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What's good! Thanks to the incredible Social Media team here on Smogon, we were able to create a CAPcast yesterday for your enjoyment. The video is around an hour and a half long, and filled with content and opinions about CAP 18 Concept Submissions. You'll find the link for it on our SmogonU Twitch channel below. It will hopefully be available on YouTube in a few days. Like what you see? We'll be doing more of these in the future, so stay tuned to this thread. If you're interested in chatting on one of these, contact me and we can see about getting you a slot.


CAP 18 - Concept Submissions CAPCast - 3/9/2014

Host: Birkal
Chatters: bugmaniacbob, DetroitLolcat, jas61292, srk1214
1:23 - Introduction
5:55 - Dummy007 - Major Third
18:48 - TRC. - Why so slow?
27:47 - Birkal - Fully Uncompetitive
39:12 - capefeather - Hunting Beast
48:25 - Lasagne - Parting Shot Pivot
57:46 - srk1214 - BWack to the Future
1:06:11 - Clankenator007 - Onslaught
1:15:10 - TooMuchSugar - Scarf Is Not Dead



fudge jelly
so i'm clicking the link and I'm just getting "{:error=>nil, :url=>"/smogonu/b/509354611"}", is that a bug with twitch or am I missing something

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