Tournament CAP UU Tournament - Won by Rage.Spam.Quit

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bullshit you contacted already
Edit: well i'll be damned

DetroitLolcat vs Magma mono lc player
Heaven Jay vs Funbot28 trained him
againa vs Frostbiyt oats oat boy
RaJ.Shoot vs Dj Breloominati♬ big india yessir

G-Luke vs Rifou88 considering what he brings he does surprisingly well welp
Madsi6 vs Xyiavez THATS MY BABY MY SON NO
Rage.Spam.Quit. vs SHSP that s stands for sGuaranteed to succeed the s stands for SHIT GOT ANOTHER ONE WRONG
DurzaOffTopic vs akaFila durka durka peaches peaches
Snorlax in the way vs -Voltage- two dashes big me
BeatsByDragonite vs Granny Pie you dont like to win but im picking you anyway no
aegislasher681 vs Frat Dude yall ever seen fratty get out of r1 i havent
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My opp missed the first time that was proposed, tried to reschedule, but was out this whole weekend. He told me to take the win if I could not make Saturday, and I was not around the whole day because of commitments irl so taking the win.
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