Circus Survivor Season VII - And the winner is...

Designed and hosted by Whydon and HeaLnDeal, approved by Circus Mods

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On a remote island somewhere in the Kanto region, 22 All-Stars have gathered together to compete in the most grueling game of Survivor yet.

Yep, that’s right. All-Stars.

Throughout the course of the past month, we extended invites to 30+ players from past seasons of Circus and CAP Survivor, and today we are joined by the finalized cast of 22 players who will be playing in the first ever all-returnee cast of Smogon Survivor. Friends and enemies, winners and fumblers, heroes and villains, and everyone else in between will all be reunited as they compete in what will hopefully be the most competitive and intense game of Smogon Survivor ever hosted. With callbacks to challenges, iconic moments, and events from past seasons of Smogon Survivor, this season will strive to be All-Star in any way possible. Let’s meet the cast!

From Season 1, say hello to rssp, RODAN, and TraceofLife!

From Season 2, we have Steven Snype, Josh, Mikaav, DBW, and Oddish!

From Season 3, here’s HiloMilo, Shubaka, Jalmont, and Vooper!

From Season 4, Hannah, Ajhockeystar, and 3P1K are here to play!

From CAP Survivor, we’re joined by Takes Azelfie, EpicUmbreon29, and apricity!

And finally, from Season 6, give a warm welcome to InfernoDragon, Cleo, Aaronboyer, and Laurel!

22 All-Stars. 39-55 days (hopefully). Only one...All-Star Survivor!

]Game Basics:
-Don't seek help from people outside of the game. Do not talk to people about the game with people not on your current tribe.
-During the Day phases of the game there will be immunity challenges. Immunity challenges decide who is safe and who has to go to Tribal Council.
-During the Tribal Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost as a whole tribe. The tribe(s) that lose(s) in the immunity challenge will have to go to Tribal Council and vote someone out.
-During the Individual Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost by a single person. The winner of the immunity challenge cannot be voted upon, but (s)he will be able to vote.
-Idols and advantages, including but not limited to extra votes, may or may not be hidden in the game and may be rewarded to the first player(s) to find them.
-Idols or advantages may or may not be rehidden after being played

2. Challenges
-Challenges are the tasks that players or tribes will compete in to win immunity and be safe from Tribal Council. The challenges themselves will all vary and will typically not be very similar to one another.
-At the start of the Day phase, the details of the challenge will be posted.
-During Tribal (Team) challenges, some players may have to sit out some of the challenges (usually to make even teams). Players cannot sit out during two consecutive challenges unless otherwise stated.

3. Tribal Council:
-Tribal Council will occur at the Night phase after the Immunity Challenge. There will be a private vote to see who is eliminated from the game. Votes will take place in discord DM or Smogon convo with the hosts. You may switch your vote a total of three times before the votes are read. This is three times THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME. If you’ve used all three and you try to switch your vote again, you will not be allowed to do so. You can use multiple of these vote changes during one tribal council, so be sure of what you are voting before you submit it! It is ok if you take time to do this, just make sure it isn’t too long and that you submit your votes before the deadline. Voting deadlines are typically 24 hours after the immunity challenge.
-Before you're allowed to vote, the hosts may post questions for you to publicly answer in your tribe's Tribal Council chat.
-The vote total will be revealed to the tribe at the end of the night, but the hosts will not announce who voted for who.
-If any hidden immunity idols are played, all the votes cast against the player who used their the HII will be negated.

-In case of an initial tie, there will be a re-vote where you can only vote for one of the people with the most votes. For example, if there are 3 votes for Player A, 3 votes for Player B, and 1 vote for Player C in a 7 man tribe, you may only vote for Player A or B during the re-vote. Additionally, the players with the most votes in the original vote will not be able to cast a new vote in the revote.
-In case of a second tie, the player who leaves will be determined by a random number generator. The players who tied for the most votes both times will be safe from this tiebreaker. In the previous example, players A and B would be safe, as would any player that has immunity or played an idol correctly. -Players voted out (aka dead) cannot be communicated with following their removal from the game. There will be absolutely no communication between dead players and alive players regarding the game. This will change when the game reaches its conclusion, but until then, this rule will be strictly enforced.

-At a certain point, those voted out will form the Jury. The Jury is special in that they follow the game in order to vote for a winner at the end of the game.

4. Winning the Game:
-The goal of the game is to reach the Final Tribal Council, which typically occurs with just two or three people left in the game. You cannot win the game unless you make it to the Final Tribal Council.
-At the Final Tribal Council, the remaining players in the game speak to the jury and try to convince the jury that they deserve to win the game.
-Each finalist is allowed to make an opening statement on why they deserve to win the game. Following opening statements, each Jury member is allowed to make either a statement or ask the finalists a question if they choose to. They may say or ask whatever they want. An open and public dialogue may occur, and back-and-forth conversations with many members is encouraged.
-When everyone is done speaking, the jury will vote privately on who wins the game. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

5. Forum/Discord Mechanics:
-A typical phase will go like this: A host will post a challenge and the rules. The challenge will take place over the following day or two. The losing tribe will then go to tribal council where they will vote a person off. Some challenges may be a little different, but this is how a majority of them will go.
-The voting stage will start immediately after a challenge and end within 24 hours or when all votes on the tribe have been cast. Extensions will be rare, so don't expect them.
-Inactive players who fail to vote will place an unconditional and public vote for themselves.
-No anonymous nicks will be allowed for the purposes of this game. No impersonating as well. You will be punished if caught.
-There will be a designated discord sever for the game with private channels for the individual tribes. You can also privately PM people ONLY on your tribe, but to have an alliance chat with 2 or more players you need to make a request in your confessional space for the hosts to create an alliance channel. If it's time sensitive and the hosts aren't online, you may temporarily make a discord group outside of the server but you MUST invite the hosts to that. Once any alliance is formed, a new chat/channel has to be created if members are to be added.

6. All Smogon/Circus behavior rules are enforced. Notably, this includes: -
Don't be excessively harsh to other players, hosts, or members of the production team.
-Don't share screenshots to players inside the game about game related content.

7. Rules are subject to change upon Host Discretion.

Take Azelfie

Hilomilo [11th place]
JALMONT [11th place]
rssp1 [13th place]
InfernoDragon [14th place]
Mikaav [15th place]
Steven Snype [16 place, quit]
Energy [17th place]
Aaronboyer [17th place]
Cleo [19th place]
RODAN [20th place]
shubaka17 [21st place]
Wob [22nd place]
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It's time for our first challenge...!

Marooning/Reward Challenge [24 hours]
Flag and Server Emoji Design

Players will design a flag and 3 emojis to represent their tribe; these emojis will be placed on the discord server for continued use throughout the season.

The hosts will judge the flags / emojis based on 1) creativity and originality, 2) usability on the server (included in this category is how well the emoji can rally the tribe or boost morale or be frequently used for the tribe’s benefit) and 3)craftsmanship/visual appeal on the server. Do not just pick a random image on the internet and slap text on it. Making your own stuff is required.Anyone on the tribe may contribute, but the majority of the tribe has to approve of a design for it to be properly submitted.

The winning tribe will receive a minor advantage in the first immunity challenge (minus 5 steps to their total step count) as well as bragging rights.



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22 players - Temple Maze [48 hour deadline]

Before the challenge starts, the tribes are given a map of temple. Inside the temple, a massive maze challenge awaits (both tribes are given slightly different mazes of equal difficulty).Tribes will send one person in at a time to solve the maze. The maze will contain 12 pitfalls on the floor that will cause a player’s turn to end if they accidentally step on one; the pitfalls are fixed in place, so sharing their location with your tribe will help you avoid stepping on the same pitfall more than once. During a player’s first turn in the maze, their turn will automatically end after they take 100 steps. Any subsequent turn they are in the maze, this step limit is removed. Any time a player’s turn ends, another player must be sent in. All players must take one turn in the maze before any player is allowed to have their second turn in the maze (however, once everyone has gone at least once, any player may have multiple turns before the rest of the tribe goes again if the tribe so chooses to send in only certain players). The tribe that completes the challenge with the least number of steps wins the challenge. Steps are moving from one coordinate square to another. Steps may not be diagonal and must be up, down, left, or right from your position in the previous step.(edited)

In 1 corner of the maze there is a fire blocked by a locked gate with nearby unlit torches. In order to unlock this gate, a tribemate must complete a puzzle. For every 30 seconds it takes them to finish the puzzle, their tribe’s total step count will increase by 1. If a player is stuck on the puzzle, they may choose to prematurely end their turn to avoid wasting any more time. Once the gate is unlocked, the player may take an unlit torch and light it from the flame. Their goal is to take their lit torch to the end of the maze to light the opposing tribe’s flag on fire. If a player holding a lit torch has their turn end, the torch’s flame goes out and they or someone else must go back to where the fire is and relight a torch to take to the end. Any trip to revisit the corner with the fire will not require the puzzle to be solved again if the gate has already been unlocked. The other 3 corners of the maze have numbered tiles. Knowing all 3 numbered tiles will help you solve a combination lock at the end of the maze. To attempt to solve, each guess will use up 1 step. Solving the combination lock is required to unlock and raise the opposing tribe’s flag for you to burn with a lit torch.(edited)

Additionally, throughout the maze, there will be 5 walls sections (each section being one side of a coordinate square) that can be broken to create a shortcut or give an advantage. To check to see if a wall can be broken, however, you must take an additional step to test the wall. If you’re lucky, you’ll discover a shortcut that will save you time in the long run. If you’re not lucky, you will just be wasting time and causing your tribe’s total step count to increase. The maze is completely solvable without breaking any walls, but the few breakable walls will be worth your time if you’re lucky enough to find them. The tribe that finishes the maze with the lowest step count wins tribal immunity and will be safe from elimination. The losers will go to tribal council and vote out one of their own.

The Above Image shows the outer walls of the maze; you will be shown the inner walls when you first player starts.

Players will do their turns in the maze in their confessionals, not in public. They may not talk to others while it is their turn, but they may share info after their turn is over.

The results are in! Both tribes managed to complete the challenge 24 hours earlier than the given deadline, and the Eevee Tribe managed to beat the Pikachu Tribe to the end by over an hour. However, the difference in steps taken was rather drastic.

The Eevee Tribe took a total of 1352 steps.

And even though they did manage to beat the Pikachus in both the Reward challenge and in the amount of time spent completing the challenge, the Pikachu Tribe completed their maze in just 833 steps, beating the Eevee in nearly a landslide. Thus, Pikachu Tribe wins immunity, and is safe for this elimination.

Sorry Eevee Tribe, but that means one of you will be eliminated this week. Head back to your camps, where Tribal Council will begin. The voting deadline will be extended to 36 hours to compensate for everyone's busy schedules this weekend.



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Come in guys! It's time for your next immunity challenge!

The Pikachu Tribe is getting their first look at the new Eevee tribe... where wob was voted out of the first tribal council.

Phrase Unscrambler [48 hours] The current challenge is unscrambling phrases that somehow relate to this game. There are 3 phrases of varying length and difficulty. Each tribe will select 3 people to work together to solve the phrase of each difficulty level; 3 members from each tribe will be chosen to work together on the easy phrase, 3 members from each tribe will be chosen to work together on the moderate phrase, and 3 members from each tribe will be chosen to work together on the difficult phrase. Only the 3 members picked to work on a phrase may try to solve that phrase; helping outside of the assigned trios is not allowed.

The number of words in each phrase will be given along with the scrambled list of all letters. The number of letters per word will not be revealed. The time it takes for each trio to solve the phrase will be monitored from start to finish with the clock starting when the pair asks to receive their scrambled letters. Each trio needs to coordinate and work together at the same time in real time to solve a phrase. This means that pairs should be chosen who have the ability to be online at the same time. Trios may ask the hosts to start when they are ready.

After every 45 minutes of working time, one word in the phrase will be revealed if the group still has not solved the phrase. Trios may choose to jump ahead to the next 45 minute time mark to receive a clue “early”, but their time will jump ahead as a result, so it’s only advised to use this option if you’re sure you’re stuck. The tribe with the combined lowest time wins the challenge.

A single person cannot be in more than one group for this challenge. This means that 9 players from each tribe compete; Pikachus sit out 2 players, Eevees sit out 1 player.

**The use of unscramblers and similar word finding tools is banned.**



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The challenge results are as follows:

Easy Group [hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play]:
Both tribes guessed the phrase in 5 minutes.

Medium Group [Catostropika and Extreme Evoboost]:
The Pikachu Tribe solved the phrase in 30 minutes.
The Eevee Tribe solved the phrase in 1 hour and 56 Minutes

Hard Group [We're special starters. We'll refuse your thunderstones]:
The Pikachu tribe solved the phrase in 4 hours and 30 minutes
The Eevee Tribe solved the phrase in 3 hours and 14 minutes

The means the Pikachu Tribe had a combined time of 5 hours and 5 minutes, narrowly edging out the Eevee's time of 5 hours and 15 minutes.

As a result, the Eevee Tribe went to tribal council. The results of that tribal council will be posted soon.

In the meantime, enjoy another one of Whydon's drawings:

The Pikachu tribe is getting its first look at the new Eevee tribe: Shubaka was voted out at the last tribal council, becoming the second all-star to be eliminated from the game.

Budget Geoguessr Part 2 [24 Hours]

For this challenge, we will be doing a callback to Season 4. In this thread I have posted 11 different unedited screenshots that have been taken from Google Maps street view. You will be guessing the exact longitude/latitude coordinates of these images in hopes that you can find the exact location of where these images were taken.

You may use whatever tools you can find online, including reverse image search, image enhancers, translators, research pages, Yelp, and even Google Maps itself. We will be measuring the distance of your guessed location to the exact coordinates of the images. The tribe that manages to get closest to the most images will win immunity. Points are given based on which tribe was closest to the exact location, but ties may occur if both tribes were close enough to the exact location to the point where their actual distance is minimal.

Once you think you've found every location, submit your guesses to the hosts in your tribal chat in the Discord server. We recommend submitting exact coordinates as we will be measuring your distance based exactly on where Google Maps takes us. You have 24 hours to complete this challenge (deadline is at 1 AM central). Good luck players!














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[Excuse me for discord having bad formatting]

Castaways I have tabulated the challenge results... I think... I hope. This wasn't even my challenge to run but someone else couldn't tabulate. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of my results so you guys can feel free to double check but pretty confident I have the winner right.

The Pikachus submitted:

Picture 1 Northern Arizona: (36.896097,-111.826837)
Picture 2 1.3675952,103.9599873
Picture 3 Turkey: (47.98668,12.7540549)
Picture 4 Ghana: (6.2467335,-1.4292486)
Picture 5 Russia: (51.3064722,37.9024074)
Picture 6 Thailand: (18.6745406,99.142536)
Picture 7 Mexico: (20.0964163,-99.7608132)
Picture 8 Southeast Australia: (-36.0820283,149.1560701)
Picture 9 -14.2710086,-170.7013822
Picture 10 Malaysia: (2.5495709,102.7924299)
Picture 11 22.8661142,89.5255759

The Eevees submitted:

Q1: 35.500441, -109.138637
Q2: 1.367648,103.9599128
Q3: 25.336215, 55.426631
Q4: -29.297047, 27.765762
Q5: 51.763665, 55.103013
Q6: 15.781152, 103.620648
Q7: 12.257095, 104.422662
Q8: -34.9397415,138.7639908
Q9: -14.2710086, -170.7013822
Q10: 2.977549, 102.832263
Q11: 22.8661142, 89.5255759

The REAL answers were:
1 - 36.885093,-111.527649
2 - 1.367595,103.959987
3 - 25.585719, 55.573387
4 - 15.110004,-16.639639
5 - 55.767895,52.458293
6 - 17.811091,100.367068
7- redacted due to Whydon losing the coordinates
8 - -33.239862,149.377866
9- -14.271009, -170.701382
10. -3.026644, 104.786644
11. 22.866114, 89.525576

This means:

1. P: Distance Result: 16.55 miles E: Distance Result: 163.99 miles 2. P: 2. Distance Result: 0.00 miles E: 2. Distance Result: 0.01 miles 3. P: Distance Result: 2,778.24 miles E: Distance Result: 19.52 miles 4. P: Distance Result: 1,199.52 miles E: Distance Result: 4,263.55 miles 5. P: Distance Result: 670.68 miles E: Distance Result: 296.93 miles 6. P: Distance Result: 100.07 miles E: Distance Result: 256.85 miles 8. P: Distance Result: 262.68 miles E: Distance Result: 618.23 miles 9. P: Distance Result: 0.00 miles E: Distance Result: 0.00 miles 10. P: Distance Result: 409.14 miles E: Distance Result: 436.23 miles 11. P: Distance Result: 0.00 miles E: 0.00 miles

1: Pikachu
2: Tie
3: Eevee
4: Pikachu
5: Eevee
6: Pikachu
7. redacted
8: Pikachu
9: Tie
10: Tie
11: Tie

Pikachu Tribe wins, Eevee Tribe goes to tribal again. Eevees have 24 hours to vote out one of there own for the third. time. in. a. row.


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