~~~~Characteristics of real men <3~~~~


uhhhh how often am i supposed to pray again
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A real man Doesn't Kiss and Tell
Obviously not, because judging by the capitalisation it sounds like Paris Hilton probably copyrighted it.

A real man Notices your hair and nails.
Which are fake.

A real man calls you beautiful, and not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck.
Of course. The latter are reserved for the girls he sleeps with.

A real man calls you on daily basis no matter how tired or busy he is.
I don't know where you're from, but this what we like to call "clingy".

A real man looks past what he has heard about you or his friend thinks about you.
"Don't listen to those rumours about me sleeping with the entire college football team. It was five or six of them at most. besides, i was pretty fucking wasted at the time."

A real man wants to spend as much time with you and never get sick of you.
Just until you get sick him, right? Also, clingy.

A real man kisses you on your forehead just because.
If you're dating Rihanna, this might be your only option.

A real man doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear, he tells you whats real.
Best not mention the hair and nails then...

A real man knows how to put your ass to sleep.
This is why I have Policy Review bookmarked on my iPhone.

A real man doesn't ask questions when you say you need something.....him sex or money.
Just don't ask questions when I want you, sex...or a sandwich.

A real man lets his friends know that he has you.
I had my girlfriend branded. (she objected to a tattoo)

A real man doesn't play games.
Do you *really* want to make me choose between you and CoD4?

A real man doesn't leave his girl to go out to hang out with friends, when he hasn't seen his girl for a week, and then call her at 4 in the morning because he needs some love.
You're the one who wanted me to always phone you...

A real man doesn't think about sex with other girls when he's making love to you.
Well, I wouldn't have to if you'd just wear the goddamn Hulk costume.

A real man opens the car door for his lady, brings her roses, rub her feet when they are tired.
Sorry, I didn't know "boyfriend" was synonymous with "butler". I hope for her sake she won't wait for me to open the door if we ever have an accident and the car catches fire or something.


chaos's bitch
itt we have established that cookie is not a real man and cant handle strong independent women
Fine I admit it. From now on I will focus less on womans rights and more on my whims.
This list has very little to do with women's rights, so whatever.

Everyone deserves to be treated well in a relationship, and this goes for both males and females. A good relationship is based upon mutual respect and consideration, so if a girl actually expects all of this out of a guy, she'd better treat him just as well back (and vice versa). It's a two-way street, after all.
Lanturn just admitted that relationships are two way streets

Looks like I made a prudent investment

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