Celebi - Movie 13 - Nasty Plot

Event Celebi, Announced in Coro Coro from May 2010 Gets Nasty Plot, Leaf Storm, Recover, Healing Wish

(people who have it can post now to verify, using the guidelines from the sticky)
Movie event pictures.

Silent Storm said:
I can't post in Policy Review.

I have a copy of the movie Celebi. I have had this for while now and can verify that the EVs and Nature are random.

Here are details of my Celebi:

Memo Details;
Item; Jaboca Berry
ID; 07100
Inside a Cherish Ball
Quirky Nature
Pokémon Movie 11
Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv. 50
Often Lost in thought.

Leaf Storm
Nasty Plot
Healing Wish

Classic Ribbon.

Later I can provide pictures of the wondercard / pictures of my event pokemon.
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The moves will be added when the pokemon has been distributed. The thing is, Celebi has already been released in Japan, so right now we are "waiting" for people to post about that. (This is intended to be an example thread, so anyone who has Celebi from japan can post events/details/pics about it ect.)


I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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Thank you for clearing that up. I understand the process now.

I have one suggestion: Since SB2 is going to be released fairly soon, this should wait until then correct?

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