Tournament CAPPL VII - Week 5


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Alright pals we're finally at week 5! As of this point, the Ol' Reliable Chromeras are in first place, followed by the Weatherman Whimsicotts in second and the Surging Snaelstroms in third. Next week will be the semi-finals between the second and third placed teams. Matchups are below.

Team Solo Miasmaw (2) vs Thundering Caribolts (4)

SS1: Abhi vs Chazm
SS2: SunMYSER vs quziel
SS3: Rage.Spam.Quit. vs spoo
SM: Akumajou vs Xevara
ORAS: SHSP vs BasedWhat?
Bo3: Aurodian vs Heaven Jay

Ol' Reliable Chromeras (2) vs Impermeable Plasmantas (3)

SS1: Fakee vs maroon
SS2: Nalorium vs AM
SS3: Darek vs Estarossa
SM: Maxouille vs neomon Quairo
ORAS: Dj Breloominati♬ againa vs cbrevan
Bo3: crying vs dex

Surging Snaelstroms (2) vs Weatherman Whimsicotts (4)

SS1: Fc vs Rabia
SS2: Jordy Gravity Monkey vs The Number Man
SS3: Sputnik vs arn.av136
SM: Lilburr vs pannuracotta
ORAS: EternalSnowman vs SiTuM RaJ.Shoot
Bo3: Skysolo vs Lasen

All standard tournament rules apply. Ghosting is strictly prohibited. Replays must be posted or else your battle will be considered invalid. Since this is a team tournament, no extensions are given; substitutions are used instead of extensions. If any trade occurs this week, neither traded player will be able to participate in a battle the same week. Please complete your games by Sunday, August 1st at 11:59pm GMT-5.

Week 1:
Team Solo Miasmaw vs Ol' Reliable Chromeras
Surging Snaelstroms vs Thundering Caribolts
Weatherman Whimsicotts vs Impermeable Plasmantas

Week 2:
Team Solo Miasmaw vs Surging Snaelstroms
Weatherman Whimsicotts vs Ol' Reliable Chromeras
Impermeable Plasmantas vs Thundering Caribolts

Week 3
Team Solo Miasmaw vs Weatherman Whimsicotts
Impermeable Plasmantas vs Surging Snaelstroms
Thundering Caribolts vs Ol' Reliable Chromeras

Week 4
Team Solo Miasmaw vs Impermeable Plasmantas
Thundering Caribolts vs Weatherman Whimsicotts
Ol' Reliable Chromeras vs Surging Snaelstroms

Week 5:
Team Solo Miasmaw vs Thundering Caribolts
Ol' Reliable Chromeras vs Impermeable Plasmantas
Surging Snaelstroms vs Weatherman Whimsicotts
Team Solo Miasmaw: (0/1/4) 1 | -12
Impermeable Plasmantas (2/0/3) 4 | -3
Ol' Reliable Chromeras: (3/1/1) 7 | +7
Thundering Caribolts: (2/2/1) 6 | +2
Surging Snaelstroms: (1/3/1) 5 | +0
Weatherman Whimsicotts: (3/1/1) 7 | +6
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