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After taking my turn, it would appear that the computer did play the turn I missed in my stead. Made a pretty good move, too! Thanks guys and continued good luck to those playing.


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So ZANT44 has been kicked from the game due to too many skipped turns. Will the computer will receive any sort of advantage compared to the rest of us, due to being an AI? We all know the AI is terrible at war so whomever happens across it first... hmm.


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This game is never going to end, let's be real.

Frankly I'd rather just sit down one weekend and marathon a game with whoever's on at the time, this is too slow-paced for my liking.
Unfortunately von, I have to agree with Walrein on this. After more than a month, I've only completed a monument and temple... I imagine part of it has to do with the speed of the game, which I know you apologized for already, but I think there's also a bit of "too big of a group" problem at play here which makes the turns--at their fastest-- take about 3 days to cycle through. While I'd love to continue, does anyone think we should maybe restart?


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I think AG set this to normal speed ;_;

But yea, I'm considering requesting that this be called off. I feel like the only way to make a smogon civ game work would be 4-6 people sitting down and marathoning a game over the course of a full day (or two if the host is willing to save the map). While GMR is a nice concept, the combination of varying time zones and the already slow pace of Civ make it nigh impossible to maintain interest (I've only finished a monument and started a granary IIRC)
Alright, shall we call it quits on this, then? I think either making a smaller group (4 players per game) while continuing to use GMR combined with the "fast" game speed, or doing as Walrein suggested and doing a marathon day, (or doing both!) is best.
I will try to find a way to end the current 8 player normal speed game early by the end of Sunday my time. If you want to keep going, then speak now... or forever hold your peace.
In place of the 8-player game, would anyone be interested in the 4-player GMR game that was suggested before? I'd love to do a marathon day but I simply don't have the time to sit down and get through it, even on fast speed.

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