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All matches will be played with the CAP ruleset at the beginning of the round. E.G. Greninja may be banned two days after the round has started but Greninja will still be usable for the remainder of the round.
All matches will be a BO3 or Best of Three. You may switch teams in between games. You do not have to play all three matches if one person wins the first two though.
Replays must be saved and posted when claiming a victory / posting losses. No replay, no win, no exceptions. If participants fail to follow this rule, the match will go up on a coin flip.
Matches can be played on Pokemon Showdown OR Smogtours.
Activity calls will be dealt by on a case-by-case scenario, but generally just get your matches done. If it is impossible to due within the timeframe you may ask for an extension but please post it in the thread.
Schedule your matches. If one fails to communicate with another then the match will not be coin flipped and the user that tried to actively get the matches will get the win.

Ranking System

There will be 4 tournaments, 1 for every season. Depending on where you place in each tournament you will be rewarded with points. At the end of all the seasonals the top 16 points will be invited to the Champions Cup.

This edition of the CAP Seasonal will be handling points differently. In the previous seasonal, you gained points for winning matches which allowed people in the earlier stages in the tournament to get points easier, especially due to activity calls. Now to make qualifying into the Challenge Cup harder and more prestigious, you will only be awarded points based on where you place in this tournament.

Placement Rewards:

1st Place: 25
2nd Place: 16
3rd/4th Place: 12
5th/8th Place: 7
9th/16th Place: 3

Current Qualifiers:
1.) xavgb [25]
2.) Rifou88 [16]
3.) Heaven Jay [12]
4.) Nurul [12]
5.) pythonSL [7]
6.) snake_rattler [7]
7.) ShunosaurusLii [7]
8.) reachzero [7]
9.) Magma [3]
10.) Jordy [3]
11.) Take Azelfie [3]
12.) cbrevan [3]
13.) Mythlore [3]
14.) Thathyena [3]
15.) Deku Prince [3]
16.) Granny Pie [3]

CAP Viability Rankings | CAP Sample Teams | CAP Cores
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SHSP vs againa - shsp welp
EpicUmbreon29 vs snake_rattler - tr lookin like the NY Giants
Nurul vs Granny Pie GP whoops
DetroitLolcat vs Funbot28 dlc has one team
cbrevan vs Rage.Spam.Quit. cbrevan has no teams of his own nailed it
Birkal vs Maxouille bird head mod more like head loser heheh gottem
Drud vs Heaven Jay literally heaven jay
pythonSL vs Jordy jordy big jordy
Dj Breloominati♬ vs Algeria isnt algeria like good ?
Magma vs Jho brother you moron
aegislasher681 vs ShunosaurusLii he made clay art that one time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JGigs vs Mx 1 of 3 musketeers dab
AJag vs Frostbiyt Ajagllfinallygettoplayagame ajagfinallygottoplayagame
Mythlore vs Frat Dude yall ever seen fratty get out of r1 i havent WOOO
pokehimon vs Rifou88 did well last time called it
RaJ.Shoot vs SunMYSER yall notice stresh didnt sign up ? son of a
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