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Hello all.

So, I recently discovered that all chat logs are stored by Showdown. Are they stored forever? Foolishly, a couple of years ago I was chatting with someone I thought was a friend, and divulged personal stuff about myself. Things like family, my gender identity etc. So, would all that still be logged and stay there forever?

Can normal users access it? Someone said the website is Open Source but I don't know how to read or understand it? Or can only staff access that stuff anyway?

Thanks guys :)


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Yes, we log chat and private messages. Only staff can access them, though.
(Room staff of that room & global staff can access roomlogs, global staff & trusted users involved in the PM can access PM logs with permission from one of the participants).
In the future, ask this sort of thing in the Simple Questions thread.


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Also, PM logs can be accessed without permission by a much smaller set of people for much fewer reasons compared to room/battle logs.
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