Classic Games Thread

Just discuss some funny, awesome or annoying moments you've had with classic games here. That's it, go wild.
Just - No nostalgiarage.
That is all.

I remember back when I had Sonic 2. I may've been extremely young, but I remember darting around Emerald Hill while my older brother helped me out where I got stuck.

Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness, or any game of the Freddi Fish franchise really. They were great games and I spent ages playing them. I'll miss them :(
Contra is really fun (NES 1st one). It really has some Bullet Hell moments every now and then (for a NES game) and is really fun to playthrough. The best moment I had was recently when i started replaying it, my 6 yo cousin brought his nerf gun and the hyper kid he is, started shooting me with Nerf guns while i was playing Contra. I was dodging Nerf Bullets and Contra bullets at the same time and was a rather interesting experience in multistasking


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You were 6 when Super Mario Advance came out? Christ...

I remember learning about speed runs and finishing Super Mario Bros. 3 in 20 minutes after figuring out you could use the warp whistle twice to go straight to the 8th level. Good times.
I obviously had the best childhood anyone can dream of: Super Mario World, Super Mario Paint, Final Fight, the Sonics.

The Labyrinth Zone still creeps the hell out of me and I tend to mute the boss fight of that zone in case I drown ;_;

Starlight City on the other hand keeps me dreaming..


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i played super mario bros 2 with my grandmother all the time, 3 as well! though i suppose more often than not she would just watch me play, and try levels herself if i was having trouble.

but we DiD play ice climbers and balloon fight together, which is probably why they're two of my favorite games ever. endearingly simple, endlessly enjoyable.

i played cruisin' the world/james bond 007/perfect dark with my mother's side of the family, mostly my sister/my step father. when circumstances allowed it, my mother, step father, sister, and i would play mario party 1/2/3 a lot… and would get very upset with one another, haha. i vividly recall the death stares my mother would give me/anyone if someone hit start too quickly before she could read the rules/controls for a mini game.

umm, as for specific moments, i'm consumed by the memory of being terrified of this fuc


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game and watch gallery game and watch gallery 2 game and watch gallery 3 gane and watch gallery 4

pokemon gold


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I miss the megaman series (both vanilla and X)

I've played all the nes/snes ones but 3 and 6... >_>

and i also missed the X4-X5-X6 games for pso, i was hoping to get them in psn store to play on vita but it seems they're not coming anytime soon =(
Holy fuck this game.

I ate that shit up when I was a kid. Played that game for hours and hours, never got bored, even when I beat the entire thing. Was just the greatest game ever.

Also Zoo Tycoon. The first one, with the Dino Digs and Marine Tycoon expansion packs. That game was so much fun.


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final fantasy 8 was the best, but i have a feeling some other ff fans disagree...
final fantasy 8 was the best, but i have a feeling some other ff fans disagree...
Haters gonna hate tbh. FF8 was a fine game. A little off the usual FF path, but the story was gripping enough, and most of the characters were likable (especially the likes of Selphie and Zell). First FF game I played, so I never really got attached the same way to FF7 as many other so-called "diehard" FF fans out there.

When I think of "classic" games, I think of old favourites like Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Master System/Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for y'all Americans ;) ) or the likes of Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World on the NES and SNES respectively. The first game I ever played was the original Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Sega Master System when I was a few years old, I loved it then and I love it now.

I suppose I can think of the Nintendo 64 as "classic" by today's standards, Super Mario 64 and Goldeneye were amazing at the time. Tomb Raider and Resident Evil were amongst my favourite on the PS1 however.

There are way too many to list, these are just a few of the iconic games that stood out for me.
Holy fuck this game.

I ate that shit up when I was a kid. Played that game for hours and hours, never got bored, even when I beat the entire thing. Was just the greatest game ever.

Also Zoo Tycoon. The first one, with the Dino Digs and Marine Tycoon expansion packs. That game was so much fun.
you sir have impeccable taste on both accounts

just don't forget the race care and moon versions for the first, those were both equally amazing

not to mention this series:

and roller coaster tycoon

seriously man you've got me feeling some serious nostalgia right now
FF8 is one game I'd actually like to try playing with as little activity resembling grinding as possible. I did a run with getting Diablos's no encounter ability ASAP and leaving it on for the rest of the game, and it was actually pretty smooth until maybe the final boss. So it would be interesting to see what would happen if I completely avoided stuff like Triple Triad, farming spell charges, etc. (lol I forgot almost all the terminology associated with that game, go me.)

My childhood was pretty barren as far as classic games went, as I only owned Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario World, and some 3D racing game for the SNES, and I only owned Pokemon Blue and Crystal on the Game Boys. I played other games here and there off of friends, though. I also had RollerCoaster Tycoon, though it's easy to get into OCD mode in that game O.o I think I was 11 or so when I was introduced to emulators and ROMs, and that's how I discovered games like Final Fantasy 4/5/6. It's mostly nowadays that I'm playing old games.
Super Mario 64 still ranks up there among my favorite games of all time.

On another note, any fans of '90s computer RPGs are going to be pleased that a spiritual successor to Planescape just got kickstarted for well over 4 million dollars.
I don't understand what you mean by classic games since most of the games people are listing are not classics but w/e lol. Anyways the majority of my childhood was spent playing Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon Blue / Gold, SMB3, Super Mario World, early Megaman games for the GBA, God of War and RE4.

But there are plenty of games this generation that I consider classics such as Bioshock 1, Gears of War 1, SMG 1 & 2 and Fallout 3. Mirror's Edge and Bayonetta were awesome.
I might consider a game classic if it's had some reasonable amount of popularity and it's old enough. I'd peg the minimum age at 14 years, based on this because there's nothing else I can really think of. But that's, y'know, if you care enough about the classification to criticize people itt for talking about non-classic games.


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FF8 was ass lol. The character selection was terrible, and the only chemistry you ever got was between Squall and Rinoa. The level up/junction system was terrible, and this is coming from someone who loves the actual story and has 100%'d it twice.

FF6 imo is the best FF of all time, and a true classic. FF4 is great and FF9 and FFX are two of my personal favorites. FFVII was alright but not my personal favorite haha. Earthbound is a classic and even venturing onto Suikoden 1 and 2. Im a huge RPG fan though.
I still distinctly remember my first encounter with an intimidating boss. I was playing the first Ratchet & Clank game, and I got to the first space station level. So I was doing just fine, getting through the level no sweat. Then I walked into this big room and a huge fucking alien dropped from the ceiling. I freaked out and tried to run out of the room, but Ratchet just got burned by some pipes. The whole thing was so damn terrifying to my 9 year-old self I switched off the PS2 before I died and lost all my progress (still hate Sony for that memory card bullshit).

I also really liked Mario Party when I was little. I didn't have an N64, but my sister's best friend's older brother did, so whenever we went over to their place, I made a bee-line for the N64 and played as much Mario Party as I could.
The only thing I remember about "classic games" is that I could never beat them.

I had mario all stars, f-zero, and that game where your armor falls off after one hit. I could never beat any of them. That mask guy in mario prevented me from beating the first level. I might give mario another go and actually beat it sometime later


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Anyone ever played DragonWarrior Monsters/Dragon Quest Monsters? Damn good game, like Pokemon but with a lot of cool breeding and such. Pretty great game with a good amount of replay value depending on what you get and don't.

Edit: Yeah, Six is the best by a good margin.

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