 53.6%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Poison Heal
252+ SpA Choice Specs Darkrai Dark Pulse vs. 121 HP / 0 SpD Iron Moth: 204-241 (61.6 - 72.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252 SpA Life Orb Krilowatt Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Assault Vest Saharaja: 107-127 (38 - 45.1%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
36 SpA Equilibra Doom Desire vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Assault Vest Saharaja: 111-132 (39.5 - 46.9%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252+ Atk Protosynthesis Tera Flying Roaring Moon Acrobatics (110 BP) vs. 0 HP /152 Def Saharaja: 225-265 (80 - 94.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ Atk Black Glasses Supreme Overlord (5 allies) Gambit Kowtow Cleave vs. 0 HP / 152 Def Saharaja: 235-277 (83.6 - 98.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ SpA Choice Specs Darkrai Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Assault Vest Saharaja: 186-220 (66.1 - 78.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252 SpA Heatran Magma Storm vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Assault Vest Saharaja: 93-109 (33 - 38.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after trapping damage
252 Atk Sharpness Samurott-Hisui Ceaseless Edge vs. 0 HP / 152 Def Saharaja: 117-138 (41.6 - 49.1%) -- guaranteed 3HKO

so as you can see Raja can switch into common H-stackers with relative ease and clear hazards. And having max Atk means it could thwart mons from setting up or weakening them enough for libra/veno to come and scrape them off.

Speed Tier Comparison now with Bullet-points woohoo!
  • Moth is the slowest amongst Booster gang so you have to draw them out and force a switch so moth can outspeed them in endgame.
  • Invested enough speed EV's so Raja's speed clocks at 218...enough to outspeed Hemo, Gambit, bulky Heatran and Miasmaw at +1 (boost from rapid spin).
  • Libra has no Speed EV's so beware of Hemo and Tran cuz they can outspeed libra with minimum speed investments.
  • Q: Why Adamant Maw and who in their right mind runs Band Scale shot?!
  • A: Miasmaw doesnt need +Spe to outspeed threats that iMaw at least really NEEDS TO beat. Here's all the mons Maw could outspeed with Speedy nature: Aurumoth, Naviathan, kyurem, Iron Crown, Tusk, Smoko, Gouging Fire, Excadrill, Lando Colossoil, Jumbao, Volkraken. Some of these mons are either Scarfed or never really run max-speed IVs so we can narrow that list down further. We also dont have to worry about stray rapid spinners outrunning maw with +1 boost since we aren't setting up any hazards. Ngas blocks Booster speed-boosts so if things play out in your favor you can 1hko boulder-moth-valiant with Equake/GunkShot. Scale Shot's just there for more speed- control, it's a good move to have in 1v2 endgame situations plus Maw can switch-out easily midgame if the Def drop matters. You can definitely replace it with Outrage/Dragon Claw it's just imo mid Claw's not strong enough and hope Maw regains Dragon Hammer down the line
uhm it's mostly up to you to tweak the team as you want AND if you want to but here's some suggestions anyways:
:miasmaw: Dragon Claw/Outrage over Scale Shot :wo:
:Venomicon: Stealth Rocks instead of U-turn/Bpress.
:Iron Moth: Tera Ground+Tera Balst over Tera Grass+Energy Ball (gobbles Twave/VoltSwitch and sets up a Substitute on the free-turn plus checks walls like Mollux, Tran, Dirge, Astrolotl and DRAGAPULT) reason I didnt go with this is mainly because of Argho plus it kinda turns moth into a Tera hog who needs to terastallize just to deal with losers like mollux-tran-dirge
:Saharaja: Bpress instead of Horn leech to take advantage of Def raises and swiftly 1hko libra, Gambit..honestly you really need some form of recovery fo Camel as evident from the calcs I showed you earlier that our camel...more often than not needs to play the role of the main wall and check to some big threats to the team. Also it always wins the libra-1v1 with horn leech and tank +5 S.O Sucker Punch from Gambit at full health.
:Krilowatt: Twave/Tbolt/Epower (for tera-Electric/poison, Tran, Mollux, 1v1 against Cresc and Tera Water walls) over Copycat

Q: How well does these mons fare against prio-spammers like Hemo, Gambit, Dnite(?!), Raging Bolt
A: Miasmaw is a terrible glass-cannon who could just barely evade 1HKOs in endgame from priorities thanks to Ngas. Moth can beat Hemo and deal with R-bolt and Gambit with Tera grass/Sub.
Q: Double-spin huh?
A: Uhm yeah why not it's not really a novel team-structure at this point and you really need to constantly clear your side of the field for your only 2 sweepers to safely enter and sweep lategame. Also Raja and Libra matches up quite well against the common spinblockers (specs pult and Ghold) due to their Spd investments.
Q: This team could use hazards/rocks/knock support so where are they?
A: True and you can run rocks instead of u-turn with Veno but it really needs u-turn to provide Maw and Moth with free switch-ins. And I didn't opt for spinners+knock-off spreaders like Tusk/Gliscor/Colossoil(?!) cuz they either lack the SpD bulk I was looking for (most of the Booster-sweepers can easily hard-switch into knocks and mons like Mollux-Veno-Zapdos won't mind losing their Boots cuz we don't have any hazard options).

Apologies for the delay and uh...welp there you go really hoping you enjoy piloting this team just as much as I've enjoyed making we're probably expecting a Compound Eyes Band Maw team but got a Ngas build instead and just hope you find this unexpectedly good and fun to play with...Merry Christmas!!
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