Circus Survivor Season VII - And the winner is...


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Well, I made a long intro speech so I'm gonna keep this short. I think I've elaborated well enough - I'm here with one person who has showed a lack of care about the game, and another who hasn't put in much effort as the game has gone on. Despite having a big group to support me, I've had the least support of the 3 of us up here, and I've definitely put in the most effort. I've enjoyed playing with you all, and I hope you'll give me your vote to win. Thanks!
Oops sorry still trying to finish up my school year and I'm struggling lol. I'm still writing the lab but here goes.
Hey guys. I’m sure we can all agree this has been a crazy game, and so I’m really fortunate to be sitting here alongside two great people. As much as I like them and have gotten closer to them over this game, I really do feel like I’m the best candidate to win this game. One big controversy about this game, of course, is OG, and how much the people in the group have been carried by it. Well, I believe that I’m the one who has been least carried by it. Come the swap, there were 6 OG members on the New Pikachu tribe, and 1 on the New Eevee tribe - just me. It was shaping up to be an old Pikachu vs old Eevee showdown, but then Snype quit after the first loss, putting me in a bad spot. I then worked to establish a relationship with Josh. Come the next loss, he told me the others wanted to vote me, but he lobbied to keep me, and so Mikaav was sent home. During the next tribal council where Umbreon played the idol correctly, I lied to Josh right before tribal council saying he was going home in hopes that he would convince them to misplay their idol. After the votes were revealed, he had lost all trust in me. Then, the twist happened, leaving Hannah and I exposed. It was inevitable that one of us would go home, but I knew I had to do something to save us. Umbreon immediately approached me and told me to throw the challenge and give him immunity in exchange for me voting Josh out. I agreed, but remained cautious.

I then found this idol clue: and knew it could save me at the very least, but if Umb was lying, all they needed to do was split the vote and we were screwed still. Hannah and I then worked on repairing our relationship with Josh. It worked, and he informed us of Umb’s real plans. He convinced the others that one of us could be carrying the vote steal that rssp had, and convinced them to all vote me. The other half of the plan involved me completing 333 battles (and some really weird Dunsparce battles) the day before a final, so that was fun. I finished it and played the idol on myself successfully, saving both Hannah and I. I put everything I had into this game, especially compared to the other two. I knew there would be a target on me for winning the last game, so I did my hardest in the tribal challenges so people would keep me around. 798. That’s the number of Pokémon battles I won for this Survivor game. (Yes, I added them all up.) Who knows how many I lost. I almost picked up the slack for Josh who tried to throw the trickshots challenge too - I did my 200 randbats and got to 76 out of 100 OU wins that Josh was supposed to do, but then the other tribe finished. I also won 5 individual immunities, most notably including one where I stayed up until 8am - something I’ve literally never done until now.

(Side note - when I had my 15 minute conversation with the chosen juror, they mentioned that I relied on immunity wins to get to the F3. Hannah-Oddish-myself was a group of 3 that was sticking together, and Trace was the target at F6 anyways, meaning I was never in jeopardy. The only immunity win that mattered was F4, since RAD and I were the only two doing the challenge, and had he been immune, the 3 of us would have had to figure something out.) Of my co-finalists here, Hannah wanted to get voted out at F5 but not quit since she wanted to be on the jury, so I threatened to idol her, and she also mentioned self-voting at F4 to go to fire making so she could get voted out. There were many challenges which Oddish just didn’t do. I was always playing to win and always working my hardest - something the other two can’t say. Last game you got the AJ that carefully played the middle and planned everything as best he could. This game you got the AJ that put everything into the game. I hope you can all respect the way I played. Thanks for reading.
This is AJ's speech^ I'm just going to clarify some things. AJ said he worked to establish a relationship with Josh, who then came to me after merge and said "I threw challenges to make sure you were safe and kept AJ around because I know we like him." So AJ didn't make a relationship with Josh there. Keeping it short cause idk how many words I have left? Josh then didn't trust AJ at all after he lied and said he was being voted out and I had to work to get my and AJ's relationship back with Josh (god I think we called for like 5 hours that day) It took a long time for him to actually believe me. (Sorry Josh :[ ) Yes, AJ and I were exposed, and he claims umbreon approached him telling him to throw. But, I was the one who gave umbreon the "We can sway them to keep Azelfie if you save us" and then I made AJ do the idol hunt because I had an exam and didn't want to. Also you did rely on wins, you had no clue but all game I waffled w/ Bianca between 'Do we go with Rad, Voop, or AJ?' and really both of us were comfortable at that point. I worked and tried to save Trace too, when I realized AJ could have flipped on me and gone with someone less likely to fight him in FTC (lol didn't expect to be swamped with work my bad). I never had the time to make a FTC speech but it would have probably included this, in addition it would have included apologies (I never used my jury note either but it was going to be used on Azelfie, because up until like 3 hours before dl I was 100% not turning on Azelfie and then someone started yelling at me and I was too afraid to go against Hal at that point. I'm so sorry Azelfie, I really loved working with you and I'm sorry you had to leave like that.)

Um idk how many words I'm at so I'm going to stop and try to salvage my chem grade. Oh also I have the logs of Josh and I "pregaming," so I'm not going to pretend like heal isn't indirectly calling me out there. I've only ever heard the term pregaming when used in EiMM, I had no clue I was doing anything wrong, and @voop sorry this was during 7ds before I knew you didn't betray me. Side note: no OG alliance was pregamed and we can all attest to that, it was just implied when we saw how many were on the PL.

Thanks for a hectic and fun (sometimes?) game. Sad it ended up how it did but I'm glad I got to play with all of you and I hope you don't hate me!
Hannahh ajhockeystar is it true that one or both of you sought out an illegal pregame alliance with Josh? If this is the case, why should I believe that you earned your ways here when several crucial moments in this game were determined by that relationship, including both times I wanted to eliminate AJ? Also, why should I vote for someone who knowingly broke a critical rule for personal gain, as opposed to Oddish, who, to the best of my knowledge, has not and managed to be here nonetheless?


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Hannahh ajhockeystar is it true that one or both of you sought out an illegal pregame alliance with Josh? If this is the case, why should I believe that you earned your ways here when several crucial moments in this game were determined by that relationship, including both times I wanted to eliminate AJ? Also, why should I vote for someone who knowingly broke a critical rule for personal gain, as opposed to Oddish, who, to the best of my knowledge, has not and managed to be here nonetheless?
I didn't agree to anything - hopefully heal can attest to that as I sent him the relevant logs. Josh did approach me about it but just like with OG, nothing was set before this game and I didn't tell him anything that confirmed I was gonna work with him.
Pregame alliances are super lame but do they need to be illegal?

It's not even like it broke the game here. Pregame associations are inevitable in an online setting with a limited playerbase anyways...

just semi-curious...
Alright everyone. The votes are in. I'd like to remind everyone that the jury was voting for a WINNER. You want to see your name here.

First vote:


Second vote:


Third vote:


That's one vote AJ, one vote Oddish, one vote Hannah

Fourth vote:


Fifth vote:


That’s 2 votes AJ, 2 votes Hannah, 1 vote Oddish. Three votes left.

Sixth vote:

Seventh vote:

That’s 3 votes AJ, 3 votes Hannah, 1 vote Oddish.

One vote left.

Tenth vote...

And the winner...

Of Circus Survivor: All-Stars...


Congratulations ajhockeystar for winning back-to-back seasons in a 4-3-1 vote, and for becoming the first ever two-time winner of a Survivor season on Smogon!

I will admit that as a host it’s disappointing to see a game that you put a lot of effort into hosting be perceived so negatively by a large proportion of the game’s player list, especially given the fact that personally, I was excited to host this season and see where it could go.

Gameplay wise, this is not the worst season. I still give that title to Seasons 2 and 5, because this season did have its moments that were exciting to watch (ex. Laurel vote, Aaron blindside, rssp idol play, etc.), and there was a pretty good level of spectator activity as well. OG did dominate, yes, but it wasn’t by luck, and in a game with a playerlist of over 20 players, it isn’t the fault of the playerlist, nor is it the fault of the hosts. I honestly didn’t even expect OG to get much further after the rssp idol blunder, and once they started planning to get vooper voted out, I was pretty convinced that OG was done. Their steamroll really didn’t start to take place until after Azelfie was voted out, and even the Hilo vote wasn’t because they were in power, but moreso because Josh misplayed and kept AJ around too long when he really should have just let one of Hannah/AJ get voted out (more on this later). I don’t know the extent of the level that pre-gaming occurred, but from what I can see, the AJ/Hannah/Josh situation is a pretty isolated case, and it would be an anomaly if a season of survivor DIDN’T have a mega-alliance that dominated for a while. Is it an anomaly that this mega-alliance managed to stay in tact to the end of the game? Perhaps. But there were many moments when OG could have fallen apart, and many times it almost did, but the outsiders never did anything to try and capitalize off of these moments, and Hal did a pretty good job of keeping the alliance together when it was on the verge of collapse (ie. when they almost voted out vooper), so really there isn’t much more to say about OG. I won’t say they didn’t get lucky at times, and more specifically I think the AJ/Hannah/Josh pre-game alliance is the reason why they managed to survive the split tribal twist. I liked watching Josh play, but it was very frustrating to see him constantly playing to OG’s hand when he had many opportunities to flip, and in retrospect, he should have, especially since he knew that there was a 6 player mega-alliance still in the game. He really could have flourished and gone far if he managed to split up OG, as he could then continue to float between two splintered alliances (OG and the minority) which I think would have gotten him pretty far. But hey, hindsight is 20/20. In short, OG played well, but 90% of the time they fall apart after rssp is voted out, and someone like Josh/Vooper/Umbreon/AJ ends up winning the game. This was just one of those games where none of that ended up happening.

Now, in terms of fun, I do think that this was one of the most unfun games of Smogon Survivor, not just to play in, but to host as well. That really hurts to say as someone who played a large part in designing the season, but I agree with a lot of the people here that feel like they didn’t have fun. I started feeling it myself the second some past drama got revived both in this thread and in the Discord, and once we got to final tribal council I honestly feel like my interest in this game has been drained to below zero, and for the past few days I have just been waiting for this game to end so that I can finally move on to different things. As a host, I want to personally apologize to anyone who feels like their time was wasted and that they didn’t get anything out of this experience. That is not at all what I wanted to happen, and it is solely my fault if that’s the case. I’m sorry if you didn’t like some/most of the challenges. We really did try our best to create a list of challenges that were fun and diverse, although I do agree that some challenges were not great and should have been completely redesigned. I did not like the idea of having 2048 as the final 5 challenge, but at that point the general sense of apathy from both the jury and the players themselves was really starting to weigh down on me and I really did not feel motivated to try and change anything at the last second. I agree that there were too many idols - we wanted to try and capture the true “essence” of Survivor (where idols are rehidden after they’re used), but I don’t think this works well in the online format of Survivor, since certain players can just keep farming the same idols over and over again, especially in the scenario where the other players have no idea they exist / don’t care enough to try and find them. That definitely happened this game, and maybe with a more proactive playerlist it could work well, but it’s also very difficult to keep coming up with new idol hunts that are not just challenging and fun, but able to be easily replicated after a new idol gets used while not just using the same design. This game could have been a lot different if just the original two tribal idols + the merge idol existed, but oh well. At least we tried it out. As for the few “twists” we had (split merge tribal + juror removal), you can blame (or thank) the people that quit for making these twists necessary. I will say that I personally like the idea of having a split merge tribal council, but I think in this game it just made it easier for OG to maintain majority. I still think it’s a fairly good twist that forces players to adapt and not get too comfortable in the middle of merge, but I guess with the way the game was at Final 12, it wasn’t such a great idea.

There is one thing that was extremely frustrating to deal with as a host: the inactivity. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to agree to join a game, and not even try to put in at least a little bit of effort to attempt challenges / talk to people, then why did you even agree to join? We had at least 7 people decline their invitation to this game, with one simple reason: they were too busy. We would not have been hurt if 5 more people (who played in this game) told us beforehand that they wouldn’t be able to play for whatever reason (work/school/life/apathy/genuine disinterest/etc.). One factor that contributed to the outcome of this game was the general sense of apathy and disinterest that a lot of players expressed throughout the season. If you aren’t going to be able to put in at least 15% of your free time to contribute to the game, don’t agree to play. There are plenty of other people who we could have asked to play, and I’m sure they would have been a lot more active than over half of the players in this game were. I understand that things come up, and sometimes you have to miss a challenge/vote/etc., but when it’s a frequent thing, it quickly becomes seriously annoying to have to constantly ping people to vote/do a challenge/talk in chat. It’s somewhat understandable if this was an open-signups game, but the fact that people were invited makes this 100x more annoying and disappointing to have to deal with. I’m not going to call out anybody in particular, but thank you to AJ Hannahh vooper 3P1K EpicUmbreon29 Aaronboyer InfernoDragon rssp1 Hilomilo for, if nothing else, at least pretending to act somewhat interested in this game, and sticking around to the very end, even when things weren’t going your way. I’m not trying to shade any of the other players by not including their names, but the people I tagged are just the ones who were consistently active and contributing to the game, so thank you guys for that. I also know that Jalmont and Oddish were going through some stuff while the game was happening, so I don’t blame them for anything.

I am extremely disappointed to see that certain people are still unable to put aside an issue that happened over a year ago, even for just one game, and have allowed a personal issue to spiral so much out of control that it has created some very toxic events and moments that are not even unique to just this game. I was not around very much during the events of the Jury Challenge drama, nor did I really care to try and get involved, but I will say everyone who was involved was at fault in some way. I don’t want to kick a dead horse, so I’m not going to talk about this anymore. But seriously, this game would have been 10x better (and FTC would’ve gone a lot smoother) in my eyes if this “Jury challenge” drama never happened.

I’m going to talk about the drama that took place between two people throughout the course of this game. This “drama” was the second most annoying thing to have to deal with as a host (right behind the inactivity). I thought we were at a point where we could try to start making Circus feel more unified, and while I never believed that putting these two together would solve anything, I at least hoped that it would be a stepping stone towards more inclusion in games. I guess we aren’t at that point yet, and perhaps we never will be. The part that bothered me the most was the constant passive aggressiveness coming from both players, which was pretty prevalent, but I can’t bring anything up about that since it’s hard to pinpoint any of it. There are a few incidents I wouldn’t mind talking about to someone over a voice call or something, but this post isn’t the time nor is it the place, and I’d like to distance myself from this entire situation for a while, if possible. Jalmont said pretty much everything that has to be said about this topic so I won’t go into it any more. If anything, it’s my fault for trying to put these two in the same game together, and I’m sorry to both of the individuals if they ever felt like they were being forced into an unfair/uncomfortable situation(s) because of this game.

Now that all is said and done, some quick shoutouts, if you will. This might be cheesy, so I’ll put it in spoilers:

AJ: Thank you for playing, for being patient, and for being active. Congratulations on a well-deserved win, and for being our first Smogon Survivor 2-time winner!

Heal: Thank you for co-hosting with me. Thank you for dealing with my indecisiveness, and for everything that you did to help host throughout the game. Despite what some people may say, I know that you are a great host, and maybe the circumstances weren’t fair to you this game. You kept this game running when at times it felt like it was going to die, and I really appreciate you for putting all of this time into the challenge designs, idol hunts, tribal councils, etc.

DLE: Thank you for dealing with this game, and for dealing with us as a whole.

Hal: Thank you for always being honest about your feelings and helping me become a better host. Hopefully we get to talk a little bit more about the thing we talked about a few days ago (circus mods pls).

Spectators (there were a lot so I won’t tag them all): Thanks for watching our game, and for being active in the chat with speculation/predictions/etc. Your presence made this a lot more enjoyable to host.

Overall, if anything I think this game shows us that Circus needs a little bit of a break from Survivor, maybe for like a month or so (from my personal point of view. I know some other games might be in the works, so don’t let me discourage anything you have planned). It was probably a mistake to host an all-returnees season right after a season with a majority of returnees was just hosted, so my bad on that part.

Thanks to everyone who spectated/played in this game. Regardless of what your experience was, this game couldn’t have happened without everyone who participated.
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By the way, don’t expect a written post-game or anything like that, at least not for a while. I was writing one up for a while but I’m about to graduate so I kinda got busy with some other things and I neglected it (also I didn’t really feel motivated to do it either but oh well). If people want to do a post-game voice call over Discord or something like that I’d be down to talk to whoever, but yeah, I think everyone has a pretty good idea of how the game went.


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On pregaming:

During FTC, information came to light that Josh/Hannah/AJ had been in contact with each other. One log shows Hannah trying to get Josh to accept an invitation to play that he really didn't want to accept, another log shows shows really into the game and talking to AJ to strike a F3 alliance before the game had started.

At several points waiting for the game to start, some players asked Whydon/me as hosts if they were allowed to share with others that they were invited. One such player was Umbreon, and we told him that we did not want players to share knowledge of their invites with others. But this was not made clear to all players from the onset, and apparently some of them did share.

In the particular case of Hannah/AJ/Josh, this is unfortunate because it resulted in a player who didn't actually want to play to be on the season. Was it something that impacted the game? It's hard to say. But in any case there's no evidence that Hannah/AJ were actively trying to break rules, and so once this knowledge came to us, there was nothing to do.

All this said, like please holy fuck players, don't sign up if you don't want to play. Also, if you sign up, be prepared for the possibility of getting blindsided by friends.

On pregame casting:
Near the conclusion of FFF, Whydon approached me and asked if he could cohost s7 with me. I accepted, and he was initially really bubbly with ideas for a season themes, particularly All Stars and Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee.

Prior to the start of the game, there was a major casting issue in the form of Umbreon vs. Hal. I did not want Hal cast from the start, due to him cheating by talking to the jury in CAP s2, and before invites went out, I told Whydon that I would be utterly miserable hosting a season with hal as a player again and that it would be mentally draining for me. Whydon thought that this was an exaggerated joke or something and he sent an invite to both Umbreon and Hal very early; once I found out Whydon sent the invitation to hal, I tried to get him to rescind the invite but he felt guilty to do so. Initially Umbreon said he 100% did not want to play if Hal was playing, and I'm one who obviously understands this sentiment. Whydon disagreed. Whydon and I consistently and bitterly disagreed about this for a huge portion of the pregame, and we talked to Da Letter El and he advised not casting Hal because issues between him/me/umbreon were bound and to happen and it was better to avoid it all. Whydon still didn't want to rescind the invitation to Hal even after this. After weeks of being in limbo, Umbreon agreed to play even if Hal was in there, but I still wasn't okay with Hal.

During this fight, I also became entirely disillusioned by the concept of an All Stars season at this time. We just did FFF, which was largely a returning player season, and it seemed too soon to have another one. I tried to convince Whydon to have a season that allowed for more new players before we did all stars. It felt like I was consistently overruled at these big ticket items; at some moments Whydon said he'd be willing to make changes, and in some areas he did, but I just never felt I had any direction over the season's flavor. There were some moments where I pushed back against the cast and challenges and order of twists and stuff, and I did get a fair number of challenges and stuff that I wanted. But my heart was never into doing All Stars and let alone doing a season with Hal.

On season cheating and quits:

When Laurel was voted out, he threw a massive fit and yelled/harassed Zelfie telling him to go jump in traffic, and told Umbreon he would regret voting him out. Then, Laurel went to AJ, who was on the other tribe, and told him to vote out all of the unloyal people who voted him out and told him that Zelfie had found an idol and played it on rssp1. The salt was way too aggressive, and Laurel also effectively did cross-tribal communication by talking to AJ.

Thankfully, AJ was very quick to share this information with me, which helped at least control some of the flow of information. Ultimately, I had to tell Azelfie that AJ was leaked info about his idol, and then I told AJ that I told Azelfie this.

In casting, I thought Laurel would be the cool villain, the hal without being a total russel hantz. Laurel had a big impact on the season and was great with confessionals and being good TV, but after cheating when getting voted out and being as ill-willed towards the people who voted him out as he was not was I expected or wanted. I understand the game can be very emotional at times, but let's please not get to this level in any future season.

Steven Snype
Wish he didn't quit, he was cool. It was at a 3-3 (or 4-4?) vote iirc and things could have been weird if he stayed, but hard to say if he would have lived the vote or not. I hope he would have.

During one tribal council, Azelfie accidentally sent a screenshot of content that was not public knowledge to everyone at the tribal. The content wasn't THAT big of an impact on the game, but Azelfie still lost the ability to get immunity in the next tribal council... RIP. Azelfie acknowledged the mistake and accepted the penalty, and overall he was very pleasant to deal with on the subject.

Prior to quitting, Josh told someone (I think Hannah) to kill her self after he assumed that AJ/Hannah had no intentions of honoring the F3 deal he tried to set up in the pregame. Whydon tried to get Josh to change his mind against quitting, and I was LIVID at Josh for telling someone to "kys" (though I didn't talk to Josh about this until he definitely quit). Ultimately we gave Josh a few hours to see if he really really wanted to quit, and he did. If he had stayed, he likely would have been banned from an immunity challenge or two due to him saying kys.


I know at least some players had fun at least some of the time, and grats to AJ for his second win, and thanks for being willing and forthcoming whenever cheating or cheating-investigations occurred.

Whydon and I had disagreements prior to the start of the season and now that it's over, I regret the entire season and wish none of it had happened. We knew problems existed before it started and should have stopped or at least postponed stuff until it got sorted out, but we instead entered a season with a lot of unresolved stuff at the forefront. I still don't like it was all stars, I don't like that I was trapped in this hell hole for over a month with hal when I was very upfront with not wanting to be around him, and in general I feel like this was a massive waste of time to have a huge group of friends dominate the season (which is largely an oversight of how close hannah was with both josh and oddish, which gave her alliance members a huge edge).

There were a few moments where it seemed like the universe could be saved, like when rssp1 got voted out thanks to umbreon's idol, but in the end it was sort of a false hope. Hannah as a player has an amazing social game, but at the same time she like knows everyone and it makes it very hard to cast her without giving one of her alliances an almost insurmountable advantage in the game. At one point I thought Josh would be a savior in the game, but I didn't even know that he was as close to Hannah as he was.

Thanks circus, you never cease to amaze me.

For the love of Detective Pikachu let's get a bunch of new players next season and not do another all-returnees for at least another ten years.
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I have edgic and at least 11 episodes of stars/poops that I'll be revealing in the discord shortly. We'll see how long it takes to get channel permissions sorted out. I may/may not do a full player ranking later, idk, I'm kinda dead.
My entire idea for this season was to have an invitational Survivor game. Perhaps I took it in the wrong direction with All-Stars, but who knows. I never wanted Heal to feel like his decisions were being overridden, but at the end of the day I think we both had very different ideas as to how we wanted the season to be designed, and it showed in the execution of the game.

I hope some people still enjoyed some parts of the game, and I definitely think there are a lot worse hosting experiences that have happened out there. A lot of things we attempted were experimental, and some worked out, while others did not. What’s good is that we know what works and what doesn’t work, which will hopefully make future seasons better and more enjoyable.
You have no right to talk about me like that after what DLE posted and the agreement that was made, which was that the situation would not be discussed again. You clearly didn’t learn anything from hosting this game. This whole time I tried to take your side but I guess Apricity was right all along.

Da Letter El


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This whole time I tried to take your side but I guess Apricity was right all along.
1. I’ve been hearing this a lot recently from a number of people who I really wouldn’t have expected to reach out to me about this
2. While it’s always great to find common ground with new friends, you did actually literally tell someone to run into traffic because you lost in an online forum game
1. I’ve been hearing this a lot recently from a number of people who I really wouldn’t have expected to reach out to me about this
2. While it’s always great to find common ground with new friends, you did actually literally tell someone to run into traffic because you lost in an online forum game
While I don’t disagree with you, and my words aren’t justified, my feelings were.

If you would like full transparency into the situation, you can read the group chat with me umbreon and azelfie, which azelfie suggested the second day of the game. I promised to not speak about the situation again.


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Well, I feel like I need to make an obligatory winner’s post so... here I go. First of all I wanna say thanks to everyone who voted for me! 3P1K rssp1 JALMONT EpicUmbreon29 it really means a lot after how much I put into this game. Also thanks to my allies throughout the game, and even everyone else I played against. This game definitely has its weird moments, but overall I still had fun. Shoutouts to the hosts Whydon HeaLnDeaL, there was so much drama that you guys had to deal with and props to you guys for handling it all. I’m sorry if I upset any of you this game - nothing was personal, and with the whole OG fiasco it was harder to keep people not-mad at me compared to last game. Either way, ggs, and I hope to see you all next game!


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Heal, you miss the point that i only joined for Hannah and AJ. That is why i "misplayed" not killing OG; I was never playing a game to beat them. I (and others) did that in 7DS and they got decimated. And youre right, i shouldnt have joined. The logs hannah and aj did give leave stuff out, but doesnt really matter. I dont think either of them had the intent to cheat, but i dont really want to talk to them again because idk why they put me through this game.

Not going to get into a big discussion. Never joining a game like this again, so it doesnt really matter.
Heal, you miss the point that i only joined for Hannah and AJ. That is why i "misplayed" not killing OG; I was never playing a game to beat them. I (and others) did that in 7DS and they got decimated. And youre right, i shouldnt have joined. The logs hannah and aj did give leave stuff out, but doesnt really matter. I dont think either of them had the intent to cheat, but i dont really want to talk to them again because idk why they put me through this game.

Not going to get into a big discussion. Never joining a game like this again, so it doesnt really matter.
I thought you didn’t care about this game so why do you keep posting about it?


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forum survivor sucks ass because unless you are pregame friends with most of the cast you have no shot. i was never going to make it past premerge no matter how hard i tried. its stupid. i probably will never sign up for a survivor game again
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In 2019 HealnDeal hosted and butchered this trainwreck of a game that cost over 20 people their lives and countless hours of nonsense.
When one watches the devastation wreaked by heal's hosting they can only think


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