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OP adapted/stolen from CAPTT V, credits to Drapionswing

Come one, come all, for it is that time of year once more. I humbly welcome you to…

CAP Premiere League VI

For those of you unfamiliar with CAPPL, but interested in participating; CAPPL is a team tournament similar to that of SPL, in which our CAPtains bid on players who have signed up to assemble a team of some of the best players possible in order to win the tournament. During the auction the CAPtain who has bid the highest on a player will then add that player to their team. Teams will face-off and select one player to fill each of the six battling slots. If a team wins at least four matches against their opponent, then that team wins the week. The two teams who have the best weekly winning ratio will then compete in the finals, in which the winner will be crowned. If there is a tie to get into the finals, then the overall win-loss ratio of all matches within the previous weeks will then determine who makes it into the finals.

As always, we will be seeing which of six splendid squadrons will be able to take the crown and get the illustrious CAPPL bragging rights (as well as a spot in the CAP Hall of Fame). Our teams will be playing the following formats this year:


So what captains and their assistants will be leading their respective teams into battle this year?

:snaelstrom: Jho and their assistant Jordy, with the Surging Snaelstroms! :snaelstrom:
:revenankh: cbrevan and their assistant Mx, with the Choice Band Revenankhs! :revenankh:
:pineco: againa and their assistant Marjane, with the Perilous Pinecos! :pineco:
-Voltage- and their assistant snake_rattler, with the Galactic Astrolotls!

:jumbao: Birkal and their assistant Finchinator, with the Jumbo Jumbaos! :jumbao:
:privatyke: Felucia and their assistant Nalei, with the Punny Privatykes! :privatyke:

If you would like to team up with these treacherous troupes for the trophy (and also address my abhorrent alliteration abuse), please sign up in the format below in the thread.

Tiers Played/Interested In:
Non-player roles (These are 100% optional):
Any foreseeable inactivity:

And with that signups are open! Signups will be open for at least a week, although once I get a concrete date I will post it, so make sure to get in before then. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Let's get it!

Edit: Signups will be closing on July 11th.
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Name: Gleeboop
Tiers Played/Interested In: CAP SS, CAP SS Bo3, CAP SM (maybe, I haven't played before, but am learning the meta)
Non-player roles (These are 100% optional): Does art, Professional Scratching Post (for my cat), eccentric teambuilder, Budget Cheerleader
Any foreseeable inactivity: irl stuff
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