Circus Survivor Season VII - And the winner is...


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The Pikachu Tribe gets their first look at the new Eevee Tribe, where RODAN was voted out at the last tribal council. [and no Hannahh was not actually voted out of Pikachu... yet at least : o]

19 Players Remaining - Scavenger Hunt [48 hours]

Players find a card or piece of paper to write their username, the date, and the season name. They carry this card around and try to take photos of it in front of a list of items. Each player can submit one photo of each item on the list to gain their tribe a point. Players on the same team are allowed to photograph the same item to get more points. However, if a tribe has all items photographed by at least one member, that tribe gains a bonus 10 points. If each tribe member has at least 15 photos individually, then their tribe gets another bonus 15 points. So, say Tribe Uno has two members, member A photograph items 1 through 15 and member B photographs numbers 6 through 50. This means member A earns 15 points, member B earns 45 points. 20 + 45 = 60 + 10 point bonus for all 50 items photographed +15 point bonus for all tribe members getting at least 15 photos each = 85 points.

After any point bonuses, a tribe's cumulative point score is divided by the number of players on that tribe. The tribe with the highest average wins individual immunity (no one can sit out of the challenge). All photos should be posted in the thread. All items listed should be the actual item; don’t send a picture of a horse stuffed animal in place of a horse, don’t send a photo of a photo of a saw, etc. Only the last 10 items (drawings) can be submitted as non-photos, in which case digital files will be accepted as well as photos/scans.

Scavenger Hunt list:
1. A sock with holes in it
2. Printer
3. Paper Cutter (dpn't just post photo of scissors)
4. Green Shirt
5. 3 or more Tomatoes
6. 10 or more quarters / coin currency
7. An orange colored truck
8. Television
9. A nintendo switch
10. Couch or loveseat moved close to a wall and facing the wall
11. Piece of raw, unstained wood / lumber
12. Chop/Miter Saw
13. Bookshelf w/ books
14. Library
15. Horse
16. Fish
17. Rabbit
18. Snake
19. A Joker from a deck of standard playing cards
20. Marbles
21. Bubble wrap
22. A polaroid photograph (white the whitespace underneath, etc)
23. The state of Alaska (U.S.A) on a map (folded map, map in mapbook etc; not looking you to take a picture of computer map or self-printed map unless you're like a professional map printer; a globe w/ alaska clearly shown in your photo does count)
24. Red sports ball
25. Running shoes
26. Your favorite snack
27. Round table
28. Dragonfruit
29. Blue Highlighter
30. Belt
31. A Pokemon plushie
32. Someone’s brightly colored dyed hair (not a natural color)
33. Nail polish on someone’s nails
34. Milkshake
35. Two hands (from different people) each holding a cup
36. Heart-shaped sunglasses
37. Vacuum or Broom or Mop
38. Brown eggs
39. Paper Snowflake
40. Allergy Medicine/Pills
41. A drawing of you beating the other tribe in a hypothetical challenge
42. A drawing of how it would feel to win the game
43. A drawing of you and a friend doing something you usually do
44. A drawing of what career you want to have
45. A drawing of your pet and/or your favorite animal
46. A drawing of your favorite Pokemon (we’re nerds, rip)
47. A drawing of your favorite All-Star in the game
48. A drawing of you and one (or more) of your current tribemates doing something together
49. A drawing of what it feels like to be at tribal council
50. A drawing of an iconic moment from a past season

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Here's what I currently have

1. Sock with hole

4. Green shirt

6. 10 quarters

8. Television

13. Bookshelf with books

29. Blue highlighter

30. Belt

31. Pokemon plushie

36. Heart-shaped sunglasses


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Tomatoes, favorite snack (peanut butter), fish, couch facing wall (its too long to fully rotate), two hands on a cup.


Polaroid, blue highlighter, printer, bubble wrap, red ball, paper cutter, lumber, colored hair, nail polish on hand, dragonfruit, snake, orange truck, heart shaped sunglasses


Snowflake, library, bookshelf, pokemon plushie, switch, alaska, milkshake, joker


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