All Gens Changes to Old Gens Ladders + A Public Vote

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Cheers, all ^.^

So, currently there are 35 old gens ladders, but many of them are getting less than a battle a day. While it seems good on paper to have more options, that actually spreads our playerbase out more and makes finding old gen battles even tougher. So, we're getting rid of most of those ladders, but still keeping them as challenge options (which means we can still run room tours with them, challenge friends, etc.)

To make up for the lost ladders, we'll be gaining two extra rotationals, in addition to the one we already have. Every gen's OU and Randbats will also be guaranteed a ladder, so for now, we'll have 15 total. The rotational we currently have is decided by RoA PS staff and featured in mini-tournaments. Here's where things get fun~

The first new rotational will cycle between every gen's UU, then every gen's Ubers, repeat, giving our most traditional non-OU formats a guaranteed slot once a year for now, slightly less often as new gens come out. Five of those (RBY Ubers, RBY UU, GSC Ubers, GSC UU, and ADV UU) don't currently have ladders to begin with, so that's actually more representation for them (and an added chance to balance RBY UU).

The other new rotational will be a community's choice option. This will be done in a two-step process. First, there'll be a vote on what past gen should be featured. Next, there'll be a vote on what format it will be. Keep in mind formats take programming to create, especially funkier ones, so there'll be a set list to choose from. It'll include the usual stuff like RU, NU, DOU, Monotype, etc., but also still some weird ones if the community wants to go wilder. It's really just there so I don't have to ask TI to make us something intensive at the last minute, haha. That said, feel free to PM me suggestions any time (I'll bring them up with PS staff for that rotational as well, and clear it with a programmer if we can do it for community's choice.)

Old gens ladders will look like this next month:
RoA Spotlights:
- UU / Ubers rotational (We're going RBY UU this time)
- Community's Choice (This could be anything, haha)
- Staff's Pick (No Team Preview ORAS OU, if anyone wants to start building teams for the mini-tour)

Past Generations:
- Gen 6 OU
- Gen 6 Randbats
- Gen 5 OU
- Gen 5 Randbats
- Gen 4 OU
- Gen 4 Randbats
- Gen 3 OU
- Gen 3 Randbats
- Gen 2 OU
- Gen 2 Randbats
- Gen 1 OU
- Gen 1 Randbats

I'd like to give us a week for each stage, but this time it'll be a bit rushed so we can get this rolling in December. Right now, you guys have 2 days to vote for a gen, after which you'll get 3 days to vote for a format. That means all you have to post is "RBY", "GSC", "ADV", "DPP", "BW", or "ORAS" for now. To prevent alts, your account needs at least 5 posts to vote; others will just be deleted.

So, what gen would you guys like featured next month?
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