CAP Subsite/Gallery Update & Congrats Magistrum!


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I finally finished a long-awaited update to the CAP Subsite.

Crucibelle is officially added to the Pokemon Listing and has a Dex Page. We'll add strategy and moves pages a bit later, so stay tuned. The top art designs and sprites from CAP 21 are officially added to the CAP Art Gallery as well, so check out the showcase of great art from past projects there.

The CAP site update for Crucibelle has taken forever, because the CAP site framework was never coded to handle Mega Evolutions! As you may or may not know, the CAP site is completely separate from the Smogon strategy dex. It was custom-programmed specifically for the CAP project to handle all the information specific to CAP creations. So, when we decided to make CAP 21 be a mega evolution project, I had no idea how difficult it would be to make the CAP site work with multiple pokemon formes. I finally knuckled down and got the essential programming work completed. Perhaps a future site update will improve the now-out-of-date look-and-feel.

Last but not least, Magistrum has been added to the Art Gallery as a Featured Artist, honoring his long participation on the CAP project and consistent success in numerous CAP art competitions, including submitting the winning art designs for Cawmodore and Plasmanta. Congratulations Magistrum!
Congrats, Magistrum! It's nice to see our tenth featured artist. Now that the site has been updated with Crucibelle, we just need Kerfluffle's information uploaded. I'm glad we have already made it through twenty-two projects, though. It was tough for a while, but we made it to the end of Gen 6.

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