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Hello welcome to the Quote Database for Circus Maximus. Any and all games hosted here or involving the community are welcome to post logs or quotes of: great funny moments, amusing melt/shenanigans, or interesting strategic moments of a game that may be insightful for newcomers looking to see some behind-the-scenes game play not revealed in the threads of forum mafias.

Obviously PM quotes will contain yourself and another person, channel logs especially faction channel logs may as well.

%notorious walrein: you know what's an awkward moment
%notorious walrein: when you forget that "sub me out of this farce" is not a known joke outside of the internet
+champyeti: NO
+champyeti: DID YOU USE IT
+champyeti: IRL
+champyeti: LMAO
%notorious walrein: and you casually say it during a game of Coup
%notorious walrein: and your friends are like "what"
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%notorious walrein: you know what's an awkward moment
%notorious walrein: when you forget that "sub me out of this farce" is not a known joke outside of the internet
+champyeti: NO
+champyeti: DID YOU USE IT
+champyeti: IRL
+champyeti: LMAO
%notorious walrein: and you casually say it during a game of Coup
%notorious walrein: and your friends are like "what"


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(10:24:41 pm) <UncleSam> i started the sheet before dle even posted the game
(10:24:51 pm) <UncleSam> and filled in my role
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(5:49:26 pm) <UncleSam> im a good village leader even when im mafia
(5:49:26 pm) <UncleSam> thats how good i am
(5:49:26 pm) <GeneralSpoon> you always win when you are village leader
(5:49:26 pm) <UncleSam> yep
(5:49:26 pm) <UncleSam> which is good news for the village this game!

(5:52:30 pm) <UncleSam> oh my god
(5:52:32 pm) <UncleSam> this game is going to be
(5:52:33 pm) <UncleSam> enjoyable
(5:52:34 pm) <UncleSam> i can tell

(5:55:14 pm) <UncleSam> idk maybe i just suck at mafia
(5:55:18 pm) <UncleSam> theres no fucking excuse
(5:55:21 pm) <UncleSam> for losing these two mafias
(5:55:33 pm) <UncleSam> just stupid mistakes
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another everybody votes log: i'm using an anonymous alias, unclesam tries to figure out who i am

[23:34] <UncleSam> ya so i thought you were yeti after i realized you werent bass
[23:34] <UncleSam> then i realized you said something along the lines of
[23:34] <UncleSam> 'im your bitch now'
[23:34] <UncleSam> and i dont think ive ever heard yeti refer to herself as a bitch before
[23:34] <UncleSam> so then i thought you were aska
[23:34] <UncleSam> and then he got lynched
[23:34] <UncleSam> so now i figure youre jumpluff
[23:34] <UncleSam> im a great guesser arent i
this one is already on the forum and it's pretty long but it's still good imo.
context: moi is playing in Dragon Mafia and I am not. He assumes I'm in the game.

itg: moi doesn't read the playerlist.
[23:59] <moi> last time there was an FFA game you fucked me over
[23:59] <moi> it wasn't fun :(
Session Time: Mon Mar 09 00:00:00 2015
01[21:26] <penguin344> i agree with the first statement
[21:26] <moi> omg you're finally talking to me
[21:26] <moi> yayyyyyy
01[21:27] <penguin344> i'm sorry moi i go to sleep
[21:27] <moi> to be fair the first statement was fact
[21:27] <moi> so you should agree with it
01[21:27] <penguin344> i should
01[21:27] <penguin344> and I do
[21:28] <moi> so anyways
[21:28] <moi> howdie
01[21:28] <penguin344> o/
[21:28] <moi> I would like to propose
[21:28] <moi> you not fucking me over in this game
[21:28] <moi> and instead working in unison to fuck others over!!
01[21:29] <penguin344> i'm listening
[21:29] <moi> well, that's just the general conversation starter really
[21:29] <moi> idk how much you know about this game
01[21:29] <penguin344> oh i thought you had a bit more plan than that
[21:29] <moi> you could be devilishly involved already
01[21:29] <penguin344> i have been pretty busy
[21:29] <moi> so i can act as a summarizer
[21:29] <moi> in that extent
01[21:29] <penguin344> i'd appriciate that
[21:30] <moi> but it appears as if
[21:30] <moi> the game is purposefully designed for people to hit ORs
[21:30] <moi> and any faction that wins will do so as sort of a secondary thing
[21:30] <moi> to the OR
[21:31] <moi> ie, there are six wolf related win conditions, I think
[21:31] <moi> 1 that is you win if the wolf wins
[21:31] <moi> 1 you win if the wolf dies
[21:31] <moi> and i think von placed the opposite pairs on the same team
[21:31] <moi> so the factions are really just being used as boilerplate to sucker people into doing actual work
[21:32] <moi> and the people leading them are likely just manipulating the people unfamilar with the game type
[21:32] <moi> because everyone I've talked to has had a much easier OR win condition
[21:33] <moi> i dont know how the wolves work in this game
[21:33] <moi> though given the amount of people i've talked to
[21:33] <moi> there's a decent chance you're a wolf
[21:33] <moi> i dont think they have kills
[21:33] <moi> given the 2 kills per cycle and small character amount
[21:34] <moi> that's about it
[21:34] <moi> iono if you have anything your curious about
01[21:35] <penguin344> my responses might be a bit delayed i'm trying to get some work done while I do this
01[21:39] <penguin344> i think it can be deduced that a faction that needs a wolf dead for the faction win con can't have people who need that wolf dead for the or win con
01[21:39] <penguin344> that's fairly obvious i feel
01[21:39] <penguin344> which would give rise to your 6
[21:39] <moi> von did it to give conflict
[21:39] <moi> as to which extra wolf
[21:40] <moi> the faction should work with
[21:40] <moi> because they can't work with one
[21:40] <moi> so he makes them choose based on who steps up
[21:40] <moi> imo
01[21:50] <penguin344> moi have you considered that people are hiding their real or condition
[21:50] <moi> too many consistencies
[21:51] <moi> there are people that need a wolf to win for sure
01[21:51] <penguin344> i would definitely believe that
[21:51] <moi> and it agrees with mine, as mine is fairly easy
[21:51] <moi> the 6 i am not so sure of
01[21:52] <penguin344> i have a hard time believing that von would straight out lie in the op though
[21:52] <moi> what was his lie?
01[21:52] <penguin344> Well, in order to win your faction must wipe out its enemies AND you must fulfill a somewhat easy separate win condition. Everyone's win condition is unique, which forces players to fight over faction resources.
01[21:52] <penguin344> OR, you could fulfill a different harder win condition, winning outright. This is the scumbag option. You might not want to share this with your team, as even knowing an ally's OR WC could spread dissent.
[21:52] <moi> ah
[21:52] <moi> well I think the ORs are harder than the ANDs
[21:53] <moi> but some of the ORs are still easy
01[21:53] <penguin344> ok you made it sound like you thought the ands were harder
[21:54] <moi> one or two of them might be?
[21:54] <moi> iono
01[21:54] <penguin344> it would definitely be the minority
[21:54] <moi> if anything that is just an inconsitency
[22:02] <moi> anyways, if you want to talk about more serious strategy, I would be happy to talk about stuff
[22:02] <moi> I have an incredibly flexible OR condition
01[22:06] <penguin344> i'm not yet really willing to share my info, I need to hear more about the game first
01[22:06] <penguin344> i, of course, would be glad to talk about your win con
01[22:06] <penguin344> :)
[22:06] <moi> that's not as much fun
[22:06] <moi> but anyways
01[22:06] <penguin344> i figured
[22:06] <moi> if you are a wolf
[22:06] <moi> PLAY WITH ME
[22:06] <moi> it'll be fun
01[22:07] <penguin344> I will consider it, if I am wolf
[22:07] <moi> I have
[22:07] <moi> 1:3 odds
[22:07] <moi> on you being a wolf
01[22:08] <penguin344> 1:3 is 1 for me, 3 against right
[22:08] <moi> yeah
01[22:08] <penguin344> i can never remember which way odds go
[22:08] <moi> I am a conservative better
01[22:08] <penguin344> i can understand that
[22:09] <moi> it would be 1:2
01[22:09] <penguin344> being careful is usually prudent
[22:09] <moi> but I trust that people have false claimed at least a little
01[22:11] <penguin344> i'd be surprised if they haven't
[22:11] <moi> tbh
01[22:11] <penguin344> considering the nature of the win cons
[22:11] <moi> people are a little open
[22:11] <moi> in FFA
[22:11] <moi> needing allies lead to an overtrust
[22:12] <moi> you and lightwolf are the only people who haven't told me anything if asked
[22:12] <moi> lie or not
01[22:12] <penguin344> i tend to be rather paranoid
01[22:12] <penguin344> and we both know about lw
01[22:18] <penguin344> i've also first hand seen what over trust does, as you might recall :)
[22:19] <moi> dunno
[22:19] <moi> if you're mentioning FFA
[22:19] <moi> but if so
[22:19] <moi> >:C
01[22:19] <penguin344> >:D
Session Time: Tue Mar 10 00:00:00 2015
[00:35] <moi> it took me
[00:35] <moi> that long
[00:35] <moi> to notice
[00:35] <moi> rofl
[00:35] <moi> hahahahahaha
[00:39] <moi> so yeah
[00:39] <moi> feel free to make fun of me forever
[00:39] <moi> thanks for palying :P
von refused to help me deceive, so I couldn't go as far as I would have liked. something about "working on writing over helping a not real player fake". each to his own, I suppose.


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RED PANDA MAFIA: pokemonrocks777 melt
had a special request for this one

also this was The Game of lw x me and jpluff x mekkah watch out for UncleJelly over there silently fuming i would be someone else's naughty mafian .. i mean ..
and also katya....... who was once simultaneously my right hand thug while i was also hers. alas. nothing lasts forever........

(4:58:37 pm) <&Jirachi> we were mass skyping
(4:58:38 pm) <&Jirachi> and he randomly began to sing in hungarian
(4:58:42 pm) <&Jirachi> and nobody knew who it was until after
(4:58:50 pm) <~Yeti> ROFL
(5:01:04 pm) <~Yeti> (o 3:14:05 pm o) <Yeti> ok i'll bbs
(5:01:04 pm) <~Yeti> (o 3:14:08 pm o) <Yeti> need to hang clothes
(5:01:04 pm) <~Yeti> (o 3:57:09 pm o) <Yeti> ok i'm back
(5:01:04 pm) <~Yeti> (o 3:57:12 pm o) <Yeti> did you miss me ^.^
(5:01:04 pm) <~Yeti> (o 3:57:24 pm o) <LightWolf> yup
(5:07:40 pm) <&Jirachi> aww
versus UncleHeartless "working with you is the worst experience of my life" my darling why don't you love me back

10:18:36 pm) * versailles (~stars@the.reason.i.became.a.witch) has joined #rolypolypandas
(10:18:36 pm) * ChanServ sets mode: +ao versailles versailles
(10:19:05 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> hey
(10:19:09 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> your dead lol
(10:19:21 pm) <~Yeti> astonishing
(10:19:22 pm) <&versailles> no kidding
(10:19:29 pm) <&versailles> thanks for the update
(10:19:36 pm) <&versailles> shame on you for not being the one to tell me yeti

(5:08:02 pm) <&Mekkah> good to see we have a sense of humor going in this team
(5:08:05 pm) <&Mekkah> right Jirachi????
(5:08:27 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> i think it's asleep
(5:08:29 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> lol
^rofl sry no triggerino but lmao ??????????

(5:10:37 pm) <~Yeti> rofl.....................................................
(5:11:12 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> its funny how yeti just says something random
(5:11:25 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> and hes laughing at the same time

(5:14:48 pm) <&Jirachi> Pokemonrocks777
(5:14:48 pm) <&Jirachi> wait
(5:14:51 pm) <&Jirachi> something important before you go
(5:14:58 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> what
(5:15:04 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> AW iDO!!!!!!!
(5:15:07 pm) <&Jirachi> did you wash your feet?
(5:15:08 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> jk
(5:15:24 pm) <&Jirachi> it's a very important part of showering/bathing
(5:15:35 pm) <&Pokemonrocks777> oh i thought you were going to propose to me:(
following the above log:
(10:06:22 pm) <~Jirachi> so mekkah was like
(10:06:25 pm) <~Jirachi> 'you are on thin ice pr777'
(10:06:29 pm) <~Jirachi> and mekkah left
(10:06:31 pm) <~Jirachi> and pr777 was like
(10:06:33 pm) <~Jirachi> 'OMG I'M SORRY'
(10:06:35 pm) <~Jirachi> 'IS HE MAD AT ME'

(11:20:29 pm) <&Jirachi> i had no idea
(11:20:32 pm) <&Jirachi> billy had a secret love story
(11:20:40 pm) <&Jirachi> WHAT IF IT WAS MUTUAL
(11:20:44 pm) <&Jirachi> BUT HE
(11:20:45 pm) <&Jirachi> FUCKED IT UP
(11:20:50 pm) <&Jirachi> OR DIDN'T MOVE TO COLLEGE WITH HER
billymills can you confirm the woman in question was the cartel boss's wife?

(6:30:18 pm) <~Jirachi> lol guys by any chance
(6:30:21 pm) <~Jirachi> are either of you the factions
(6:30:24 pm) <~Jirachi> that wanted to buy pokemonrocks777
(6:30:35 pm) <~Jirachi> when i tried to get yeti to let us put him up for auction
(6:30:35 pm) <~Jirachi> so we could afford more roles

(9:26:07 pm) <~Jirachi> oh my god that reminds me of when katya and i roleplayed the royal ball in #warau (it wasn't as (BAN ME PLEASE)y as it sounds we were just messing around)
(9:26:10 pm) <~Jirachi> and mekkah came in and like
(9:26:14 pm) <~Jirachi> disparaged the conversation
(9:26:15 pm) <~Jirachi> and i was all sad
(9:26:15 pm) <~Jirachi> but LW came to the rescue
(9:26:17 pm) <~Jirachi> because he's so nice
(9:26:19 pm) <~Jirachi> and played with us
(9:26:23 pm) <~Jirachi> and we said we'd hook him up
(9:26:26 pm) <~Jirachi> with his dream chick there
(9:26:31 pm) <~Jirachi> like
(9:26:37 pm) <~Jirachi> katya and i were building up to the scene where mekkah asks to dance...
(9:26:39 pm) <~Jirachi> and he just goes
(9:26:41 pm) <~Jirachi> 'what is this nonsense'
(9:26:42 pm) <~Jirachi> and idles

(10:57:13 pm) <@Yeti> ginganinja is like a fellow e-girl
(10:57:15 pm) <@Yeti> he has fate irl
(10:57:32 pm) <@Yeti> as his one and only mod

(o 4:35:57 pm o) <LightWolf> I do not need 40 virgins
(o 4:36:05 pm o) <LightWolf> I don't even need a virgin
(o 4:36:10 pm o) <LightWolf> I want on girl I can love
(o 4:36:17 pm o) <LightWolf> that is all I need
(o 4:36:24 pm o) <Yeti> (o 4:36:10 pm o) <LightWolf> I want on girl
(o 4:36:26 pm o) <Yeti> loling
(o 4:36:30 pm o) <LightWolf> one
(o 4:36:33 pm o) <LightWolf> one
(o 4:36:34 pm o) <LightWolf> one

in the Panda Express Alliance Channel
(8:52:55 pm) <&Layell> ging/pluff we have halve both of you and then cut down a middle aged
(8:53:43 pm) <&Layell> ginganinja who did you say could die and jirachi offer up someone on your team please
(8:54:10 pm) <~Jirachi> pr777
(8:54:10 pm) <~Jirachi> no offence
(8:54:12 pm) <~Jirachi> but his role is least useful
(8:54:23 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> what
(8:54:38 pm) <&Layell> ok
(8:54:55 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> jiachi
(8:55:00 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> jirachi
(8:55:13 pm) <&Layell> pr since we agreed to all win we need to halve the teams so babies can win
(8:55:37 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> so i'm dead
(8:55:40 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> ?
(8:55:40 pm) <&Layell> not yet
(8:55:44 pm) <~Jirachi> we should halve ourselves
(8:55:45 pm) <~Jirachi> via lynch anyway
(8:55:48 pm) <~Jirachi> not with our nightkill
(8:56:00 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> why would you do that
(8:56:00 pm) <&Layell> ok two kills on middle aged
(8:56:06 pm) <~Jirachi> ...
(8:56:08 pm) <~Jirachi> pr777
(8:56:12 pm) <&Layell> and then one on pr777
(8:56:14 pm) <~Jirachi> you still win
(8:56:14 pm) <~Jirachi> if you die
(8:56:15 pm) <~Jirachi> lol
(8:56:23 pm) <~Jirachi> that was the agreement from the start
(8:56:30 pm) <~Jirachi> because some of us need each other halved
(8:56:33 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> i don't wanna die
(8:56:35 pm) <~Jirachi> and we can still all win
(8:56:37 pm) <~Jirachi> well
(8:56:41 pm) <~Jirachi> mekkah and i dying is out of the question sry
(8:56:43 pm) <&Layell> YOU ARE TOO BAD
(8:56:48 pm) <~Jirachi> because we have more important roles
(8:56:50 pm) * Pokemonrocks777 was kicked by Layell (too bad)
(8:56:52 pm) <~Jirachi> lol
(8:56:53 pm) <~Jirachi> jesus

(8:59:41 pm) <~Jirachi> ...
(8:59:43 pm) <~Jirachi> what is pr777 doing
(8:59:51 pm) <&Layell> being an idiot
(9:00:03 pm) <&Layell> 00:59 Pokemonrocks777 this is a team thing not a 2 team thing
(9:00:11 pm) <~Jirachi> -___-
(9:00:14 pm) <~Jirachi> dude
(9:00:14 pm) <~Jirachi> lol
(9:00:14 pm) <&Layell> -_-
(9:00:16 pm) <@Yeti> (o 8:59:16 pm o) <Pokemonrocks777> my action
(9:00:16 pm) <@Yeti> (o 9:00:06 pm o) <Pokemonrocks777> Lynch Layell for betrying me
(9:00:18 pm) <@Yeti> lmao
(9:00:21 pm) <&Layell> what
(9:00:23 pm) <&Layell> no
(9:00:23 pm) <~Jirachi> ...
(9:00:25 pm) <~Jirachi> rofl
(9:00:26 pm) <&Layell> ughhhh
(9:00:26 pm) <~Jirachi> what the flying fuck
(9:00:31 pm) <~Jirachi> he's going
(9:00:32 pm) <~Jirachi> ullar mode
(9:00:36 pm) <&Layell> I told him if he ruins the game he'll get blacklisted
(9:00:42 pm) <~Jirachi> he can't ruin it anyway
(9:00:44 pm) <~Jirachi> yeti can godsub him
(9:00:44 pm) <@Yeti> subbing lightwolf back in
(9:00:59 pm) <~Jirachi> so all he's doing
(9:01:02 pm) <~Jirachi> is making a buffoon out of himself

in PM with me trying to sabotage his team
(8:59:16 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> my action
(9:00:06 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> Lynch Layell for betrying me
(9:00:31 pm) <Yeti> not a valid action
(9:00:40 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> my bad
(9:00:44 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> Kill Layell
(9:00:56 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> hook Jumpluff
(9:03:50 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> got it?
(9:04:16 pm) <Yeti> no
(9:04:19 pm) <Yeti> your teamis subbing you
(9:04:20 pm) <Yeti> for this
(9:04:38 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> well i wanna do my own command
(9:04:43 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> casue its my role
(9:04:51 pm) <Yeti> you can't hook your own teammember that is stupid
(9:05:00 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> ok
(9:05:07 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> hook Ginganinga
(9:05:48 pm) <Yeti> nope
(9:05:55 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> why not
(9:17:50 pm) <Yeti> ok look
(9:17:53 pm) <Yeti> the thing here is
(9:18:01 pm) <Yeti> your allies needed 2 people dead from your team
(9:18:08 pm) <Yeti> and you have the least critical/quantity of roles
(9:18:20 pm) <Yeti> so your team said "we will kill another member if one doesn't die"
(9:18:23 pm) <Yeti> and they're going to off you
(9:18:27 pm) <Yeti> so your allies can win
(9:18:37 pm) <Yeti> it doesn't matter who's alive/dead really b/c your team will win
(9:18:59 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> yeah so you subbed me so therefore i LOSE/lose
(9:19:05 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> :(
(9:19:19 pm) <Yeti> no
(9:19:27 pm) <Yeti> i subbed you b/c your team didn't like your off the rails rebellion
(9:19:36 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> yeah so i lose
(9:19:39 pm) <Yeti> you kinda freaked on them
(9:19:40 pm) <Yeti> well you win
(9:19:41 pm) <Yeti> but
(9:19:55 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> no i don;'t
(9:20:02 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> cause i'm not part of it any more
(9:20:02 pm) <Yeti> i will sub you back in
(9:20:04 pm) <Yeti> if you are good
(9:20:06 pm) <Yeti> ok
(9:20:07 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> ok
(9:20:09 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> thanks
(9:20:28 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> it still wont matter though
(9:20:33 pm) <Pokemonrocks777> i'm dead anyways
(9:20:46 pm) <Yeti> you will win tho!!

in the #pandas main game channel
(8:57:08 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> i have an announce ment
(8:57:25 pm) <%Yeti> what
(8:57:44 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> it won' t matter though
(9:01:37 pm) <+Layell>
(9:02:01 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> what
(9:02:02 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> ?
(9:09:31 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> Suck it
(9:09:39 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> My old TEAM
(9:09:41 pm) <+Layell> we'd rather not
(9:09:45 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> and "FREINDS
(9:09:51 pm) <%Yeti> Pokemonrocks777 you were subbed for trying to kill your allies
(9:10:25 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> [23:10:02] <Layell> lol the sub was a joke
(9:10:35 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> appenient ly not
(9:10:45 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> they were going to kill me anyways
(9:10:51 pm) <+Layell> OH MY GOD
(9:11:02 pm) <+Layell> I WILL RIP YOU UP IN POSTGAME
(9:11:48 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> Yeah you should of thought of that before you decied to lynch your own team mate
(9:11:56 pm) <Daenym> he tried to kill his own team? o_O
(9:12:06 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> [23:05:05] <Yeti> you can't Kill your own teammember that is stupid
(9:12:20 pm) <@Jirachi> WHERE IS BILLYMILLS
(9:12:34 pm) <+Layell> !clap
(9:12:35 pm) <Daenym>
(9:12:39 pm) <+Layell> !clap
(9:12:39 pm) <Daenym>
(9:12:40 pm) <+Layell> !clap
(9:12:40 pm) <Daenym>
(9:14:30 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> what were you going to do report me for my team Back stabbing me
(9:14:32 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> !!!!!!!!
(9:14:48 pm) <@Jirachi> uh
(9:14:49 pm) <@Jirachi> dude
(9:14:54 pm) <@Jirachi> you can literally get blacklisted for trying to betray your own team
(9:14:59 pm) <@Jirachi> i guarantee you billy and LW won't see it the way you do
(9:14:59 pm) <@Jirachi> lol
(9:15:06 pm) <@Jirachi> i don't want you blacklisted
(9:15:10 pm) <@Jirachi> but if you try anything you'll get infracted
(9:15:12 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> YOU GUYS WERE FUCKING AWESOME until this
(9:15:39 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> moving on
(9:16:15 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> I said Moving ON!!!!
(9:17:17 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> sorry just trying to cool down
(9:17:20 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> :(
(9:17:25 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> i'm not like this
(9:17:50 pm) <+Spiffy> well you can start by
(9:17:53 pm) * %Pokemonrocks777 breathes
(9:17:58 pm) <+Spiffy> not revealing your faction itt :/
(9:24:55 pm) <+TalkingLion> no but a shit ton of stuff happened today
(9:25:06 pm) <+Layell> and even more soon
(9:25:08 pm) <+Layell> CHOO CHOO!
(9:25:29 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> yep they just need to backstab there own teammate and then they win
(9:25:34 pm) <%Pokemonrocks777> night
(9:25:36 pm) * %Pokemonrocks777 (~syihqwcxf@89AC303E.A89AE7D7.D17FB9E8.IP) has left #pandas
(9:25:41 pm) * Pokemonrocks777 (~syihqwcxf@89AC303E.A89AE7D7.D17FB9E8.IP) has joined #pandas
(9:25:41 pm) * Cerberus sets mode: +v Pokemonrocks777
(9:25:46 pm) <%Yeti> it's not backstabbing
(9:25:50 pm) <%Yeti> -_______________-
(9:25:52 pm) <+Pokemonrocks777> forgot something
(9:26:41 pm) * +Pokemonrocks777 (~syihqwcxf@89AC303E.A89AE7D7.D17FB9E8.IP) Quit (Quit: never trust your "friend" you never know when they will backstab you for their own greed)

on the forums (view here in the flesh
pokemonrocks777's team requests he is subbed for LightWolf, the subbing is done

pr777 posts:

Note to all you people NEVER TRUST MEKKAH AND Jumpluff and Layell and Ginganinja they will Back stab you in a heart beat........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so make sure you kill mekkah 1st then Jumpluff then take care of ginganinja then Layell.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
jumpluff and layell respond with:
dude chill we aren't backstabbing you, you were going to win regardless but you decided to betray your own faction so we took measures against that and had you subbed out. that's right, you are the backstabber
pr777 counters jumpluff:
Yeah right i would rather be ALIVE and win then DEAD and win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ditto asks what is happening

pr777 explains:
nothing i just had a major blow up sorry:(

Btw Yeti said so himself you can't action your own team mate
i express contentment i subbed pr777 for someone (lw) who knows my gender

pr777 erupts:
Ok Sorry I Keep Fucking Forgetting SORRY!!!!! forgetting and also you said you you subbed me back in... and i don't care ALL I KNOW IS MY TEAM IS a PEICE OF BACKSTABBING SHITHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh good

something whiteknightwolf can infract you for

pr777 then goes to the Panda Express Alliance's spreadsheet and deletes everything off of it
GL trying to get you info back HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
jumpluff quickly Revision History restores the sheet and deletes pr777 from it, informing him of it

I deleted it so Hahahahahahaa

GL since i already named your roles
ginganinja counters:
You're retarded so Hahahahahahaa

Yeti's PM not mine

jumpluff with a good point:
pretty fitting you're the cheating panda LOL

meanwhile i'm the FAITHFUL panda to my newlywed mekkkins <33
pr777 does not take kindly to this:
IDC THIS BITCHASS HOST ALMOST HAS THIS GAME OVER WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ginganinja attempts to talk pr777 down:
att pokemonrocks777

kindly stfu so you don't come across as even more retarded (if that was even possible) as you do now since you're making Manav look smart
pr777 rages against the machine:
billymills has a message for pr777:
attn pokemonrocks777
pr777 suddenly drops his anger:
whats up billymills I have not talked to in like for ever!!!!!
the game ends in a win for the Panda Express Alliance and jpluff thanks their teammates including the now-rogue pr777

pr777 with the humble apologypost:
Glad thats over jumpluff you mean it?

Here is something i did while i was about to go to sleep..

I prayed to God who is my mighty fortress and ask for forgiveness for being a DB to every one.. so i decided then to come back and post this..

Dear Jumpluff,
I'm sorry for every thing i have done to you for trying to lose even though it did not matter i hope someday we can reunite our friendship so i can help you with what ever and in return i just want the banners. also i'm sorry i posted the Roles to the game i'm sorry. also i'm sorry for deleting your team spead sheet

Dear Layell,
i'm sorry for everything i have done including deleteing your teamspread sheet i hope we can still be friends :)

Dear Ginganinja,

i'm sorry for also doing the same thing of deleteing the Docs and i do love you avatar i hope we can be friends

Last But not Least the best Yeti,

I'm so sorry for all the trouble i have done to your game. I'm also sorry i called you Bad name that i don't wanna say again. Yeti thanks so much for letting me be in this game. i'm sorry for the out come of the last 4 hours or more by getting all mad at you.. i do wish the best for you and your RL hubby. and sorry i acted so Immature toward the end. i hope you can forgive me. please accept my appolgy so we can start fresh saying "hi i'm pokemonrocks777" it was nice meeting HER for letting me play with her in her game of Panda Mafia...

I wish all of you the best thanks for your time

May God Bless you and Keep you
In Him,
(10:49:48 pm) <+Pokemonrocks777> i'm soooo sorry i just feel real bad
(10:49:53 pm) <~Yeti> nah
(10:49:58 pm) <~Yeti> we were all laughing super hard
(10:50:06 pm) <~Yeti> nobody was legit upset or anything
(10:50:38 pm) <~Yeti> pr777 do you think lightwolf is a girl and/or married to me
(10:50:59 pm) <+billy> lw is v girly and he'd love to be married to you
(10:51:02 pm) <+Pokemonrocks777> I know the yeti is a girl
(10:51:04 pm) <@Jirachi> hsfjsdfsdkfsdf
(10:51:06 pm) <+billy> so i'm not sure what you're asking
(10:51:07 pm) <@Jirachi> AWWW
(10:51:07 pm) <@Jirachi> BILLY IS
(10:51:11 pm) <@Jirachi> A YETI X LW SHIPPER
(10:51:11 pm) <@Jirachi> AS WELL
(10:51:18 pm) <+Pokemonrocks777> and lightwolf is a man of good heart
(10:51:44 pm) <+billy> yeti you know he's hungarian royality?

this was truly a Smogon Great for melt and now-vintage memes.

i also tried to get mekkah to give me "lightwolf's princess" as a custom title now i HAVE the badge to make "unclesam's princess" my ct myself <3

also my 1k shoutout was in the Red Panda thread kinda funny to see who's on it and why especially
unclesam: also my fellow villy in our mutual first game. please continue LEADING THIS VILLAGE.
i was an enabler and look where it got us please lord forgive me for my sins
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  • [02:33:59] billymills: cock
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    [02:34:45] %microwavable: @modchat ac
    Moderated chat was set to autoconfirmed!
    Only users of rank autoconfirmed and higher can talk.
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    [02:43:33] Alfa610: *slow clap*
    [02:44:34] Fury Curry!: billymills is a regular user though
    [02:45:15] champyeti: yes billy is a regular
    [02:45:20] champyeti: he just has an unfailing love
    [02:45:21] champyeti: for roosters
    [02:46:08] Alfa610: praise rowlets!
  • [03:18:18] Da Letter El: I am chez DLE
  • [03:18:28] Da Letter El: I prepare the finest dishes for all the land
    [03:20:51] Fury Curry!: can you prepare me some rowlet
    [03:21:35] Da Letter El: I am inexperienced with cooking rowlet fowl,. I often cock fine chicken casserole for my little linguinis who wanta somea Italiano flaaavor, sometimes I mix it up with a shrimp etoufee. Others I make an exquisite Duck a l'Orange. But I always remember to finish off with homemade creme brulee
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Blast from the past: Metroid Prime 2 edition

[16:52] <Andrew> [20:40:38] <Andrew> so ipl
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:40:50] <imperfectluck> hi
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:40:53] <imperfectluck> who'd you target so far
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:41:19] <Andrew> nobody really. you?
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:41:46] <imperfectluck> you targeted nobody?
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:41:54] <imperfectluck> surely you had a target
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:42:10] <Andrew> surely?
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:42:15] <Andrew> please elaborate on why surely?
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:42:24] <imperfectluck> why would you not use your ability
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:43:09] <Andrew> my day ability?
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:43:38] <imperfectluck> you have a day ability?
[16:52] <Andrew> [20:43:42] <Andrew> i have a day ability?
[16:53] <Andrew> [20:44:04] <imperfectluck> I give up
[16:53] <Andrew> [20:44:06] <imperfectluck> bye


[16:52] <Andrew> [15:29:32] <imperfectluck> did you get any results from night 2
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:29:41] <Andrew> n.
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:31:37] <imperfectluck> who'd you target?
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:31:45] <Andrew> who'd i target?
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:10] <imperfectluck> with your thief
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:13] <imperfectluck> ability
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:14] <Andrew> with my thief?
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:15] <Andrew> ability?
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:46] <imperfectluck> Every night you may submit a PM titled NX-Intimidate <Alias>. You will visit <Alias>. Upon seeing you, the items that were <Alias>s possession will be dropped and <Alias> will run, allowing you to pick up the items freely.
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:32:58] <Andrew> Every night you may submit a PM titled NX-Intimidate <Alias>. You will visit <Alias>. Upon seeing you, the items that were <Alias>s possession will be dropped and <Alias> will run, allowing you to pick up the items freely.?
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:08] <Andrew> i idled.
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:16] <Andrew> since you didn't give me a target
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:17] <Andrew> :|
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:22] <imperfectluck> remind me to hook you and kill you first
[16:52] <Andrew> [15:33:27] <imperfectluck> in the next game we're in


[20:09] <Andrew> [20:09:54] <Daenym> wtf like
[20:09] <Andrew> [20:09:59] <Daenym> everyone has access to this
[20:09] <Andrew> [20:10:05] <Andrew> yeah
[20:09] <Andrew> [20:10:07] <Andrew> this sheet
[20:09] <Andrew> [20:10:09] <Andrew> probably has
[20:09] <Andrew> [20:10:10] <Andrew> herpes


After Nachos got subbed back in for macle:
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> well shit
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> just talked
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> a bit of trash
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> to nachos
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> today
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> about how
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> i know
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> all his team's aliases
[16:55] <Walrupdate> [17:42] <Andrew> xD

[16:14] <zorbees> my comment is fuck everyone
[16:14] <zorbees> make sure you include that in your postgame


[20:13] <~Accent> gk
[20:13] <~Accent> got results?
[20:13] <~Accent> oh
[20:13] <~Accent> you're dead
[20:13] <~Accent> sorry
[20:13] <~Accent> :/
[20:13] <&little_gk> ;L;


[21:14] <Yeti> what is the agon temple's kill flavor, the same as everyone else's?
[21:14] <Yeti> er your normal flavor
[21:15] <UncleSam> something about
[21:15] <UncleSam> SANDS
[21:15] <UncleSam> obv
[21:15] <Yeti> :|
[21:15] <UncleSam> or possibly MUDS
[21:15] <UncleSam> if combined with the torvus bog


[20:48] <billymills> walrein told me I was attacked by a flock of chickens


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[18:57] LightWolf: don't be on a pokemon simulator if you don't wanna play
[18:57] LightWolf: :P
[18:57] +champyeti: :P
[18:57] +champyeti: the tongue lw uses
[18:57] +champyeti: to orally molest geese with
[18:57] +champyeti: that feel when a goose has gotten better oral from lightwolf than a woman ever has from unclesam
[18:58] LightWolf: no I use :p for that
[18:58] +champyeti: .
[18:58] LightWolf: >:P
[18:58] +champyeti: stop


Da Letter El

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[15:49] <Cancerous> oh yeah, the woeful tale of that time I slipped my alias to billy
[15:51] <Cancerous> see, it was a morning like any other, after a night of hard working, I awoke myself from a well deserved 2 hours long slumber
[15:53] <Cancerous> and billy, who waited for godknow how long, ambushed me. He was like: nigga gimme yo votes last nite. I was like: ok. And then I gave it to him
[15:54] <Cancerous> An so ended the tragic of that time I slipped my alias to billy

Da Letter El

Officially internet famous
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01[12:52] <daletterel> i have heard that you passed on an interesting message to tototavros
[12:52] <Cancerous> gimme da sheet, i'm tactical powerhouse
01[12:52] <daletterel> he was very confused
01[12:52] <daletterel> i love you
[12:53] <Cancerous> yeah i know, cryptic message is the best
01[12:53] <daletterel> almost as good as your trolling of shining latios in that game
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> what would it mean
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> if i told you
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> hi
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> that the neutral is in blue?
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> it would mean i lynch the shit out of you for saying something cryptic because it implies you know something that you wouldnt otherwise know
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> ok
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> convince me not to
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> The Neutral is not in blue
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> lol
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> the message came from spiffy
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> is that enough?
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> copy paste this message
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> and send it to me on smogon
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> well
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> i assume it's over pm?
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> pm via irc
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> k
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> copy paste it here
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> i forgot to log, it
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> feel free to ask spiffy
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> it was more
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> that
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> i was to tell you
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> if spiffy were killed
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> however, he wasn't
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> so
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> so is the neutral
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> in blue
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> well
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> the neutral is not in blue
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> but
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> its tmore
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> that it is not that the neutral is in blue
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> bro i am so confused right now
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> ok
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> so
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> oh shit that wasn't spiffy
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> do you know what the neutral being in blue means
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> it was fucking cancerous
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> hahahahahaha
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> hahahahhahahaha
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> ok
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> i have no fucking idea
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> this make
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> s
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> infinite sense
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> Cancerous pms me
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> and goes
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> cancerous is the biggest fucking troll
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> ever
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> oh
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> he was fucking lying that piece of shit
01[12:54] <daletterel> <daletterel> hahahahahahaha
01[12:54] <daletterel> <tototavros> he told me he wouldn't screw with me

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