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Used this team in the 'high ladder' (1300-1400 is high for a new meta i guess), even become the top player a few times.
:Trubbish: :Pyukumuku: :Bisharp: :Shuckle: :Hippowdon: :Alcremie:
The bisharp looks like trolling but metal sound is only there to win a pp war agaisnt someone who had magic bounce torment spiritomp, i may change it later. I had a Lunalaa there before with Cosmic power, Night Shade, Roost and toxic.
The wincon is to toxic stall or body press them to dead, just choose the right ability, sticky hold if you see to many potential trick users, alcreamie to prevent encore/torment/taunt, unnaware if it is a contrary, geomancy or simple team (and Haze from trubbish allow you to handle Power Trip/Stored power), or pressure if you want to be a dick.
With the healing bug going on right now stall is pretty broken, with Shuckle as the stat donnor you not only get high defenses but heal for 60-70% with any healing move because Shuckle has a lower base HP than anyone else in the team.
This is a cool team I made, based around V-create.



So this is just a basic V-create team pretty much. Basically Ho-Oh with Ray support is one of the most broken mons in the meta so I had decided to build around that. Lugia is a great addition to this team, being able to provide Trick, Multiscale, a good typing, strong stats, and powerful coverage moves. Groudon was the next choice, due to its Ground-typing, powerful stats, good Ability, and great movepool. By now I had to start thinking of potential sets, so Shuckle was added, enabling Contrary and Shell Smash sets. Finally, Kyurem-Black was added for its amazing stats, strong typing, and Teravolt, which is the most important part as Mold Breaker / Turboblaze / Teravolt is required on every team to not lose to Sturdy (unless you have other strats that beat Sturdy). Have fun!
Hi ya'll just dropping a p cool team taht im bored of using since chimera 1v1 is infamous for being hard to build for. It does rely on a little prediction and luck but that's 1v1 for u.

Its a psyterrain team with an array of diff combos to strengthen it and increase versatility,
:Calyrex-Shadow: :Zacian: :Lunala: :Solgaleo: :Perrserker: :Tapu Lele:

Combo List:
ExpandBreaker: LZTCNP (great for espeed teams and is a secondary nuke)
IntrepidNuke: TCZNPL (great of u can live a hit and smack)
Scarf Ssheild: PTLZCN (the sole stab user of sunsteel)
ScarfTrick: TLPNZC (great for most stalls)
Fast Scarf Ssheild: TCLZPN (use sunsteel for sturdy, great for outspeediing the fast frail breakers)
Fast scarf sheild special: ZNLCTP (great for beating the fast frail breakers)
it also gets ohkoed by water spout from a jellyfish
I see that Trick/Encore are being watched and that's something I definitely agree with. They're very stifling for most strategies that aren't "nuke with V-Create/Water Spout/Whatever Beam"

Those overwhelming power strategies, while obviously pretty threatening, aren't impossible to try preparing for. But a team built with any philosophy in mind other than "burn it all down" is way too likely to get ruined by a tricked choice item. Running something like Sticky Hold is hardly viable.
I see that Trick/Encore are being watched and that's something I definitely agree with. They're very stifling for most strategies that aren't "nuke with V-Create/Water Spout/Whatever Beam"

Those overwhelming power strategies, while obviously pretty threatening, aren't impossible to try preparing for. But a team built with any philosophy in mind other than "burn it all down" is way too likely to get ruined by a tricked choice item. Running something like Sticky Hold is hardly viable.
i totally agree with this, trick prevents all set up strategie. you cant run sticky hold because you see a pkm who learns trick in the other team, it's not worth it. banned. :)
V-Create probably should be banned. But while it's still legal, here's an updated version of my team:

The only changes since my last post are Kyurem's stats, Aurorus's item, and Noivern's moveset, to counter the Extreme Speed/FakeSpeed strategies I ran into this morning.

Giving Kyurem 244 EVs in Def guarantees that you'll survive a STAB Banded Gorilla Tactics (or Intrepid Sword) Extreme Speed even if Kartana is the opponent's stat donor, and 172+ Spe is enough to outrun Pheromosa when Scarfed, leaving 92 EVs for Atk. Alternatively, you can use 184 EVs in Def and 154 in Atk to guarantee you'll survive an Extreme Speed from any donor except Kartana and give you a 70% chance of surviving if Kartana is the donor.

Replacing Aurorus's Band with a Life Orb and giving Noivern Protect allows you to beat FakeSpeed strategies (without Protect you lose to Life Orb Intrepid Sword FakeSpeed and you have a chance to lose to Life Orb Pixilate/Refrigerate FakeSpeed).

I haven't checked whether having fewer attack EVs on Kyurem and Orb instead of Band misses out on any important KOs, but Extreme Speed/FakeSpeed seem to be growing in popularity, so the loss in power is probably worthwhile.
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I don't think anything needs to be banned.

Good to be back in the 1400s Chimera 1v1 ladder again:



I love Chimera 1v1 thank you OM Leaders :psywoke:
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Trick can be prepared for, but it comes at the cost of having to run some niche combo like Protect+Fling that literally only exists to shut down that one strategy. Prankster Taunt is a generally better choice for stopping it cold... that becomes completely useless if their lead is a dark type. Running a separate mon just to beat Trick isn't really viable either, because there's no guarantee that their Mew or Clefable will even be using it over their 50 other strategies, or that it won't be on some random thing like Obstagoon instead.

Trick is way less telegraphed than "they have a Victini so here come that V-Create" and the kind of niche silliness that you need to run so you don't lose to it feels contrary and stifling to the meta's big draw of having so many unique strategies available.


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Due to its overcentralizing nature, Trick and Switcheroo are now banned. Its ability to instantly win against most setup and stall sets, as well as its sheer splashability, makes it an unhealthy presence in the metagame. tagging Kris to implement

Other items on the watchlist:
Torment + Encore + Perish Body is a strategy that takes only a couple turns to setup and ends with the opponent struggling every other turn. Combine it with Perish Body and a very slow stat donor, and if the user can live at least one hit from the opponent, they have an almost guaranteed win. Perish Body being allowed is an oversight by me so it's likely that it will be banned soon, as it has a very good matchup with a physically bulky stat donor against most physical sets, but Torment + Encore is already a formidable strategy so I might be banning Torment as well.

Water Bubble boosts Water-type attacks to astronomical levels which when paired with moves such as Water Spout or Surging Strikes can easily break through resists (and as for Surging Strikes, it can easily break through Sturdy and Multiscale). Personally I would like Water Bubble and Surging Strikes gone because Surging Strikes breaking through Sturdy/Multiscale/Shadow Shield feels pretty unhealthy when those abilities are solid checks to the nuke sets that are common.

V-Create is an extremely powerful move with versatile abusers in Ho-Oh and Reshiram and viable donors in Rayquaza and Victini. It, paired with abilities like Drought, only serve to elevate its power even more. Contrary was mentioned but in my opinion that ability is more broken with moves like Fleur Cannon or Overheat, since V-Create doesn't lower offensive stats.

Electrify, when paired with Prankster (or Speed Boost), easily walls out any non-Dark type for 32 turns. With the aid of a Leppa Berry or even Recycle, any Pokemon that doesn't have faster priority is effectively PP stalled to death. It's pretty clear when someone's using it, though, so it's lower priority.

These are the main things I'll watch out for, mainly. Let me know if there's something else uncompetitive.

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I believe that a mon that warrants some discussion but hasnt even been mentioned is Calyrex Ice due to its combination of bulk and power

First, Bulk

this thing is fat. 100/150/130 is enough to not get ohko'd by all neutral hits but the strongest physical hits and a very strong special moves, and this is what i mean by strong:

252+ Atk Choice Band Adaptability Regigigas Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Calyrex-Ice: 352-416 (87.1 - 102.9%) -- 18.8% chance to OHKO

252 SpA Choice Specs Calyrex-Shadow Expanding Force (120 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Calyrex-Ice in Psychic Terrain: 364-429 (90 - 106.1%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO

These things are already ludicrulously powerful and they need a roll. A very good roll. While hitting it supereffectively and going further beyond power wise isnt impossible for both physical and special mons in more offensive teams, it is much more harder to do it when Calyrex can mix its typing to resists your main STAB and be neutral to your coverage on better built teams, making offensive counterplay to it tricky and somewhat unreliable. And this is with only max hp; Caly can very much start investing in bulk to take other more powerful attacks out of range (which i see happening in the future) or go full-on defensive and be used as the donor for a wall.

Gonna have to mention sturdy as an offensive countermeasure, giving you a free turn, but Sturdy isnt that reliable and might be broken itself has numerous ways of being beat such as multi hits, mold breaker, priority, etc.

So if you can't hit it instantly hard, can you sit on it and try to setup/stall it out?

Lets not forget what makes Caly so appealing in the first place: its 165 top-three-in-the-game base attack

This guy can do some real hurt with a good set:

+1 252+ Atk Choice Band Water Calyrex-Ice Surging Strikes (3 hits) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Dragon Giratina on a critical hit: 171-204 (33.9 - 40.4%) -- approx. 35.3% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery

Giratina, one of the fattest mons available in the meta and the prefered wall on stall teams, takes 37 ish from a resisted Stab move, which means:

+1 252+ Atk Choice Band Calyrex-Ice Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Dragon Giratina: 306-362 (60.7 - 71.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Any lousy supereffective coverage move can 2hko it.

I know that this Gira could use an ability like intimidate or Fur Coat to take the hits better or use an immunity ability like Water Absorb to be immune to these attacks, but Caly can use its own tools as well to beat these sets; things such as a steel typing, taunt, Swords Dance, Mold Breaker, and the such are as available to Caly as to their opponent. It is notable though, that unless calyrex decides to invest heavily in speed (which it shouldnt), giratina outspeeds it, making the matchup a bit harder for caly

Outside of the stats slot, Caly isnt as amazing, but it can still hold its own. Movepool is his second best aspect, having a quite nice status movepool with things such as taunt, leech seed, and swords dance and a decent physical movepool with ground, fighting and dark coverage being the stand outs outside of the coveted glacial lance. Its special movepool is a bit lacking, but it does give ice beam, which has its uses. I cant sing as much praise for the rest, as its ability is very niche and its typing isnt good nor easy to build for. Nevertheless. Ice is still very nice and can be used in strategies such as Refrigerate spam.

Some may come close to do what caly does, but they cant do it as well as caly. Regigigas may have similar attack, but its less bulky on both regards, has a more one dimentional movepool which really only gives physical coverage, its typing isnt much of an upgrade and has a straight up unusable ability. Groudon has a better everything barring stats, where its weak side is actually weak compared to caly's which is actually just less strong. Caly's maximum physical bulk might come close to giratina's, but its offensive presence doesnt hold a candle.

Caly can do both walling and wall breaking and do both extremely well


Another thing i want to shout out is Perish body, an ability that, although harder to use due to requiring contact to activate, can summon perish song, which can be used as a catch-all way of beating physical attackers
can we ban perish song and body pls, they are so broken and so annoying, 0 strat just annoying as hell and too strong with a slow pkm (shuckle...)
can we ban perish song and body pls, they are so broken and so annoying, 0 strat just annoying as hell and too strong with a slow pkm (shuckle...)
Yeah it needs to be banned, but in the meantime run a speed lowering move like curse or v create paired with a relatively slow Pokemon.
how's it hanging fellas. i've been playing this meta for a while, and i just wanted to share some things. i've run a ton of different sets, but i flew to the top of the ladder with the following cheese - i don't think it needs to be banned or anything because there's some incredibly easy counterplay, but it's very notable how easily people can just.... win games with this.

sorry im new here so idk how the embedding stuff works - here's pokepaste

anyway, it's pretty simple. the classic prankster copycat shtick. except now, you can run it way, way more effectively. i'll start with the stats, then go to moves.

stats: calyrex ice, you know it. massive attack. beautiful defensive stats. super low speed that we can make even lower with no ivs. this horse is just perfect for this strat.

move donor 1: lopunny. has the nasty combination of entrainment and copycat. both vital support moves here. entrainment gets rid of pixilate/etc, making espeeds/fakeouts do absolutely nothing to ghosts, plus if you have a dark lead, you can give your opponent prankster, and be immune to their status moves (stops stall in it's tracks). copycat is self explanatory if you know this strat.

move donor 2: giratina. honestly not *that* important for the strat, but phantom force <<< shadow force, and it gets fly for good measure/normals because nothing's immune to fly (unlike dig/dive). the 120 bp shadow force is perfectly nice coming off of calyrex ice's completely uninvested attack stat.

ability: prankster grimmsnarl. this could be prankster literally anything. go wild. i picked grimm because it gives me fond memories of my normal 1v1 days of running prankster metronome and dying on ladder.

and now, the leads/items (interchangable):
- jellicent (water/ghost)
- spiritomb (dark/ghost)
not in the pokepaste, but - crawdaunt (water/dark)

jellicent is my go-to, solid defensive typing and stab on shadow force. survives water bubble water spout and banded bubble surging strikes. it's very very nice. holds protective pads to prevent iron barbs/rough skin/rocky helmet, but takes leftovers from below.
spiritomb is there for it's beautiful dark/ghost typing - entrainment away pixilate, hand out prankster to snuff stall teams/status moves, doesn't get hit by normal/fighting moves which is always nice, especially after getting rid of something like band/specs pixilate. holds leftovers for recovery, takes pads from jelly.
crawdaunt is there for a combination of the two - resists and lives the same things as jellicent, but can hand out prankster to shut down status moves. ya get it. holds leftovers to recover, takes pads from jelly.

i'll attach the ladder results from yesterday as proof (currently i'm 2nd :[ but i'll grind that back up in a minute)

in the next post, i'll go through the many counters to this that people just.... never seem to do
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so, the many counters to this strategy -

1. P R I O R I T Y. literally anything, even protect if you use it on the turn i'd be using copycat. only thing here is, if i predict that you'll be using a priority move, i can just hit shadow force instead of copycat and still be in the groove. but overall, priority is just a super easy way to get around this.

2. high defense/def boosting moves and leftovers - i don't really have an answer to this except praying for a crit. ideally, i send out spiritomb, pass prankster over so i cant be toxic'd or anything, and then just try to win the stall war (i probably wont tbh.) if you boost your defense to the point where i do less damage than leftovers can do over 2 turns (very easy), i'm kinda stuck because the only attacks are 2 turn. magic bounce? nah bro, entrainment bounces back and now i have magic bounce too, effectively the same thing without my priority avoids.

3. super defensive stalling dark types give me big issues. i can't just give them prankster to make me immune, because they ignore it. this is especially bad with the galarian zigzagoon line - normal/dark means i cant use phantom force either, and if it has iron defense/cotton guard/protect/hell even defense curl i'm just stopped in my tracks.

4. leppa berry/recycle, or just standard pp stall. i can't do much to this, fly has 16 pp and shadow force only has 8. i can easily get rid of pressure, and copycatting shadow force/fly gives me a free turn of not using pp so i can usually outstall mons, but if you pull out leppa berry/recycle? i'm absolutely boned. you probably don't need recycle, only if you don't have a lot of pp to work with in the beginning or something. tbh this is probably the most niche option you could do here to counter this strat, so i don't really recommend it.

5. mind games. faking me out. if i see a prankster user, i'm sending out spiritomb/crawdaunt. if i see aranaquid/urshifu, i'm sending out a water type. if i see a slyveon on your team, i will be using entrainment the first turn. there's a ton of little things you can do to trip me up just from the select screen, because my only types are water/ghost and dark/ghost (or dark/water if i feel like it) - if i send out the "wrong" one, you can take advantage of it (jellicent is not immune to prankster, and i'm handing those out whenever) - get creative with it, it's totally possible. but hey, i'll try and counter it right back, because it's been a fun game this past week as i keep developing this strat to keep up with the changing meta.

probably not the first person to do this in the history of this metagame or anything, but i like to think i'm getting close to perfecting it. personally, i like using crawdaunt more, because then i could theoretically pivot this set to something cooler, like adaptability giritina with poltergeist, or passing on some decent physical moves - but i've been running into this one guy who has iron defense/toxic/magic bounce and body press, which nails the crayfish but spiritomb schmooves on.

so yeah, it's been fun. i like this metagame a lot, and i've been trying tons of different strategies - this one's kinda mean/cheese, but honestly there's so much counterplay available that is incredibly easy to fit onto any team, so i don't feel too bad about it. at the end of the day, it's a lot more fun and creative than just using nuke moves.

what's next? well i have some other team ideas that are less cheese filled, as noted by my relatively low ratings (i try out a lot of stuff and never bother to reset my rankings).... but i also have stuff to do irl, and uhhhh that's kinda more important. it's been real, see you guys next monthly metagame!


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After fucking around in the ladder i made a new really hard to beat stall team
:Sableye: :Pyukumuku: :Lunala: :Giratina: :Dialga: :Xatu:

Im running fling because trick/switcheroo is still allowed in the ladder, but prankster taunt also works (or just speedy taunt with Xatu giving speed).
This team is more about nasty pp stall and toxic, people love 8PP moves and those are easy to predict, with pressure + spite you win most games in two turns because they surrender and tell you to kys for playing stall or struggle to dead.
Soak is useful to end stall mirrors quickly as Steel types are common.
Shadow Shield is to survive nukes that i dont resists.
Mental Herb is to play around mold breaker + taunt.
I think the team can beat anything as long as you predict what the opponent is going to do, this gets tricky in the high ladder because everyone run 2-3 possible strategies and you dont know if they are going to make a stallbreaker or shell smash your ass.
With so many possible opponents i think the best is to think on how to survive instead of trying to kill better.
Trick and Switcheroo are now banned, logic, but is there any way to know the patch dates of ps?

Torment + Encore + Perish Body, why isn't it banned already ? prevents too many play style, perish body needs 1 condition to work, be slower than your opponent which is so easy to do.

Water Bubble, no need to ban, every tanky pkm that resist it is safe.

V-Create, no need to ban, every pkm that resist it is safe. contrary v-create sucks hard.

Electrify, should be banned,it's like Perish body, too easy to use, 2 weaknesses dark and ground and thats all.

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