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CAP UU Tournament
Welcome to the 2nd CAP UU Tournament! I'm G-Luke, and in this tournament, players will be battling in Bo3, single elimination matches in this metagame, which is essentially UU with certain CAPs allowed.

  • All Smogon Tournament rules apply
  • This tournament will use the current UU banlist as of the start of each round so for example: If Gliscor is unbanned during round 1 you CANNOT use it until round 2.
  • This Tournament will be a Bo3 single elimination tournament. You are free to switch teams in between games but ALL replays must be posted, no exceptions. Replays very important for a new metagame like this.
  • Activity calls will be dealt by on a case-by-case scenario, but generally just get your matches done. If it is impossible to do within the timeframe you may ask for an extension but please post it in the thread.
  • Schedule your matches. If one fails to communicate with another then the match will not be coin flipped and the user that tried to actively get the matches will get the win
  • The Following CAP Pokemon will be allowed along with the current UU roster - This means matches must be played in Gen 8 CAP. Please do not attempt to bring any pokemon which are banned - the game will be voided if this happens.
Usable CAPs:
(Based on Viability Rankings B rank downwards)

In addition to all CAP Prevos.

Have fun and good luck. Type In to represent you signing up!
Predictions because why not

ShunosaurusLii  vs  Gravity Monkey- I know a little more of ShunosaurusLii but Gravity Monkey show he can be good so this can be a close one
20Yelram02  vs  Zephyr2007- I don't really know how the play
Birkal  vs  Gleeboop - I don't much the playstyle of Birkal but he has a ton of experience and made a really good job managing his team and Gleeboop is good but he isn't experienced and tends to use unviable stuff
Estarossa  vs  ZenBigMinds - Estarossa is good but ZenBigMinds is a strong newcomer and I have a lot of faith of him to be in finals
SunMYSER  vs  reachzero -SunMYSER is great but I feel he plays better in USUM and Reachzero for me it will always be the best CAP player he always plays good with really nice reads which I don't know if SunMYSER can beat him. But and interesting match to watch

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