Charles Barkley: It wasn't a dream, it really happened!

good season, girls.

laga: oO Europe
arcticblast: thx for buying me bb
audiosurfer: a true visionary
orch: whats a gravity
enki: you have a cool name
dubtrips: widdly did you play a game
clefairy: you're cute :3

#6-0thedream #tybg #lovemylittle

sorry if I missed anyone
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My vast and supreme will shall be done!
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I hate being harassed into a game when my mom is in the hospital and I'm trying to let off steam by playing random battles. Pinoy implied he was going to gun for an activity win so I felt forced into it and I'm really upset, especially with my mom hospitalized. I messaged him last week and it took him several days to even respond to me. Please show some common decency because right now I'm not in a good spot emotionally and being forced into a battle I'm not entirely prepared for because my mind is preoccupied is just emotionally draining. Especially after it even took him several days to even reply to me. I'm quite upset with his actions, especially with how he acted.


how can you swallow so much sleep?
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Congratulations to the 20-man bench Space Jams for winning this year's SDPL!
Thank you everyone for participating and those special people who helped run the tourney with me (srk, kale, ium, 51, everyone knows who they are).

Feel free to post space jam gifs ~0~

myself for proving once more that I'm the best Ubers teambuilder in every type of Ubers tier and that I can make place when I enjoy playing the tier.

-Tsunami- couldn't have done this without you bro, you motivated me to make this tour look like a snackwrap.
BLINGAS sorry for taking your spot, thankfully it worked out in the end.
Shaian for drafting me
Hikari good games dude.

#spacejams, we comin back next year as the defending champions.

where my trophy at doe

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