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* Chansey’s immense HP and wonderful Special Defense when coupled with Eviolite make it one of the most formidable special walls in the Ubers metagame. It is capable of checking Ubers’ most powerful special attackers, although it may have some problem in doing so for Psystrike Mega Mewtwo Y as well as Psyshock Lunala and Xerneas.

* Its access to a number of support moves such as Wish, Heal Bell, Toxic and Soft-boiled makes it a really good partner to Pokemon present in stall teams.

* Eviolite buffs Chansey’s Defense and Special Defense to a great extent, allowing it to take more hits than its evolution, that is, Blissey can take.

* Although it possesses an extremely good HP stat, its poor Defense stat makes it completely vulnerable to physical threats such as Mega Lucario, Marshadow, Mega Salamence, Primal Groudon, Ho-Oh and Extreme Killer Arceus.

* In spite of having Seismic Toss and Toxic, Chansey is passive and give set-up sweepers a chance to set up on it.

* Chansey faces problems against Taunt user which completely shut it down, as Chansey's only offensive move is Seismic Toss. Common examples are Yveltal and Deoxys-S.

* Pokemon with the ability Shadow Tag, such as Mega Gengar and Gothitelle, pose a great threat to it. This problem of not being able to switch out is one disadvantage it has compared to Blissey, which is able to evade this with Shed Shell.

name: Support
move 1: Toxic
move 2: Soft-Boiled
move 3: Wish
move 4: Heal Bell
item: Eviolite
ability: Natural Cure
nature: Bold
evs: 252 Def / 252 SpD / 4 Spe


* Toxic decreases the longevity and wears down those Pokemon it checks.

* Soft-boiled is Chansey’s main form of recovery, helping it to heal from any damage taken from special attakers in the battle.

* Wish assists Chansey’s teammates by healing them from any damage they may have taken during battle. Chansey’s enormous HP makes Wish bring Chansey’s teammates to full health almost all the time when they switch in on the next turn.

* Heal Bell heals both Chansey and its teammates from any status taken by them during the battle, thus also making Chansey a status absorber.

* Stealth Rock is also an option as Chansey walls and checks almost all support Arceus formes with Defog without much effort.

* Seismic Toss does a decent amount of damage to help Chansey break the opposing Pokemon’s substitute, in case its HP is less than 404, and to do some damage so that it is not completely forced to switch out in case the opposing Pokemon uses Taunt.

Set Details

* 252 EVs in Chansey’s Special Defense maximizes its special bulk, helping it to wall special attackers and check threats like Xerneas and Primal Kyogre.

* 252 EVs are invested into Chansey’s Defense stat in order to take at least one hit from physical threats like Marshadow and Primal Groudon.

* Bold nature increases Chansey’s chances to live at least one hit from physical threats.

Usage Tips

* Use Chansey to check any special attacker in the metagame, including set-up sweepers such as Xerneas or Primal Kyogre, as it is capable to tanking any special attacking move they use, even after a boost.

* Keep Chansey healthy as far as possible throughout the battle with Soft-boiled in order for it to absorb moves from special attackers later on in the game.

* Take advantage of Chansey’s ability to force switch-ins to spread status across the opponent’s team or heal from any damage taken by it with Soft-boiled. Similarly, when predicted that the opponent will switch in to something which checks Chansey, use Wish on that turn and then switch out to something which walls that threat on the next turn. That way Chansey is able to keep its teammates healthy as well.

* Chansey can help to absorb status as it can heal from them its ability Natural Cure when it switches out, thus also acting as a nice pivot.

* It’s always best to scout for Knock Off before taking on Yveltal, as the loss of Eviolite could cost Chansey. Use Chansey as bait and switch into Arceus formes and Pokemon holding orbs such as Primal Groudon and Giratina-O which are not affected by Knock Off’s secondary effect to detect the presence of Knock Off on Yveltal.

Team Options

* Many physical walls such as Lugia, Toxapex, Giratina, Zygarde-C, Mega Sableye, Buzzwole wall all those physical threats which Chansey fears, like Mega Lucario, Marshadow, Ho-Oh, Primal Groudon and Extreme Killer Arceus.

* Pursuit trappers such as Mega Tyranitar or Alolan Muk are necessary to take care of Shadow Tag trappers like Gothitelle and Mega Gengar. However, Tyranitar needs to be careful of Focus Blast from Mega Gengar.

* Arceus-Fairy can deal with both Mega Lucario and Marshadow. However, Arceus-Fairy should be wary of Mega Lucario’s Iron Tail.

* Arceus-Ground helps to deal with Mega Lucario and offensive Primal Groudon, while Chansey can walls threats like Primal Kyogre.

* Magearna also acts as a good teammate to take care of threats like psyshock Xerneas or Knock Off Yveltal. Unfortunately, Magearna does not like to lose its Leftovers due to Knock Off.

* Yveltal works almost fine in dealing with Psyshock Lunala and Psystrike Mega Mewtwo Y.

Other Options

* Snatch prevents the opposing Pokemon from using any support moves to heal from poison, thus helping to Toxic stall Rest Xerneas and Primal Kyogre or Arceus formes with Refresh. However, it is impossible to completely rely on this tactic and wastes a precious moveslot of Chansey’s which could have been kept for any of Chansey’s other valuable support moves.

* As the set allows Chansey to take a few hits from physical moves, Chansey can use Counter to deal double damage to physical threats like Primal Groudon and Ho-Oh after taking hit from them. However, taking a hit means losing a lot of HP and thus it could fail to fulfill its role as a special wall as Chansey may not get an opportunity to heal from that damage taken by it.

Checks and Counters

**Physical Attackers**: Mega Lucario, Marshadow, Mega Salamence, Primal Groudon and Extreme Killer Arceus can easily destroy Chansey. Mega Lucario being part Steel-type is immune to toxic, allowing it to set-up on Chansey with ease, while Mega Salamence can take advantage of Toxic and use Facade.

**Trappers**: Chansey is prone to Shadow Tag Pokemon like Mega Gengar and Gothitelle, preventing it from switching out and eventually defeating it with one of their offensive moves. Perish Song + Whirlpool Arceus-Dark, Wobbuffet and Dugtrio are other examples of annoying trappers, trapping Chansey with Whirlpool, Shadow Tag and Arena Trap respectively.

**Toxic Immune Pokemon and Status Healers**: Pokemon such as Toxapex, Skarmory, Celesteela, and Ferrothorn are able to annoy Chansey, being immune to Toxic and can PP stall it out. Aromatherapy users like Clefable, Tapu Lele and Xerneas as well as Refresh Arceus formes are also able to handle Chansey.

**Mega Sableye**: Meg Sableye’s typing and ability Magic Bounce makes it such that Chansey cannot touch it at all.

**Taunt Users**: Yveltal, Mewtwo’s Mega formes, Gyarados and Deoxys-S annoy Chansey and force it to switch out with Taunt.
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Not QC, some suggestions:
-In the overview, mention that it's super passive and can give many free turns to the opponent. Also note in the overview that it is shut down by Taunt.
"Chansey’s immense HP and wonderful Special Defense when coupled with Eviolite make it one of the most formidable special walls in the Ubers metagame. It is capable of checking Ubers’ most powerful special attackers, although it may have some problem in doing so for Psystrike Mega Mewtwo Y as well as Psyshock Lunala and Xerneas."
This should be split into two points imo - walling threats and some having ways around it.
-Mention Confide somewhere. I'm thinking in moves or slashed with Wish.
-Mention in team options that it fits best on stall and balance. Also mention how it must have Pursuit support to beat megagar.
This has far too many similarities to the on site Chansey skeleton. If you were a writer of the previous skeleton I would be more open to seeing similarities between the two but this isn't the case - it is rewritten in such a lazy way that I cannot permit it to continue or simply tell you to redo it with a harsh warning. Sections such as C&C are the exact same with a couple words changed. The content is outdated in the first place so copying it in such an obvious manner just has alarm bells going off in my head. Those who take analyses in this part of the site are expected to know the rules and view regarding plagiarism (the OP of the analysis index also makes this perfectly clear) and how strictly we enforce them. This crosses the line in my eyes and as such this will be reassigned, and the standard 3 point infraction will be issued. I strongly suggest you don't pull this again after the 6 month blacklist is over.
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