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The Fifth Generation of Pokemon introduced a revolutionary new concept to competitive Pokemon: Dream World Pokemon with different abilities than ordinary Pokemon, allowing some Pokemon to have THREE abilities. Because some Dream World Pokemon are all male, Dream World abilities can have unusual limitations on the movepools of these Pokemon. Because we may choose to limit Tomohawk's movepool in this way, it is important for us to decide at this time whether we wish for the secondary ability, Prankster, to be the Dream World ability, or for a flavor ability to be the Dream World ability, or even to have no Dream World ability whatsoever. This poll will decide what the Dream World ability will be. If Prankster is chosen as the Dream World ability, the poll to choose a flavor ability (if any) will still be held, but it will become the secondary ability.

This will be a Bold Vote, meaning you may choose one and only one option. The options in this poll are Prankster, Flavor Ability, and No Dream World Ability.

Here is our Pokemon so far:

Concept: Momentum
General Description: This will be a Pokemon that can be utilized to gain or regain momentum for a player's team at any point in the match as its primary function.
Justification: Gen. 5 is a very powerful metagame. As such, most battles are won by the smarter strategist who can best maneuver around his/her opponent's onslaught to gain even a single turn's advantage, potentially clinching them the match. This process of gaining and regaining momentum is most often the defining element that makes a winner and a loser out of a single Pokemon battle. Any top player in this metagame should agree that momentum is the most crucial element in any given match; however, "momentum" itself is a rather vaguely defined term that is never really explored in concrete terms. Is it keeping opposing teams on the defensive? Forcing switches? Good prediction? Spamming U-turn? These have all been approaches to achieving momentum, but they are also player-side and largely synonymous with "strategy," as opposed to Pokemon-side and regarding a Pokemon's role on the team. Certainly there are threats like Ferrothorn/Gliscor (defensive) and Scizor/Latios/Voltlos, etc., etc. (offensive) that can achieve momentum as we know it, but there is no current niche for a "momentum Pokemon" because the concept has been purely delegated to players and not to Pokemon.
Questions to be Answered:
-How do we define momentum in terms of competitive Pokemon? What factors make current Pokemon able to achieve momentum and how can we incorporate that information into a successful CAP?
-How do different styles of play (Weather-based offense, stall, bulky offense, etc.) use momentum to achieve their goals and how can our CAP play to those strategies in an effort to take their momentum away?
-What type of traditional role (sweeper, tank, wall, support) would a Pokemon like this most resemble? Would it have to be able to fit more than one of these roles to fit in a variety of teams?
-How will the different playstyles be affected by the addition of a Pokemon that can regain offensive/defensive momentum at any given point? Will offensive teams play more conservatively? Will defensive teams play more recklessly? Will everything simply adapt to a new threat and move on normally?
Name: Tomohawk

Typing: Flying/Fighting

Base Stats: 105 HP/60 Atk/90 Def/115 SpA/80 SpD/85 Spe

Abilities: Intimidate/Prankster

Here is a list of all the allowed moves that could play a role in this decision:

Aromatherapy/Heal Bell
Baton Pass
Circle Throw
Clear Smog
Confuse Ray
Dragon Tail
Healing Wish
Hone Claws
Knock Off
Magic Coat
Block/Mean Look
Mirror Coat
Moonlight/Morning Sun
Perish Song
Psycho Shift
Rain Dance
Rapid Spin
Recover, Slack Off, etc.
Stealth Rock

Air Slash
Brave Bird
Close Combat
Drain Punch
Dragon Claw
Dual Chop
Drill Peck
Earth Power
Fake Out
Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Heat Wave
Focus Blast
Focus Punch
Grass Knot
Hammer Arm
Icy Wind
Low Kick
Mach Punch
Rock Slide
Super Fang
Vacuum Wave

Volt Switch

This poll will close in 24 hours. Choose wisely!


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Flavor Ability

Flavor ability and No Dream World ability are pretty much the same thing but they're competing against each other =/. This is giving Prankster an edge in the poll.
Flavor Ability

I hate the idea of hidden ability illegalities. It seems really iffy since we don't even know for sure if the all-male quality was intended or if it's going to last. Also, we should really stop calling them "Dream World abilities" and just call them "hidden abilities" -.-

Flavor Ability because most Gen V Pokémon have them.
Flavor Ability
The only real Pokémon with no hidden abilities are stuff like Kecleon and Castform (heaviliy tied to their ability concept-wise), most legendaries and Pokémon with Levitate as their only ability (or evolved from Levitate-only Pokémon like Dusclops/noir), and I recall Starly being the only exception (though not really, since veekun gives Keen Eye both as normal and hidden ability which should be considered separate since Staravia/raptor get Reckess instead of Intimidate). Tomohawk doesn't fit in any of these categories, so I think he should get one.
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