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is a Past SPL Champion Although this is a bit dated, it could help save Chaos from having to repeat (or skip) some answers to questions that people may want to ask. I wasn't able to find any other interviews, if any, that he has done recently, but it may be good to post them to avoid repetition.

I'm a bioengineering major in my freshman year of college who is also interested and required to take computer programming classes. However, I know next to nothing about actual programming. If you feel comfortable in recommending one, where should I start if I want to get into this field now, since I won't be taking the actual classes for another year or two. Specifically, what websites, books, etc. and basics, or ideas, should I start with first in order to ease myself into this field when the time comes. I realize that this is quite a broad question, so as much direction as I can get would be appreciated.

How did you get into programming as a child, was it simply curiosity and/or did your parents/someone have an interest in pushing you into pursuing this field.

What progress have you made since that smog interview in any of your programming projects or research?

Where do you work and/or go to graduate school?

Have any professional opportunities spawned directly off of your involvement in Smogon?
Wait wat...chaos invented smogon? You learn something new everday. I always thought it we be someone like Phillip...or Rodan, dunno.

Anyway, since this is my 1000th post and I'm cool to brag about it in a single thread, can your my name into your video? For example: X5Dragon stop jerking to Daft Punk, etc.

Q...OK, what pokemon has impressed you with his viability across all gens it was available in? For me it's Dragonite, a powerhouse in any tier you place him in, recognizable either by his design or sets, a joy to play with and a challenge to face.


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I'll take this as an opportunity to ask a serious life question.

As someone who will be starting graduate school next fall, what was the most difficult hurdle for you to overcome during your time at Princeton? Once you decided on where to go, were you feeling as anxious to start as I was? Understandably our fields are somewhat different (you being in computer science, I being in atmospheric science), but I thought this would be relevant since (presumably) we both want to pursue careers in research through a Ph.D, and so there might be some overlap in our experiences.
Why did you create smogon and why the name "smogon"?
Whats your favourite TV series / Book?
Whats your favourite tier besides randbats?
Wait wat...chaos invented smogon? You learn something new everday. I always thought it we be someone like Phillip...or Rodan, dunno.
Did you really think this site would be run so well if rodan started it? Besides, he would've been 7 or 8 when he launched Smogon.
Why do you throw tantrums if someone says "Chaos" instead of "chaos?" It's just one letter on a made up username.


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nami? y/n

if you could change one thing about smogon (literally anything, could even be something to do w/ the community), what would it be?

oh, and what other plans do you have in store for us??

and of course my staple well question: tits or ass?


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i've got a few so be patient w/me

first what is your personal philosophy on life, i know this is kind of a general question that can't often be put into words but i'd like some insight on the way you see the world since i've found that a lot of ambitious hard workers like yourself have a certain way they think and i want to see if you match up

second, what inspired you to start a competitive pokemon website other than your clear love of the game

finally, what do you believe is the future of smogon? because there have been many rumours circulating about how gen vi will be the last of pokemon so i'm interested to hear your take on that

thanks for doing this sort of interview cos it's nice to know what goes on in your head
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