Tournament CAPPL VI - Signups [Open]


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Name: DetroitLolcat
Tiers Played/Interested In: all
Non-player roles (These are 100% optional): I post pictures of my cats to the team discord
Any foreseeable inactivity: Teams that don't pick me will be inactive during the finals

Full disclosure I've barely played any CAP in about a year except the clefable test but that was also true last CAPPL and I went 5-1
Idk if Im a good pick due to my job, but I love CAP and this tourney and will post my profile anyway.

Name: Stall Guy
Tiers Played/Intrested in: All of them (I think). But really out of practice and kind of ass.
Non-player roles: Shitposter, team building/testing, discussions
Any foreseeable inactivity: Sadly work has been kicking my ass. Trying to be free at night and on weekends.
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