Multifaction/FFA CAP Survivor Season II: Hawk Island [Game Done, Mini Episodes Being Compiled]


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Hello everyone, in order to build some hype, I will periodically be naming some of the people cast this season, tagging a few of them in each post and giving them a brief description of their history with CAP and/or Survivor. The people that will be tagged in each post will not necessarily be on the same tribe, so do not start talking to each other until the game official starts.

The first group of people that are revealed to be cast are as follows:

mxmts is a long time player in the CAP metagame and an avid player in CAP tournaments, earning respect for his consistent involvement and contributions.

Heaven Jay is a consistent top contender on the CAP ladder and has improved with his tournament representation over the past year.

Whydon has migrated to CAPtonia to participate in another exciting game. He holds the honor of being voted out in Circus Survivor III while still having a Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket.

Take Azelfie has been a player of the CAP metagame for a few years now. He is known for breaking the CAP seasonals circuit this year by allowing the summer tournament to last practically into the winter.

Granny Pie was a new player to CAP when the first season of CAP Survivor started and holds the honor of being one of the first people voted out. However, he clung to an impressive winning streak on Redemption/Boober Island and almost made it back to the game only to be eliminated in the last challenge.
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apricity is a relatively new face to circus maximus but is very excited to play CAP survivor!

Escoffier is a very active tournament participant throughout smogon.

tonithetourguide is a roomvoice in the Mafia room on PS and seems to participate in forum events as well.

Wobbleleez has been a lurker in the CAP room for quite a while and has recently started participating some more.

rssp1 is the winner of Circus Survivor Season I, the cohost of Circus Survivor Season II and III, and a user loved by the LC community due to his rufflet praising.

Again, please don't talk to each other until the tribes are officially revealed and the game starts.


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EpicUmbreon29 is a long time CAP metagame player, playing for about 5 years now, and a CAP roomdriver.

KrazyCake is the craziest of kakes and has been involved in a number of CAP things, including CAP updates where he seemingly went MIA for a bit and even CAP 3D modeling.

Ria is a levelheaded CAP player and has been an assistant manager during CAPTT.

KKirby recently bragged in the CAP room about making it to the top 10 on the CAP ladder.

Airwind aka Airwin is a Spanish-speaking lucky son of a gun who continually competes at the top level that the CAP metagame has to offer.

Snorlax in the way made it past the merge in the first season of CAP Survivor and wanted to take out his "ally" cbrevan for quite a while. However, he waited too long and was eliminated first.

We have two people left that have been cast but haven't been revealed yet. I will reveal them when the game starts. I will also take this time right now to just say that sadly cbrevan and snake_rattler were not cast. They both made it far into the first season and they definitely have the chance to return in future seasons, but at this time there just wasn't enough room for them and if they were cast then they would likely have had an unfair number of pre-game alliance-ready-friends.

As a reminder to everyone revealed so far that made the cut, please don't start talking to your fellow players about the game yet.


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-Idea borrowed from circus maximus and format largely modeled after the show-

On a remote island somewhere in the region of CAPtonia, a group of 18 trainers will begin an adventure of a lifetime. For 39 days, they'll be marooned, left to fend for themselves, and adapt to their new environment. They'll be forced to work together, or they'll be voted out of the tribe. In the end, only one will remain, and will leave the island with the title of Sole Survivor. 39 days. 18 people. 1 Survivor!


This time, I will be cohosting the season with ItzViper482.

Rules / FAQ below for your viewing convenience

For those of you who are not familiar with Circus rules, there are two important Circus forum rules that are still active here in this game:

1) You may NOT invite any users to a conversation who were not a part of the conversation when it was formed.
2) No screenshot sharing of any kind is permitted in this game. Do not share screenshots of logs, etc.

1. Game Basics:
There will be either two starting tribes with 8, 9, or 10 people each OR three starting tribes with 5 or 6 people each. Tribe size will be based on the number of people who sign up. Tribes will be setup in order to ensure that both tribes are about equal in battling skill (as best as possible, no guarantees).

-During the game there will be immunity challenges. Immunity challenges decide who is safe and who has to go to tribal council.

-During the Tribal Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost as a whole tribe. The tribe that loses in the immunity challenge will have to go to Tribal Council and vote someone out.

-During the Individual Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost by a single person. The winner of the immunity challenge cannot be voted upon, but (s)he will be able to vote.

2. Challenges
Challenges will normally consist of Pokemon battles using the Pokemon Showdown! simulator. Occasionally there will be non-battle challenges; however, the majority will involve some sort of Pokemon battling. Possibilities for non Pokemon battling challenges include things such as CAP process trivia or metagame statistics.

Challenges will vary in terms of tiers and rules, but all formats will be CAP metagame related.

-At the start of the Day phase, the details of the challenge will be posted.

-During Tribal (Team) challenges, some players will have to sit out some of the challenges. Players cannot sit out during two consecutive challenges. Yes, this is a little different from the show.

You don't need to be good at battling to succeed in Survivor. While being good at battling will help, no competitive battling experience is necessary. It's not required, but having CAP metagame experience will be very helpful to do well. However, the social element is still significant, so if you think you can learn CAP quickly or build alliances to compensate, then you should still have a good chance!

3. Tribal Council:
-Tribal Council will occur at the after the Immunity Challenge.

There will be a private Vote to see who is eliminated from the game.

-The vote total will be revealed to the tribe at the end of the night, but you will not know who voted for who.

-In case of an initial tie, there will be a re-vote where you can only vote for one of the people with the most votes. For example, if there are 3 votes for Player A, 3 votes for Player B, and 1 vote for Player C in a 7 man tribe, you may only vote for Player A or B during the re-vote and Player A and B cannot vote in said re-vote.

-In case of a second tie, the player who leaves will be determined by a random number generator. The players who tied for the most votes both times will be safe from this tiebreaker. In the previous example, players A and B would be safe. If any player played an immunity idol BEFORE the re-vote, then that player will also be safe from death by the random number generator.

Players voted out (aka dead) cannot be communicated with following their removal from the game. There will be absolutely no communication between dead players and alive players. This will change when the game reaches its conclusion, but until then, this rule will be strictly enforced. There will be absolutely no communication between alive players who are on different tribes with the exception of in-battle talk between opponents in a battle.

At a certain point, those voted out will form the Jury. The Jury is special in that they follow the game in order to vote for a winner at the end of the game.

4. Winning the Game:
-The goal of the game is to reach the Final Tribal Council, which typically occurs with just two or three people left in the game. You cannot win the game unless you make it to the Final Tribal Council.

-At the Final Tribal Council, the remaining players in the game speak to the jury and try to convince the jury that they deserve to win the game.

-Each finalist is allowed to make an opening statement on why they deserve to win the game.

Following opening statements, each Jury member is allowed to make either a statement or ask the finalists a question if they choose to. They may say or ask whatever they want.

-When everyone is done speaking, the jury will vote privately on who wins the game. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

5. Forum Mechanics:
A typical phase will go like this. I post a challenge and the rules. Teams will have around 24 hours to plan strategy and submit lineups (and other stuff like that; sometimes challenge line ups might be asked to be chosen before the end of a tribal council phase if the challenge itself is supposed to be randomized... but other times when revealing the next challenge's information is detrimental to the vote, lineups might start after the tribal council phase). From there, tribes will have about 2-3 days to get matches done. The losing tribe will then go to tribal council where they will vote a person off.

The circus maximus room and the CAP room on Pokemon Showdown! will be the primary place where games will be arranged. Try to idle there to catch your opponent!

No communication with players not on your tribe during the tribal stage. The only reason you should be talking to opposing tribe members is to schedule battles. If you want to to discuss throwing strats with your opponent before the merge happens, then you must make these discussions public in the battle OR keep it to a simple "do you want to throw" "yes/no" in PMs without giving away any tribal camplife information, including the possibility of being eliminated. If you want to talk about camplife on your tribe with your opponent on an opposing tribe, you must do so in the battle chat itself and the replay will be made public.

The voting stage will take place over 24 hours after the challenge is over. You can only change your vote 3 times throughout the entire course of the game, so be sure to send in accurate votes the first time. I will not be extending deadlines unless I absolutely have to.

Inactive players who fail to vote will vote for themselves, unless evidence can be provided otherwise as to that person voting for someone else, OR if I deem that self voting would negatively impact the strategy of the game, in which case I will randomize the vote.

-No anonymous nicks will be allowed for the purposes of this game. No impersonating as well. You will be punished if caught.

There will be Discord Channels set up to facilitate tribe discussions. Game related discussion between any group of 2 or more people must also be accessible by the host; every time you talk game with someone else, the host should be invited to the conversation to gather information that will be revealed at the end of the season as a sort of mini-drama version of the real show.

6. FAQ:​
-Q: So this game draws a lot from the TV show?​
-A: Yes. A basic knowledge of the format of the game will help you.​
-Q: When is the merge, When does the Individual portion start, etc?​
Any and all twists will be hidden from the players. However, in the interest of fairness and objectivity, all twists and challenges have been planned out before hand. Since this game is not on television, I have no vested interest in ensuring that the game is interesting for outside viewers. As a result, I will be as consistent as possible in terms of following the plan for the game. However, I do reserve the right to make changes for any reason that I determine necessary to ensure the integrity of the game.​
-Q: Final 2 or Final 3?​
You'll see when/if we get there :]​
-Q: Will there be a redemption island?​
You'll see when/if we get there :]​
-Q: Will there be hidden immunity idols?​
You'll have to wait and find out, kiddo.​
-Q: What does the jury base their votes on?​
The Jury is free to base their votes on whatever criteria that they believe to be important. There is no objective way to play the game that will guarantee you win; it is up to the Jury to decide that you are worthy of being the winner.​
-Q: Should I communicate my thoughts to the host?​
Absolutely! Please include me in all conversations, whatever they may be. I am planning to do a "postgame" that will go over what happened at every stage of the game, so any and all logs would be much appreciated.​
On sportsmanship:​
Look, this game is meant to be fun. The challenges are meant to be fun. That means I don't expect there to be too many problems regarding unsportmanlike behavior, especially since you cannot win the game by winning all the challenges. Avoid as much as possible situations in which I will be forced to intervene and make decisions (eg activity wins and disconnections). If I hear anything regarding things such as ghosting or any type of cheating at all, I will forcibly remove the offending parties from the game AND push for some sort of forum-wide infraction. It's a game. Don't be a jerk.​
If necessary, I will enact protocols (e.g. sending in teams and what not) to ensure the integrity of the game. Don't make me do that. I don't want to do that, so let's try our best to be reasonable :]​
On activity:​
You will get more from this game the more you put into it. By using pokemon battles as challenges, my goal is to make all stages of the game fun. That being said, I cannot force players to be active, as long as they meet the minimum requirements of voting and taking part in the challenges. If possible, I will avoid making substitutions unless absolutely necessary. A player who idles will likely be left in the game unless it is early in the game or I deem it necessary for whatever reason to make a substitution. However, I fully reserve the right to remove an inactive player if they prolong challenges/the game for other players. This game shouldn't take up too much of your time, but it will be a commitment. Do try your best to be active. Thanks :]​

I will try my very best to make the game portion last 39 days, though I'll let final tribal council arguments last longer, and if timing isn't working out in the game I reserve the right to adjust the game's length. I anticipate each "challenge" phase lasting 1-4 days so scheduling matches on time is very important. There will never be a challenge that HAS to be finished in a maximum of 1 or 2 days, but I do expect some challenges finishing early. Challenges will only last longer than 4 days under very specific conditions in order to keep pace with the game schedule. Furthermore, challenges themselves are specifically designed to be finished quickly, meaning multi-round challenges will likely not happen until only a few players remain in the game. You may squeak by in the game if you miss a challenge or two (early challenges may leave space for people busy at that particular time to take a breather), but if you anticipate missing more than that then you probably shouldn't sign up. There will be twists in the game that will occur at unknown intervals, but they will be designed so that every player has a "reasonable" amount of time to respond. If you log in and talk to your tribe and alliance at least once a day for 30+ minutes, then things should be fine and you should be in good shape. Missing a day here or there is probably fine, but the more you miss, the harder it will be to win.

Voting phases, or tribal council, will all last 24 hours, not 48 like in Circus Survivor.

Invite viper and me to all of your conversations you have regarding the game.


Welcome everyone to Hawk Island, the location of CAP Survivor's second season. I will now reveal the tribes.

The Hawlucha Tribe consists of
Heaven Jay
KKirby Third Person Voted Out
Snorlax in the way Second Person Voted Out
tonithetourguide Fourth Person Voted Out
The Hawlucha's tribal color is Orange!

The Tomohawk Tribe consists of
Animus Majulous
Granny Pie
KrazyCake First Person Voted Out
Take Azelfie
The Tomohawk's tribal color is Purple!

Tribes after the Tribe Swap

Heaven Jay Eighth person voted out
Wobbleleez Sixth/Seventh person voted out

Animus Majulous
Escoffier Sixth/Seventh person voted out
Granny Pie
mxmts Fifth person voted out
Take Azelfie

Animus Majulous
Granny Pie
Take Azelfie

Whydon (10th place)

You'll notice that the last-to-be-revealed players are Marjane and Animus Majulous. Marjane made it to the final 3 in the first season of CAP survivor but promptly threw in the towel to support the ally that she helped get there and that she was loyal to throughout the game. Animus holds a similar story as he helped his closest ally repeatedly win immunities on their path to the final 3 in Circus Survivor III. Both Marjane and Animus are respected battlers in the CAP metagame who have made it to the end of a season by being loyal but without building up a resume for themselves. This time will they play yet another supporting role or will they play to win?

The first challenge will be a set of standard USM CAP battles. Each tribe will pick 5 members to participate. The players will then be randomized to fight an opponent from the other tribe. The individual matches will be BO1 battles and the tribe who wins the most will gain immunity and will be safe until the next challenge. The losing tribe will go to tribal council where one member will be voted out.

Players are not allowed to sit out in three challenges in a row. However, due to the faster pace of this game I am allowing players to sit out twice in a row, but not any more than that. If you sit out twice in a row, you will be required to play in the next challenge.

Below I want EVERY player in this game to reply with their timezones. Both tribes have 24 hours to pick their 5 players and then the challenge will start.

Congratulations to Okamu for unanimously winning s1! A post game for s1 may or may not come out soon, but if any current players have questions about events in s1, I will be happy to answer them.

mxmts GMT -3
rssp1 GMT -8
Snorlax in the way GMT -5
Airwind GMT -3
Wobbleleez GMT -6
Escoffier GMT -6
Granny Pie GMT -5
apricity GMT -6
EpicUmbreon29 GMT -5
Marjane GMT +8
KrazyCake GMT
Heaven Jay GMT -5
Kkirby GMT -5
Ria GMT -5
tonithetourguide GMT
Whydon GMT -8
Take Azelfie GMT -7
Animus Majulous GMT -6
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Also, anytime anyone finds a clue to an advantage or the advantage itself in the game, he/she must PM the hosts with how it was found it, his/her thoughts on it, etc. Note that this is NOT confirmation that advantages exist in this game... yet.


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Also, if anyone who is not playing the game would like to "subscribe" to the season to watch it as it develops, just lemme know and I'll start up a PM where short mini episodes will be posted after every tribal council. Obviously you won't be allowed to share episode contents with people still in the game or with anyone on the jury.


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Challenge 1 matchups have been selected.
[19:26:27] #HeaLnDeaL <: snorly will fight

[19:26:30] #HeaLnDeaL <: !pick animus, azelfie, airwind, epic, ria

We randomly picked: ria

[19:26:46] #HeaLnDeaL <: heaven jay will fight

[19:26:59] #HeaLnDeaL <: !pick animus, azelfie, airwind, epic

We randomly picked: animus

[19:27:14] #HeaLnDeaL <: mxmts will fight

[19:27:21] #HeaLnDeaL <: !pick azelfie, airwind, epic

We randomly picked: epic

[19:27:45] #HeaLnDeaL <: escoffier will fight

[19:27:56] #HeaLnDeaL <: !pick azelfie, airwind

We randomly picked: airwind

[19:28:11] #HeaLnDeaL <: kkirby will fight

[19:28:17] #HeaLnDeaL <: !pick azelfie, azelfie

We randomly picked: azelfie

Hawlucha vs Tomohawk
Snorlax in the way vs Ria
Heaven Jay vs Animus Majulous
mxmts vs EpicUmbreon29
Escoffier vs Airwind
KKirby vs Take Azelfie

Get your matches done ASAP. I will have a tentative deadline of 48 hours, might adjust but prolly not. Once one tribe wins 3 matches, the challenge is over. Very good chance we can start off fast and get this thing done early. A reminder, the matchups are BO1 USM CAP. If there's no public scheduling attempts between a pair in a reasonable time compared to the deadline then I will be cointossing at deadline if it comes to it. Play fast, play hard, and help your tribe win!

No ghosting (between teammates and otherwise) or other cheating of any kind is allowed. If ghosting occurs, the involved people will immediately be kicked from the game and their tribe will lose the challenge.
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