Changes to CAPs in Gen 6?

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Ok, before anyone deletes/locks this thread, bear with me (though it may be deleted/locked anyways...)

As people probably know, Pokemon X/Y have brought changes to certain Pokemon BSTs, as well as changed around a few abilities (i.e no more ST Chandy). What I propose is that we do something similar to the CAP metagame, changing around BSTs and/or abilities to balance out the metagame, making Pokemon stronger/weaker to compete with the everyone else.

Won't be surprised if this thread gets locked.
This thread will probably get locked since this thread would have been better suited for your simple question:
There is no need to create a thread to ask a question, that thread was created and stickied for a reason.

I cannot answer your question since Cawmodore is the first CAP I was around for, and can not tell you if anything similar happened for the transition to Gen V, but I doubt there will be any adjustment. I do not think I heard anything about there being a change in the gen IV CAPs in preparation for gen V, so I doubt it will happen here.


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It is probably not likely that any such changes will be made. In the past, some CAP Pokemon were later adjusted for various reasons, however, more recently, policy has typically been against such changes. Technically, no decisions was actually reached on even updating CAPs to 5th gen, as the Policy Review thread on that issue was pushed back due to the lack of a simulator at the time of the discussion, and we never really got back to it, so it is not completely absurd to suggest something like this. However, if anything were to happen it would have to be discussed and decided on by the Policy Review Committee.

Also, while the OP didn't really have a question in it, Fuzzie is right in that something like this is generally better off being phrased as a question and asked in the SQSA thread.
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