Tournament CAPPL VII Manager Signups

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CAPPL VII Manager Signups
Hey pals, we once again find ourselves on the brink of another CAP Premier League. As is custom with any team tournament, we're going to need qualified users to manage each team. What this generally involves is scouting out each player who signs up, formulating a coherent strategy for the draft, maintaining correspondence with me in regards to weekly lineups and potential substitutions, keeping your team active and well coordinated, and approaching staff with any issues as the tournament progresses.

We're planning on having 6 total managers for CAPPL VII, barring an incredibly high volume of signups. As of now, there is no official policy on including assistant managers for this tournament, however that is currently open for discussion in this thread. In terms of the time commitment, you can expect to be involved with CAPPL until early August.

Now if you've read the above and feel that you're both willing and qualified to be a manager, please make a post in this thread using the following format:
Team Name:
List of Accomplishments:
CAP Involvement:
Why you would make a good manager:
Signups will be open until Sunday, June 13th at 11:59pm GMT-5.


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Manager: SHSP
Team Name: :miasmaw: Team Solo Miasmaw :miasmaw:
List of Accomplishments: TLT for Jumbao, TLT for Chromera, TL for Equilibra, Assistant Manager of Pernicious Pajantoms (1st Place CAPTT 4), Manager of Kingly Kerfluffles (3rd Place CAPTT 5), Manager of Eternal Equilibras for CAP Snake 1, played in several other CAPTTs and the like, Player for recent NDPL winners Pogging Pexes (thanks Jordy+Jho), good individual tour performances over the lat year
CAP Involvement: Aside from above mentioned, am now once again a CAP Moderator. I was a CAP Council member, worked on other projects like the VR in gen 7 and now gen 8.
Why I would make a good manager: I have proven managerial and competitive success, I'm a strong leader of teams, a strong drafter and have a good metagame understanding.
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Team Name: Brooklyn Blaziken's

List of Accomplishments: been ranked number 1 in many tiers and many gens, made it top 8, final 4, top 12, of many official Smogon tours

CAP Involvement: been in many cap tours

Why you would make a good manager: good team leader, been playing competitive for 12 years so I have very good understanding of the game


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Manager: Voltage
Team Name: :plasmanta: The Impermeable Plasmantas :plasmanta:(based on this)
List of Accomplishments:
  • Tournaments
    • Manager of Galactic Astrolotls - CAPPL6
    • Manager of the Snake Brattlers - CAP Snake Draft
    • Player on the CAP + OMs PSPL Team
    • Player on the Choice Band Revenanhks - CAPPL5
    • Having the worst luck imaginable
  • CAP Process
    • TLT for CAP28 Miasmaw - Abilities
    • Concept Winner for CAP27 - Astrolotl
CAP Involvement:
  • Member of the CAP Metagame Council
  • Showdown CAP Room Voice
  • PRC Committee Member
  • CAP Content Creator
    • Host of PodCAP - The Create a Pokemon Podcast
  • Discord Presence
    • Loudest person in the CAP Discord VC calls

Why you would make a good manager:
One of the things that I'm most proud of from my past two outings are my ability to really bring out the best in my players. For CAPPL6 I admit that a lot of my draft picks were under the radar players at the time, but I believe many of them can attest to my leaderships skills to provide them the opportunities to give our team as many chances at success as possible. Many of the players from the Galactic Astrolotls, through many of their own means, have since become regular figureheads in the CAP Metagame. With Snake Draft, many of the players I drafted were more successful, but there were some general motivation issues after a couple (blame the holidays), but I never doubted my places and helped reinvigorate players when they were down, for example, helping getting GP to bounce back from a rough Jordy loss to eventually go 4-1 on the regular season. My job as manager is to make sure my players have the means to succeed and I think that most my previous players can at least vouch for that.

I am always learning and growing as a person. I've been able to reflect on my past two outings as a manager to figure out what has worked well and what hasn't. My teams were all well in the playoff race going into the final weeks of their respective tours, though we dropped the ball at the end. But this is where I was able to really reflect on how things could go better for CAPPL7. One of the biggest things is that, with continued involvement in the community, I have a better understanding of how to reach my players to make sure they're ready to win the week. We are a team, and we win and lose as a team.

Also, I'm very organized and I know to run discord servers and stuff.

Thanks :]


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Manager: dex18
Team Name: :Fidgit: The Fatal Fidgits :Fidgit: (based on the god awful Gravity Sand team I spammed in ORAS)
List of Accomplishments:
  • Player on the Eternal Equilibras - CAP Snake Draft
  • CAP Player on the Wicked Weaviles - MonoOM PL
  • Played in OST, got smoked by empo
  • Beat Voltage with mono ghost, gravity sand, and the doggos
  • Unashamed CM Fini spammer
CAP Involvement:
  • PRC Committee Member
  • Avid participant in all of Miasmaw's and Chromera's competitive stages
  • I helped out with the ORAS revival
  • Fairly common contributor to the Viability Rankings thread
  • I'm hosting the Ladder Tour that will be happening once CAPPL 6 wraps up
  • Discord Presence
    • One time I started an hour long rock paper scissors tournament in voice so that was pretty epic
Why you would make a good manager:

Honestly what brought me back into playing competitive mons was the Snake Draft, which really opened me up to the community behind CAP and I'm incredibly thankful for the awesome people I have met because I got the chance to play on the Libras. I'd love more than anything to give other players that chance to open up to the community who might not be too familiar with CAP.

Additionally, I'm a pretty avid tester of teams, and during team tours I always made some time during the week to help test if anyone needed it. I absolutely love theory-crafting ridiculous ideas and seeing them somehow pay off, so I definitely think my managerial style would be one where I give my players the freedom to think about what they want to bring and help them realize those ideas, or give them plenty of options if they don't want to build so that they are always comfortable with what they are bringing and playing each week.

Admittedly I would be the most new manager of the ones that have already applied, but I've been all in on CAP in terms of my involvement on Smogon and would love the opportunity to give back to the metagame and community in a meaningful way, and I see managing as a great path towards doing that.

Thanks for the consideration!
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Manager: Zephyri
Co-Manager: ar.nav136
Team Name: :cyclohm: The Cyclohm Crew
List of Accomplishments:
Player on the Galactic Astrolotls
Player on the Sizzling Smokomodos (which got first place in the weeks and made it all the way to finals)
Player on Tangela Ever After, UUFPL (im one of 3 people on my team who actually ever got a win in SS UU that tour, which was fun)

tied w dex at this
Admittedly I would be the most new manager of the ones that have already applied
Quarterfinalist in ND Majors, 11th on the ND circuit sheet
Got Perish Body on the 29 ability slate
Really good at annoying Dj Breloominati♬

CAP Involvement: PRC Member, CAP Ladybug, contribute to the VR thread semi frequently, hosts the VOTW project (which is currently on hold and should be out of it soon), participated in the 27th, 28th, and 29th CAP processes, active participant in the PRC, helped (and helping) in setting up resources for CAP LC, Discord presence

Why you would make a good manager: Although I haven't had any managerial experience, I can promise to be one of the most motivated and active managers possible if I were to be selected, due to a combination of summer holidays and dedication to this tour. I'm in touch with CAP players and the CAP metagame itself, meaning that I think I'll be able to put up a solid draft due to my knowledge of the playerbase, and I'll be able to build and provide for my team. I've (to some extent atleast) helped both Dj Breloominati and arn.av136 in their playtest prep, which attests to my prowess at building support (which i think is key in a league where some of the best pilots have little to no familiarity with CAP).

Additionally, both CAP teams that I've been on can attest to the fact that, even as a mostly bench player, I was an active contributor to both building and the general team environment. I think dead chats are one of the worst things for a team in a Pokemon PL, and I can promise to create an active environment, not only in terms of building and prep, but also in off topic banter and wacky ideas; to create friendships that go beyond 6 weeks.
(hopefully none of this comes off as a huge ego trip)

I dont know if this counts for anything, but I really really really really really want to manage a CAP tour like this; I'm super interested in the drafting processes and what it takes to lead a team well, I even read CALLOUS's freaking guide to drafting a good team. I promise that, if I were to get a team, I'll have the most lines in the server, I'll be the most active presence there, I'll bend over backwards to support my team and I'll lead (or atleast try to lead) my team to victory

tldr; Im new, Im fresh, Im motivated, and Im talkative; please pick me! :]

Ar.nav's qualifications: Indian player in WCoP 2021, Quarterfinalist for the CAP 29 playtest, Semi-Finalist for the rigged tour, Finalist for the OU Team Tour; A great player in both CAP and OU who has made very deep runs in CAP tours in a surprisingly short amount of time, showing his hold on the SS CAP metagame. He's proficient at building and can support if required and has a great personality overall :3
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World Defender
Manager: Nalorium
Team Name:
The Ol Reliable Chromeras

List of Accomplishments: CAP: I am currently at finals of the CAP Playtest, R3 of the CAP Rigged Tour and I am constantly playing tours in the room of CAP in PS. Overall: I've played in several team tours and individual tours. Teamtours: RoaPL, PSPL, Rcop and UMPL among others.

CAP Involvement: I've tried to play all the cap tours in this 2021 having some good results, I'm pretty active in room tours + CAP Ladder.

Why you would make a good manager: I know pretty good the player base which means I can make a very good team in the draft, I build almost all of the teams I use so I can help a lot the team with Tests, Teams, Active presence in the chat and fresh new ideas to the tiers. I will be active throughout the whole tournament and will, without fail, send our team line-ups in time.
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Manager: Total Clefairy

Team Name: :bramble: Smogoff Horses :bramble:

List of Accomplishments: Currently in the 3rd round of the prestigious Useless Moves Tour, with two stunning activity wins under my belt.

CAP Involvement: Led every stage of the most recent CAP process (Bramble)

Why you would make a good manager: Excellent leadership skills, very friendly, silver DofE certificate.


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Manager: Wulfanator72

Team Name: :caribolt: The Thundering Caribolts :caribolt:

List of Accomplishments:
  • Typing Leader CAP27 Astrolotl
  • Winning CAP Snake Draft w/ the Red Hot Pyroaks
  • Equilibra Playtest Semifinalist
  • CAPPL 6 player w/ the Galatic Astrolotls
CAP Involvement:
  • Typing Leader CAP27 Astrolotl
  • Active participant since Jumbao (Feb 2018) (you're welcome for Trace)
  • PRC member
  • Hanging out with the lads in voice call.

Why you would make a good manager:
Is it weird to be unsure? I have CAP leadership experience from overseeing Astrolotl's typing as well as learning from my shortcomings in that position. Having never managed before, I am unsure of how well this knowledge set translates. I could also rattle off my experiences with leadership and project management in my personal life. However, marketing myself in that way always feels like an ego trip. At the end of the day, I am a very sociable person and bend over backwards to make myself available when called upon.
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Actually I am going to disband the waifubot voodolls and reclaim the back to back winners; The Surging Snaelstroms if that is ok godbless

Accomplishments -
I have never lost
Won every team tournament I've managed - CAPPL 5&6 / NDPL / NDWCOP / AG Snake
Won a CAP Seasonal or two

CAP Stuff:
TL for Astrolotl
Stats TLT for Equilibra
CAP mod for around a year

Why would you make a good manager:
I will win and my team will have fun throughout because that is the secret to winning

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Manager: Airwind

Team Name: Jumbao lovers

List of Accomplishments: I don't have that many accomplishments outside of CAP were I manage Blazing pyroaks with Jay and we got second place in CAP TT4, got a pre contributor badge for cap contributions and I was roomvoice for a time in the CAP room although I got remove it because I retired for some time and I have gotten some good results of tournaments and in the last CAP PL I went 3-2 and I have gotten First Place in the ladder in every single gen of CAP since ORAS, and I got an article of CAP in the flying press

CAP Involvement: I can say I have a lot of involvement in the competitive side of CAP
Articles wrote/helped:

Torunament experience
Manager of Astrolotl Estrellados for the first snake draft
Manager of Blazing Pyroak for CAP TT IV
Player of Punny Privatakes CAP PL
Player of Crackling Krilowatts for CAP TT 3

Projects I hosted/co-hosted

And right now I'm really active in the PS room

Why you would make a good manager: Mostly because there are Spanish users that play cap but they haven't really been active in the community and as someone who speaks Spanish as a native language I can help those who want to participate and have problems with English and also because I really like to help newcomers play and become better and I want newcomers to feel how good, kind and welcoming the CAP community is and tho shape newcomers to become more of stronger players.

Another thing that can give me a plus is that I have been playing since ORAS which means that I have a ton of knowledge of every playstyle and made some off-pick playstyles work like Tailwind back in USUM and I know well the community so for those people that want to make a comeback I'm going to welcoming them with open arms. and I don't have any problem being a tutor while being a manager.


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Manager: Lasen
Team Name: Weatherman Whimsicotts
List of Accomplishments: 2nd most valuable player in CAP Snake, Semi-finalist in CAPTT VI, innovator of Monohorse, Hail Offense and workhorse and builder gor every team I've been in with strong showings in seasonal and Playtest alike
CAP Involvement: have participated in every CAP tournament since June 2019, room and discord mod, strong metagame opinions, part of VR Council, host of Speed Tiers, Role and Set Compendium owner, SM CAP Council, I voted in some polls but haven't really taken a hands on approach in the process.
Why you would make a good manager: I have a high score of 69 in Geogussr and the leadership skills or a Sigma male. I also managed in Ubers Most Wanted II, RoAlympics team manager of independent Olympians for 3 years straight , UPL IX and the currently running OMPL. All my former CAP teammates can vouch for my strong presence in CAP team chats without being overbearing and my work ethic. I also vouch to bring you sign-ups from outside the confines of our community, for better or for worse.
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In the interest of expediency, this is gonna be the 48 hour warning for manager signups. I also want to let everyone know that assistant managers will be picked prior to opening player signups, so for those of you who have submitted manager applications, start thinking about who you’d like as an assistant manager.
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