Tournament CAP Winter Seasonal - [Finals]

gonna have to call, Opp hasnt replied since i attempted to schedule a time that would work for us both due to conflicting time zones and schedules.
I have some unfortunate ruling to make before I post week 4s matchups.

I sadly will have to disqualify Snorlax in the way & ScarfWynaut from the winter seasonal. During their fist game they were locked into a seemingly endless stall war, and wanted to void their game. I would've allowed this under the condition they still played 3 games, they were reluctant to do this and wanted to play one. They then went on to manipulate the tournaments Bo3 ruling by purposefully losing to eachother the first two games to then play 1 game.

This is unfair on anyone who have had to play 3 games, whether they wanted to or didn't want to, because they need to win a minimum of 2 games whereas these two individuals would need to win 1. Under regular circumstances I would've told them to redo, however I'm not giving either an extension to play their games after I specifically told them not to do it.

If anyone would like to have a more detailed understanding of my decision feel free to PM me here or on PS!

Week 4 shall be posted soon.
I have to say I'm very disappointed by this decision. Firstly, retroactively enforcing rules created in the middle of our set, then also denying us the ability to rematch out of anger despite the two of us being on today... Very poor. Bringing up the issue on PS bore no fruit (instead, we were treated to insults from the host) so I'll be the one to bring it up here.

Nowhere in the rules does it state or even imply doing what me and Snorlax in the way did was illegal. After discussing this with the host, I was told that this was, to quote: "common sense", but as we all know this is not sufficient. Rules need to be stated for one to be able to follow them, naturally. Since at the time this supposed rule was not in effect, me and my opponent had no reason to obey the host's orders, as seen in Game 1's replay. It's unfair to punish the two of us so harshly for breaking a rule the host invented during the middle of our game. I understand the host may be annoyed at our behavior but this doesn't justify a decision at all, let alone one of this magnitude, nor does it justify the slew of verbal abuse me and my opponent suffered during the middle of our set... In any case, I also briefly explained the situation to a qualified TD, and this is what he had to say:

(referring to games 1 and 2)

Can something please be done about this? This is quite unfair.
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I'll have to agree that the extreme measure taken against my opponent and I was a bit much. But as ABR said, those loses should be counted as loses, and me and scarf wynaut should move on in the tour according to the results. The forfeit a forfeit, and the lose a lose. To completely ban us from the tour is a very knee jerk reaction to the situation. I think after this, the rules should be updated to include a clause for this to ensure that it does not happen again. Enumeration is very important on Smogon, and this is an example of why that is so important.
After reviewing the case between Snorlax in the way and ScarfWynaut with a Tournament Director I've decided to stick with my ruling. You can PM me if you would like logs to have proof of my communication with a TD. Or for a detailed explanation as to why I decided to stick with my decision.

Finally onto week 4:
The following players lost to a coinflip: Ikey ,Pitmore , KilluaKillingIt

Week 4​

The deadline is the 15th of February! Good luck in your games folks
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