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Hey guys! I'm here to protest that great and wonderful bill that is being considered by the US Government

It is called SOPA. There's plenty of info on it. Basically it will censor the Internet. That means any website that even shows copywrited data is deemed "illegal".
That's right. Smogon? Illegal. It has copywrited Pokemon sprites.
Facebook? Any member out of the hmmm... 800,000,000 active users have a copywrited picture? Illegal.
Youtube? Copywrited music and videos.
Twitter? Links to copywrited videos/music/anything really.
Tumblr? Copywrited pictures
Reddit? (See above)

Sooooooo anyways. To put it in Pokemon terms, I've RNG'd a horribly shitty Woobat to represent SOPA.

Rash | Unaware |
= 30
Confusion | Odor Sleuth | Gust


1. Don't hack this Pokemon if you win (EV is OK)
2. This Pokemon is RNG'd by me
3. To win simply post why you dislike (or support) SOPA.
4. Credit me.
5. That's it.
6. Here's a Pokecheck page on the Woobat to check it's legality. And a free download

I'll be giving out 10 myself. If there are any people who want to help distribute, just VM me or post here and we'll work it out.


(contact Phatty)
I really dont like the idea of SOPA Because itll basically take away all of the freedom of the internet, then the internet will be just a boring place with every thing blocked and censored because of copyright issues.
Internet must be uncensored. It has a reason to exist as far as everyone is free to post what he wants, including a shitty Woobat. SOPA has some good reasons, but the basic idea (copyright even on my ass) is awful. In China, Google has been made illegal. Will the next measure be this one?


don't forget
Eh, were SOPA to pass, which would be very unlikely, there'd be a huge riot on the Internet. SOPA is a bill that would make all posters' on this forum lose their hard work. I hope it won't pass!
This, do want.

I dislike SOPA, because some of my favorite sites, such as this one might go down if SOPA is passed.

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If SOPA was passed (which it definitely will not be), Youtube would basically lose a large portion of its viewership and mini-economy. I wouldn't want one of my only ways of relaxing gone (and I don't think the people who would be prevented from making videos and lose their main source of income would be too happy either) I get that SOPA's supposed to stop people that post movies and copywrited stuffs, but the bill is so badly worded that it really prevents any kind of anything from being posted.
I dislike sopa. The internet showing us copyrighted information helps us find it immedietly instead of digging for days for a simple thing. Many sites are going to be shut down and it may effect the economy.
I HATE SOPA. lets put it this way; if people didnt want to do stupid things and show them to everyone, then there wouldnt be an internet(for proof refer to youtube). These people shouldnt censor it and even if they're allowed to they should start by deleting all the porn sites, violence, rascism, and hackers, not by banning sites kids can go on that are about fun games like pokemon( smogon). The internet is for everybody, it would take too long to censor all of it, its the voice of freedom and helps you connect with friends. if these "SOPA" dont like the internet, then they just shouldnt use it.
SOPA sucks. It would cause me to be bored out of my mind. But don't forget Protect IP Act or PIPA! It's the Senate version of SOPA and it's equally dangerous.
All of these bills truly are awful. Seriously, what is our government thinking? Why would they ever want to cause an Internet riot? (then again, that's our government for you). Seriously, I would be bored out of my mind, and not at all happy with the government (well, I'm not exactly happy with them right now).

EDIT: You know guys, let's start a Stop SOPA revolution!! We could all put Stop SOPA in our signatures, if you'd like. Phatty, if you'd like to lead that, I'd be happy to join!
I'm going to grab this from PokeCheck, but I wanted to say that I love the idea. SOPA is a very dangerous bill, whose ramifications are even startling if NOT passed. The bill proposes changes that sound outlandish now, but with repeated presentation to the public - They will seem more commonplace. Unfortunately, SOPA is our introduction to the devastating legislation of the future.
Ugh SOPA! Youtube, Facebook, Twitter? I love youtube, and if they take everything copywrited away from it, well, those people who originally made the copywrited stuff will lose fans. Youtube and facebook is the way I discovered stuff that I love today. I support what you're doing man. They should really raise awareness about SOPA, because I only recently heard about it (On youtube! See how awful it'll be if they take it away!),as well as its against the first amendmant. Keep up the good work Phatty, and hope that SOPA doesn't succeed D:.
Hey everyone! Thanks for the feedback! My laptops Internet has been all hacked up. As soon as its working, I'll trade with everyone. Everyone who has already posted, thank you and you get the Woobat.

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I dislike even thinking about if sopa were to pass. There would be no reason to get on the internet. I probably spend half of the time on the internet on smogon.
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