Classic Warmup Tour II - Round 3

It's already 2020, that means Smogon Classic is right around the corner. It's getting time to shake off some rust in the older gens.
That's why I decided to host the Classic Warmup Tour again - a BO5 tour in the Classic OU lineup, meaning RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP and BW.
Here's the last iteration which was a huge success.

The rules are simple:
- This is a BO 5 series, whoever wins 3 games advances
- I don't mind what tier you're starting with. In case you cannot decide however - just start with RBY.
- Loser picks the next tier
- Games are to be played on the main server or Smogtours
- Replays are not nessecary
- Further tournament rules are found here

Xevara - TSR
Cam - Sakito
(Diophantine - BKC) - RCred403
Pohjis - Bdlc
(Jytcampbell - Ishtarrr) - gorgie
Staxi - umbreon098
(jcbc - Regnite) - BlazingDark
apesh!t - Raining Inside
- Spl4sh
Sayuze - Louna
jacob - BIHI
Vileman - Ismakhil
Hiro' - z0mOG
kjdaas - SOMALIA
(Splash - Djokra) - Triangles
yovan33321 - (Wamr - Torchic)

Deadline is Tuesday the 4th. GLHF
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