Tournament CAPPL VI - Signups [Closed]

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Hello everyone, the Choice Band Revenankhs would like to announce that we'll be doing tryouts this year, so if you're interested in joining us, please contact me on PS or Discord (Mx#8855). Good luck everyone and let's have a great CAPTT CAPPL this year!


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Like the Revs, the Galactic Astrolotls will also take any challenges for tryouts for prospective players. DM me here, on Discord (-Voltage-#4828), or in the CAP room. Additionally, if you're not already a part of our server, you can drop replays of wins AND losses there.


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Name: Stresh
Tiers Played/Interested in: SS/SM
Non-Player Roles: :xavgb:
Any foreseeable inactivity: Pretty busy with other mons stuff at the moment but should be able to make the time to play games.


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Name: Krytocon
Tiers Played/Interested in: ss
Non-player roles: shitposting and memes of varying quality and effort. Cheerleading and always happy to help test/make teams even though i may not know the meta too well
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