CaPmon Sprite Revamping

Go nuts Doran. Anybody can at least try.

As for the sprites. Ran with the pointing one. Not much was changed, just some touch ups to shading, lines and eyes and a repositioning of the back arm which was pretty awful. All the changes should add up to a fierce looking creature.

I had to change the shiny colouration somewhat to work with the fire effect limitations. The fire actually uses a set of colours from the body so the shiny uses a cool blue fire instead of the normal red. The fire is probably, well definately, more elaborate than used in the games but it seems people like a bit of that from time to time. The yellow was dulled down in the shinies for being a little too harsh on the eyes and is a bit more autumnal now.

As for gender differences I left the hair the same length. It's not going to be noticable in the new backs and the slight colour difference is enough by itself.

Fun fact: the original sprite used the maximum amount of colours possible on a gen 4 sprite. This sprite uses 5 less!

There's no edits here, just a skeleton. I'm trusting that you're skilled enough to correct the mistakes without any hand holding Doran.

First off, good sprite. The shading feels solid, especially on the metallic areas. It also appears that you tried to keep the spirit of the original pose by arching the back on the ground which I applaud. I think you can do much better with the proportion and posing however.

Up above is a simple image showing the 'bones' of your sprite. The action line (spine) at the moment is perfectly fine with a slight upwards arch and a natural curve into the tail. The limbs combined with that don't make as much sense.

The back legs are curled in in what I assume is a natural stand but the bulk of the thighs make it look like it's crouching more than it is. It also doesn't look like the legs would fit under the body very well due to sheer muscle mass.

The front legs don't seem to attach to a defined chest. This would actually be fine if the whole pose was side on but everything behind the front legs contradicts this. If it actually was side on the chest would be masked by the closer leg so it would be fine. The further leg's attachment to the body is too close to the spine and should be further out for the view you're going for.

Overall the front legs feel very stretched out, like they're pushing the ground, while the back legs feel very short and curled up. This is a pretty unnatural configuration to have the back arching up with. It's possible, but animals don't normally pose that way. The spine would be more naturally inclined to arch in the opposite direction. The upwards arch would feel more natural if all the legs were stretched out in some way.

So there's two main ways I think you can go with the limbs:

1. Keep the front half and redo the back, instead going for a side on pose, perhaps with a hint of kit curling around to meet the opponent. The lack of visable neck and chest makes far more sense this way.

2. Slim down the back legs, stretch them out and redo the front to show proper connections to the chest. This will keep the current intended view.

I'd personally go with the first suggestion however if you can think of something completely different from the above to do, good for you.

That's all I've got to say on posing. I'll refrain from nitpicking on shading and other small things for now. Also can I ask that you try a bigger head and tail? Should appear more dramatic and give you more room to work with those expressive parts of the body.

Keep up the good work Doran.
I really like the poses of the sprites, Wyverii. Great job!

Also, I can't seem to get a picture of my Attowatt, due to using Chrome. Could you help me out?


formerly Doran Dragon
Wow thanks alot Wyverii, That helped alot. I worked on the sprites, and I hope this one works better! I had felt that something was odd about the last sprites! And these will be much easier to back sprite!

Excellent! That's much better overall. The tail and back legs are excellent and the larger head is quite an upgrade. I have some more improvements and suggestions the front sprites could use.

The outstretched front leg is a bit too thick. It's pretty noticable right underneath the other leg. Actually overall it's position is starting to bug me now and not just the thickness. It feels too long for where it's supposed to be connected to (imagine where the right shoulder blade is). All other legs are just fine.

Try lowering the head down and to the left a bit. At the moment it's looking pretty scrunched up against the shoulders. It will also give it a prowling look. If you want to keep the playful feel just move it a few pixels to the left and show a bit more space for a hint of a neck.

Finally puff up those wispy trails at the ankles! At the moment they look a bit stringy and without substance (well they don't have any substance really but still..).

Those are the three last biggest concerns. Shading can be discussed after the backs are done since that element won't mess with the make up of the backs. The rest are more suggestions to help keep the sprite in spirit with it's original.

I'd suggest taking the pallet from the original and using that, unless you have good reasons for changing them of course. Colour scheme will help tie this sprite to the previous one.

Also remember to take cues from the original sprite in terms of style. Little things like the ear shape, body mask size, fur tufts and mask offshoot positions can influence how much of the spirit of the original is transferred to the sprite. This way we keep elements that made people like the original sprite while injecting a fresh new spin on it.
So, I saw that some of the old Krilowat-Prevos weren't exactly finished and some of the links were broken, so I thought I'd take a crack at Protowat.

C&C? Seeing as Krillowat is a large shrimp, I figured that I would try a little popcorn-shrimp-ish approach. Both evos side-by-side for comparison.


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I think I'm going to set up a small poll once I get back from class compiling the different designs, since there are at least three different Krillowatt prevos floating around. (NO PUN INTENDED) I personally prefer Attowatt, but I'll let the community decide this one.
Quick tune up of the winner of the Krill pre-evolution poll:

Size increase and some small tweaks here and there to get it ready for final implementation. Blessings from creator/s and critique needed before it's ready to ship.
Quick tune up of the winner of the Krill pre-evolution poll:

Size increase and some small tweaks here and there to get it ready for final implementation. Blessings from creator/s and critique needed before it's ready to ship.
Oooooooh, these are a lot better than the re-sizes that I was working on. The only thing I was going to do to fix it up a bit was add the darker lining along the bottom of the light-stripes to give it a more shrimpy-segmented appearance.

For instance, here on Krillowat, there's a yellowish-brown (or dark blue if it's shiny) lining under the bright yellow light-striping that gives a segmented / "plated" appearance. Other than that, I love what you did Wyverri, and I think it's ready to be used. :3


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hey Wyverii, what do you think of my latest sprites for kitsunoh? I can still edit the ears and that for consistancy with the original, and i kept the color for the shiny because the original shinty coloring wasnt optimal, and didnt look good. I tried to make the mouth more consistant with the original, but I feel it looks a bit cat like. I thinned up the leg behind and moved it back a bit.
Tweaked the final Krill-pre sprites and added the suggested banding. It's been added to the OP. I've altered the OP to hide most of the sprites that have been finished for quite a while so it's easier to see what's still needed to be done.

Apologys Doran Dragon, I thought you were still working on the back sprites. I'll allow the changed shiny colouration.

Front sprite is nearly finished in my opinion. You still need to shorten the foreleg a touch on the front, not much. I'd use your previous mouth, but darken some of the lines in shadows. Also, you still need to puff those wisps up, add some curve to them and more volume at the base. They're still like straight lines.

Highlights to remove would be on the hind foot, waist and shift the light from the foreleg to the wrist. Basically everything that isn't in the most direct parts of the light source. Highlighting in gen 5 is rather sparse but I'd keep the lighting on the tail, it makes it feel very glossy and fluffy.

I'd enlarge the mask on the hind leg, it looks rather close in size and shape to the mask on the shoulder. In the design, or at least the sprite, the hind mask is noticably larger. Perhaps smooth the shoulder mask a bit to look rounder too.

Your backsprite needs a lot of work still. Back legs are still a mirror of the front sprite and don't match what they need to be.

Light source is from the upper right, keep in mind it'll cast the majority of the sprite into shadow. A lot of the shading suggests at the moment, especially on the tail, that the source is from top left, from the viewer. Be extremely sparse with highlights on this.

Thin the chest down, that's a huge ribcage and with the crouching shoulders makes kit look like a hyena. You only need a slight expansion from the waist. This doesn't appear to be noticable on the front.

Do what you can, next sprite you post will be processed for the finished result. I'll try and take care of anything you miss (running it by the community first of course).


formerly Doran Dragon
Wyverii, I want to thank you for your help! Its helped me become a better spriter overall i believe. Also, I was slightly confused with the shading for the back sprite, so I just kinda winged it. You may have to change it a bit...

EDIT: Added the finishing touches to kitsunoh. The majority of commenters via pm, irc and here ended up picking the non-glossy version for the extra shadowy look:

A big thank you to Doran Dragon. Also if there is anybody who wants to do voodoom please state so in the thread very soon. As soon as pyroak gets done I will be moving on to him to finish the set.


formerly Doran Dragon
The glossy looking tail isnt so important, and without it, it does look a little more of a shadow substance. A bigger thank you to you wyverii! I'm glad that you liked my sprites. I still look up to you :3

I think I'd like to take a crack at the pre-evo to kitsunoh again, I read the concept and I think that I can do that, also for consistance with Kitsunoh!
Just agreeing that the chosen sprite looks the best (and amazing!!!), nice job Doran/Wyverii!

Kitty is my favorite CAP to use, so I'm glad the backsprite looks so good too :)

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