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Ok so the idea of a Circus Maximus scoreboard was raised in this thread, so I figured I'd make one.

I'll add my own stats to this post so that people can get an idea of how I see this working. Feel free to comment on format changes that ought to be made etc.

First, a few notes:
1. Regarding substitutes: I count any games lost in which I sub in or out as losses (so, for example, both Dota Mafia and Wayne Bradier count as losses). I count games in which you sub out and later win as void (aka they don't show up on the record), and I count games in which you sub in and win as wins only if you make a contribution to winning (the only example I can think of that wouldn't count is PBlade's subbing in for a single hammer vote in Luigi's Mansion)
2. Games in which there was a tie are voided from the record if you were part of the tie, but are counted as losses with half as many pseudo-'winners' as there were people who tied
3. Strategy games are counted (so Diplomacy or The Genius Game count), but games which do not require significant skill are not (so my Be Unpopular or Die win doesn't count)
4. Games in which no players won (BIGS 2, Dak Mafia) are not counted
5. Games which were designed specifically to be trolls (Troll NOC 2) are not counted
6. I'll format things as <Game Name> (<Players who Won>/<Players who Lost>) (Notes if I'm not sure of the number of players who won in any given game)
7. I'd appreciate it if places where I'm unsure about how many winners/players there were in a game someone could clarify it for me, if possible. Double-checking me on some of the older ones might be a good idea as well.
8. I define 'multifaction' as any game consisting of teams which does not fit with Mafia Vs. Village or a Free for All game. I define 'FFA' as any game where a significant portion of the players started out
9. I'm going to be including Big mafias within their respective sub-categories as well as in a category of their own; for cumulative win count across all categories I'm not going to double count them however

Stats: UncleSam
Won (8)
Wayne Bradiest (13/36) (Spoiler alert)
Build Your Own Mafia (43/47)
Superhero Mafia (~20/40) (Unclear precisely how many winners and the anonymous forums gone forever now)
Smogon Mafia Mafia (11/38)
Heartless Mafia (12/36)
League of Legends Mafia (27/45)
Mafia Mafia 2 (16?/42) (Someone clarify how many winners there were lol)
Fire Emblem 2 Mafia (14/50)

Lost (3)
Everybody Votes (23/40)
Pocket Monsters Mafia (25?/45) (zorbees can probably clear this up)
Dude (2/43)

Cumulative win rate: 206/462 = 44.6%
My win rate: 8/11 = 72.7%

Won (4)
Dragon Ball Z TvM (12/19)
ANOCymous (10/13)
Anonymous No Contact Mafia (10/13)
NOC Desktop Dungeons Mafia (16?/20)

Lost (3)
Amnesiac Mafia Game 1 (6/9)
Fire & Ice Mafia (~2/13)
Medieval NOC Mafia (6/24)

Cumulative win rate: 62/111 = 55.9%
My Win rate: 4/7 = 57.1%

Won (7)
Dragon Mafia (9/18)
Alliance Mafia (13/25)
Animated Movie Mafia (3/25)
Metroid Other M Mafia (10/22)
Ampharos Mafia (4/25)
Smogon Mafia Mafia (11/38)
League of Legends Mafia (27/45)

Lost (7)
Curvy Bust Cream Mafia (5/13)
Ancient Mafia (8/24)
Snack Food Mafia (5/24)
Lynch Mafia (5/25)
Final Fantasy 3 Mafia (5/24)
We Don't Need No Mafia (12/29)
RPS Mafia (7/22)
Cumulative win rate: 124/359 = 34.5%
My win rate: 7/14 = 50.0%

Won (5)
Late Summer Diplomacy (1/7)
Space War 2 (6/11)
Wayne Bradiest (13/36) (Spoiler alert)
Heartless Mafia (12/36)
Fire Emblem 2 Mafia (14/50)

Lost (6)
The Genius Game (1/12)
Wayne Bradier (6/24)
Card Game Mafia (11/30)
Dog-Eat-Dog Mafia (1/30)
Pokemon Trading Card Game Mafia (6/24)
Flow Mafia (1/21)

Cumulative win rate: 72/281 = 25.6%
My win rate: 5/11 = 45.5%

Won (10)
Underground Mafia (4/24)
MAGMAfia (4/20)
Aypak (13/19)
Luigi's Mansion Mafia (5/25)
Mob Mafia (16/25)
Fallout 3 Mafia (2/25)
Redwall Mafia (16/25)
Build Your Own Mafia (43/47)
Superhero Mafia (~20/40)
Mafia Mafia 2 (16?/42)

Lost (11)
ALLCAPS (4/19)
Flavorful Mafia (6/24)
ELECTRO Mafia (3/18)
Lord of the Flies Mafia (16/25)
Awesomeness Mafia (6/25)
Remoraid Mafia (6/23)
Defense of the Ancients Mafia (4/23)
Bad Character Mafia (6/22)
Everybody Votes (23/40)
Pocket Monsters Mafia (25?/45)
Dude (2/43)

Cumulative win rate: 240/599 = 40.1%
My win rate: 10/21 = 47.6%

Totals across all games:
Cumulative win rate: 498/1350 = 36.9%
My win rate: 26/53 = 49.1%
Average per game: 25.5 players with 9.40 winners.

I wasn't surprised by my stats much, I know I'm worst at NOCs relative to the average and the order NOCs < Mafia Vs. Village < Multifaction < FFAs is what I'd have guessed going into this so it's interesting that the stats worked out that way.

Also worth noting that this manner of stats is a bit misleading for certain games (particularly FFAs), because some games you can do quite well in but not technically win (for example, Walrein getting second in Late Summer Diplomacy or me coming in second in The Genius Game both just count as generic losses using this reckoning). Would welcome input on better ways to keep these.

Anyway feel free to comment with your own stats, corrections to mine, or comments on changes that ought to be made in how we keep player stats. Personally I'd rather we only keep player stats for players who want the stats to be kept and who submit their stats, though if we could get a few people who review stats that would be good as well.

So ya go nuts! Calling for Walrein to show his no bich
Metagame Mafia 2/58 Fair and balanced 10 abilities wolf

Metagame Mafia 2/58 Fair and balanced 10 abilities wolf
Sign Up for My Mafia Mafia 15/31 Thanks DLE for boosting my winrate
Return of the MAGMafia 4/20 ez village?
Underground Mafia 4/24 Thanks acklow for boosting my winrate
DoublePin Mafia 7/22 KILL ME

Mafia of the Five Kings Who has more 2 night kidnappers 4/24
Wayne Bradiest ?/36 gg afk team
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On my phone, formatting be damned.

Genius Game
BYO Mafia
Dragon Ball Z Mafia
Bulletproof NOC Mafia

RWBY Mafia
Metagame Mafia
Amnesiac Mafia G1
Underground Mafia
Wayne Bradiest Mafia
Double Pin Mafia
Dead Mafia

Gee I gotta work on this...
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scoreboards aren't really useful in determining player worth since mafia is such a random game that i feel there's no real objective metric that is actually useful (just look at unclesam who has less than a 50% win rate). nevertheless i think this is a fun exercise since it gives me an excuse to look back on all the game i've played!

too lazy to really format but i wanted to revisit all the games i played so here goes. i made some comments more for me but maybe somebody will find them interesting

Heroic Characters Beginner Mafia by lkk - won this game but i don't remember much except apparently i tried to lead as a BPV? shoutout to Mithril and macle for being the only dudes from that game still playing in circus

SANDSEMONIUM by yeti/quagsires - subbed in and then we won. thx to billy for this one. good shit

Red Panda Mafia by yeti - carried by mekkah/jumpluff/lw and whoever else was on my faction. pkmnrocks melt was rlly funny. was fun multifaction

Company NOC Mafia by B_T - clutched this one out all me baby except it was probably all dle considering i claimed cop but the BG was like yea ill protect dle instead z_z

Pseudomafia by billy - idled and won go me

billymills mafia by aska - 1-0 leading the village woo

Diplomacy Returns - LOL i somehow won this after i subbed out from a winning position because lazy. think agape basically set everything up for me to win thanks man

Cops and Robbers Mafia by Acklow - this is maybe my best game on smogon

Pocket Monsters Mafia by zorbees - good thieving from me nice under the radar game and then village one. don't remember anything that happened except crux being annoying. good win anyways

AQUANAfia by yeti - my boy SHADE came up big in this one to win it. Walrein leads another village in a CAPS game and loses. rip

Heartless Mafia by yeti - i think i won by idling thanks team for the carry !!! is this a pattern yet

Yet Another Stupid mafia by walrein - i was a persuade and i tried to persuade people into telling me if they were mafia but i don't think it worked. otherwise i did nothing lol

diplomacy by walrein - subbed out and won ty quagsires

Fallout New Vegas NOC by More Cowbell - ez win ez life thanks to the mafia for keeping me alive thinking that i was bad at mafia ensuring that we were never going to lose this one kek

BYO mafia by yeti - this game really shouldn't count but i need more Ws

PMD Beginner Mafia by auramaster/shinyskarmory - lose because non-beginner mafia lead mafia feelsbadman. out of everyone on the playerlist i'm the only player from back then o.o

Adventure Games Mafia by von - lose because we got rolled by the village but i was last alive! made a good impression on my man askaninjask this game

Returning to Our Roots NOC by Walrein - subbed in and got mislynched because AG was shady before me. not really my fault but first NOC loss gg

MAGMAfia by yeti - was a super sub for chomz (bad timezone) and Walrein (afk fsr) but we lost because Walrein probably fked something up leading. dammit walrein

Mafia360 by GeneralSpoon - i think this was like the first FFA and apparently i subbed in then subbed out? if so i suck but i don't remember anything from this game

Internet Mafia by Walrein - i think i flamed talkinglion in this game and i feel bad because he was nice guy and i was friends with him. i was lynched early (ty multifaction) and then yeti and quagsires choked the ending. fk me. on the bright side this game was where i masterminded the use of a secret alt using it to gain information with no downside. i'm not a scrub so no one found me so yay me there i guess

Underground Mafia by acklow - this was actually a pretty fun acklow game except for the part where the game randomly ended and i apparently lost???? no fucking clue how that happened but i blame BARTY THE BEETLE for this one

Advance Wars Mafia by smashlloyd - secret faction wins no one saw that coming

Sinking Submarine by GeneralSpoon - spoon the OG ffa host. my faction won but i lose. fk u guys for not helping a brother out. fk vintage books too that guy sucks

Medieval NOC Mafia by spiffy/walrein - this game had 80k subs but luckily i was like the first.

BIGSANDS by yeti - think i was to blame for my faction not uniting lol...other than that "lol" sums this one up nicely

YugiMafia by zorbees - i subbed in as mafia and we basically insta-lost because town was really strong because of EXODIA or some crap like that. zorbees should be sent to the shadow realm for this one

Sunday NOC mafia by B_T - i didn't play v. well this game i killed early as VT which is good but misread day 1 and got walrein wrong which kinda sorta screwed us (technically i wasn't at fault for the rest of the game) and i also idled? oh well i guess not my finest noc game methinks

LoL mafia by von and LW - i played this game before i knew anything about league...think the mafias got rolled nothing i could do lol..

Mafia from the depths NOC by B_T - don't remember anything about this game but apparently we lost

Mario Kart NOC by eagle4 - i'm bad at being mafia what else can i say

So many cards by aska - i accidentally responded to a prod pm from aska as mafia in the main thread LOL. no one noticed but we still lost xd

Everyone who signs up will be in this game by aska - similar to the bass cereal games think i got knocked out in like round3 rip

Chaotic Mafia by zorbees - this game was a clusterfuck i think but otherwise i don't remember?? had not on playerlist wolf which is always a big fav of mine

Flavorless FFA by zorbees - best FFA I've played in. i tried to be honest but slim and dle betrayed me. goddamit

LotR mafia by Sam - got killed as a vanilla so it's a half win in my book

Godly Mafia by AG - my own faction murdered me but then they went on to win even though i lost so that's cool i guess.

1v1 me scrub mafia by Walrein - watcher saw me and i died. i hate being mafia

Wayne Bradier Mafia by Walrein - i misplayed this one pretty badly. i lied i guess too much and it backfired because no one wanted to trade so i couldn't find any allies. then i lost. fk

Personalities Mafia by US - this game was actually really cool but i think everyone forgot about it. i choked and let billy die on accident. sorry billy

Flavourful Mafia by sunny### - #blacklistjalmont

Return of the MAGMAfia by yeti - tbf i phoned this one in because i was in gd japan and no one was ever on but yea embarrassing nonetheless

double decker diplo by walrein - it was tie but i got left out of it. fuckers

Election Mafia by Walrein - sunny dying was v. unlucky. prob could've done something better but didn't. ugh

RWBY Mafia by walrein - host fked by inconsistent deadlines. gg

Metagame Mafia by US - played well but i am still convinced this was always a hard game for the village to win. if sheet doesn't get leaked then i survive for a couple more cycles so maybe we have a chance? prob not though against the superwolf

dragon ball z NOC by jumpluff - meh i was a good village but a poor wolf. unfortunately i was the wolf

underground 2.0 by acklow - hidden factions are just ?_? methinks. not much i could do here i feel

Space Western mafia by Itchni - this game had a really interesting premise but then the host died. unluck

survivor forum game by zorbees - this game had a lot of potential and was a lot of fun but then died. inspiration for my current survivor game.

Game of Throne diplo by Walrein - game abandoned but interesting map for sure

Turnabout Engine by Acklow - game abandoned and i don't remember anything about it

Vampire Mafia by LN - i idled the entire time because lazy and also because what the fuck was this game

Smogon Mafia Mafia by acklow - i'm not counting this game because game integrity was compromised if you don't like it too bad

Super Hero Mafia by LN - no idea if i won or lost and i cba to dig through my pms to figure out what faction i was on

15-33 nice


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If I did this (which I might later) my record would be something along the lines of like, 1 victory for every 6 losses. I've played enough games that it can't be an anomaly either. I'm statistically provably bad at mafia.

edit: you know, the REAL way to do this would be to automate it with a spreadsheet.
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Can't wait for Sam to rub it in my face when his WR is higher than mine :pirate:

If an OP wasn't properly updated or I don't remember having subbed in I may miss one

Absolution - L - mafia - thanks finnragetti u moled cuck
dude - L - village
FE2 - L - ffa
Mafia Mafia 2 - L - village
Pocket Monsters - W - village - my first :')
Everybody Votes - L - elite mafia - i cry every time basilisk isnt fascist
Lord of the Rings - W - lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2 headed orc instant fatality Steven Snype is a pussy *** ***** put it on his grave
Personalities - L - village - i am comatose about this game but i seem to have been in it

Superstars - village
Remoraid - neutral
Nintendo - village
Overkill - neutral
Ancient - village - do u have any MUDS??????????
Final Fantasy V - ffa
Alliance - multi
Handicapable - ?? 1v1?
Shift - ???? idk what this is but i got a win off it rofl
Mafia360 - ffa?
Advance Wars - some secret wolf bs
Company NOC - village
Chaotic - mafia
Lie Cheat and Steal - mafia
Yet Another Stupid - village LEADER right 2 success citayyyy
Curvy Busty Cream - busty
5 Kings - team that kills their own rogue for profit
RWBY - inheritable instakill team
Dragon Ball Z NOC - village
Amnesiac Game 1 NOC - village

Bad Character - village - still pressed
Pokemon Lynchpin - mafia
Megaman Battle Network - mafia - still pressed
bluelight Allstars - i dont even know what i was but i lost internet so i had to be subbed
Peace NOCed Down - village
Romance of the Three - village
Metroid Prime 1 - village? i subbed in for some dude who never told anyone his op role and didnt realize team needed op role due to gd tl;dr unclesam game
Metroidvania - multi
Dog Eat Dog - the Shih Tsu
Fallout 3 - mafia - ROFL jigglypuffers quits 5eva game
Card Game - multi
Animated Movie - multi
Snack Food - multi
Desktop Dungeons NOC - mafia
This Is How We - village
Metroid Prime 2 - wolf1 - still pressed
Internet - multi
Medieval NOC - village
Aypak - mafia
Completely Normal Open NOC - village
So Many Cards - team a
Fire & Ice NOC - village
Anonymous No Contact - mafia - thanks idling dickhead team

Highdea Games
WWE - L - i dont even know this game was H O O D
big bigest - L - multifaction but this game had such a terrible hosting decision that led to my death i dont consider it worthy of putting with other bigs
Metroid Other M - L - stupidly designed game with stupid unrelated factions and stupid priority
Troll NOC - L - silencers in NOC can go @#$% themselves
Time Traveling Viking - L - retarded items still pressed
Turnip - L - village this game was an abandoned farce
No Playerlist - L - terrible game terrible ragequits at least unclesam got uncle ryze skin off it
LoL - L - mafia but all 3 villages can unite and also outkill the 3 mafias lolololololololololol
Vampire - didnt even end suck game suck concept suck time all around
Smogon Mafia - L - nothing u can do when someone cps your alias for no reason and also the hosts are high and sloppy af
Metagame - L - i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals i hate neutrals

22-29 we dont discuss the highidea games
why did i do this
all are cuck


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pre-checking-my-stats-prediction: my multi/ffa winrate is pretty good but my TvM winrate is ass

counting only actual Mafia games (and pseudomafia which was basically mafia, stuff like survivor/be unpopular or die is not included)

Mafia Mafia 2 - L - village - first game ever, put in prime position to get moled by Mekkah, etc etc
BIGSANDS - L - Pink - does this game even count
League of Legends - W - Ionian Village - afk sheeped the 3 village coalition
Vampire - ??? - ??? - ???????????????
Heartless - L - Green Requiem - dicked on by aska/dle alliance
Everybody Votes - L - Theocracy - wolf with no nightkill SeemsGood
Lord of the Rings - subbed out n0, not counting this one
Superhero - L - Justice League (mafia) - don't remember this game at all lmao
Personalities - L - Ordinary Humans (village)-->Megalomaniacs(mafia) - recruited from semi-informed villager onto afk mafia team
Build Your Own - W - Chocolates (mafia)-->Strawberries(mafia)-->Vanillas(village) - lol
big (and overall) winrate: 2 W, 7 L (discounted: 1 subout, 1 abandoned) = 22.22%

Mafia Mafia 2 Mafia 1 - L (I think) - mafia - it was a good game both teams played hard
Company - L - mafia - probably memed on by dle, also scumbuddies with Orcinus Duo so lol
Sunday - L - village - mislynched d1 due to school-based inactivity and nobody listened when i said VintageBooks and DLE were scum
Mafia From the Depths - L - village - don't remember this game, apparently was mislynched again
ANOCymous - W - village - basically subbed into an autowin and idled for a few days
Mario Kart - W - village - managed to convince Paperblade not to mislynch me at 3-way LYLO feelsgoodman
Completely Normal Open Setup 8p - L - village - mislynched again...
Great Idea - W - mafia - led a mislynch or two then subbed out, nice
Fire and Ice - W??? - mafia - subbed in (i think), dicked around a bit, subbed out. weird game
Amnesiac - W - village - fun game
NOC winrate: 5 (or 4 if you discount F&I, I'm not) W, 5 L = 50%
overall winrate: 7 W, 12 L = 36.84%

Mafia Rising - L - village - backup vig, hooked first cycle with power and had own kill reflected back on self the second, NeverLucky
Handicapable - L - staff (mafia) - some poorly-chosen preconceived notions on my part led to being passed over in kingmaker feelsbad
Adventure Games - W - LucasArts (mafia) - teamed up with LightWolf to solve a shitton of puzzles as well as ruin my family's thanksgiving
MAGMAfia - L - Magmas (village) - don't wanna talk about it
Underground - L - Noise (village) - didn't realize it was TvM and played it like a multifaction but whatever the wolf was op anyways
Futurama - L - Robot Mafia - our kill had to be performed by one specific player who of course was then permahooked
No-Playerlist - W - Assassins (mafia) - lol, also yeti why did you list this as an L? we won dude
YugiMafia - W? - Yugi Moto (village)? - don't remember for sure and thread is inconclusive, zorbees can you confirm somehow?
Space Western - game abandoned, apparently i was a harmless neutral?
Aypak - W - Ordinary Comrades (village) - accidentally pubclaimed as decoy bc i thought i was martyr but managed to get DLE and Sam in touch with each other and then they carried
AQUANAfia - L - Aquanauts (village) - moled by shade because i don't understand how fractions work
So Many Cards - W - Team B (mafia) - moled von and Acklow for just long enough to autowin
Chaotic Mafia - L - wolf - apparently was unlucky, don't remember the game though
Lie, Cheat, and Steal - L - Liars (village) - legit don't remember this at ALL
ELECTRO - W - Aquanauts (mafia) - laid low while village and other mafia imploded on each other
Flavorful - L - village - once again, don't remember
Return of the MAGMAfia - L - Magmas (village) - yung samuel moled with the help of bs "janitor" role
ALLCAPS INVITATIONAL - L - VILLAGE - yo this one ain't on me i died n1
Underground 2.0 - L - Nohr (mafia) - don't wanna talk about it
TvM winrate: 6 W, 12 L (discounted: 1 abandoned) = 33.33%
overall winrate: 13 W, 24 L = 35.14%

Muppet - L - Assorted Monsters - also first game ever (concurrent with MM2), had no real idea how to play multi
Alliance - W - Deceivers - lynched early but team carried
RPS - L - wolf - lost to selfprotecting BG at final phase feelsbad
MUDS - W - SCFiI - i n s t i g a t o r
SANDSemonium - W - MUDS - idk, don't remember
Advance Wars - subbed out N0, discounting
Red Panda - L - Middle Aged Red Pandas - too addicted to LoL to care
Mafia of Thrones - L - The Winged Wolf - tbh i don't think anyone really cared about this one, least of all me
Godly Mafia - L (i think) - Chaos - weird game
Dragon Mafia - W - Swedish Short-Snouts - how to: sell out entire faction for cheap copout win i thought i had played in way more multis than that, the multi fad REALLY died out for a while
Multifaction winrate: 4 W, 5 L (discounted: 1 n0 subout) = 44.44%
overall winrate: 17 W, 29 L = 36.96%

Mafia360 - W - good ol' counteralliance
Sinking Submarine - W - >called shit player in postgame >first player to win >???
Persona - L - subbed in without reading the (very complicated) rules
Pseudomafia - L - don't remember
Flavorless FFA - L - pretty sure someone backstabbed me but don't remember for sure
FFA winrate: 2 W, 3 L = 40%
overall winrate: 19 W, 32 L = 37.25%

for those too lazy to open the hide tags:
overall winrate: 19 W, 32 L = 37.25%

there's a reason I stick to hosting, also I was right about my multi winrate being significantly better than my TvM but I forgot about all the FFAs I lost rip

for the record yeti has a 35.48% winrate if you include the "highdea" games so i think we know who the superior CC is

EDIT: turns out i wasn't in space war 2 (which would explain why i don't remember it), fixing
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I see every game I play in as a victory regardless of how the game end. These stats reflect that.

Mother Mafia - W
Projection Mafia - W
Emphasis Mafia - W
Private Mafia - W
Admire Mafia - W
Knife Mafia - W
Glacier Mafia - W
Charm Mafia - W
Parking Mafia - W
Glue Mafia - W
10 Games - 10 Wins

Review Mafia - W
Painter Mafia - W
Strange Mafia - W
Fling Mafia - W
Safari Mafia - W
Computer virus Mafia - W
Prevalence Mafia - W
Enjoy Mafia - W
Strike Mafia - W
Operation Mafia - W
Hypnotize Mafia - W
Fate Mafia - W
Pudding Mafia - W
Toss Mafia - W
Trouble Mafia - W
Licence Mafia - W
Platform Mafia - W
Radiation Sickness Mafia - W
18 Games - 18 Wins

Potential Mafia - W
Shift Mafia - W
Fixture Mafia - W
Analyst Mafia - W
4 Games - 4 Wins

Mixture Mafia - W
Save Mafia - W
Foot Mafia - W
Shift Mafia - W
Industry Mafia - W
Profit Mafia - W
6 Games - 6 Wins

Engine Mafia - W
Recovery Mafia - W
Artist Mafia - W
Pain Mafia - W
Expression Mafia - W
Disorder Mafia - W
Failure Mafia - W
Vain Mafia - W
Responsible Mafia - W
9 Games - 9 Wins


Wow I seem pretty OP


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so i'm compiling an actual all-time scoreboard and require the assistance of exactly one user with too much free time

pm me if interested

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