Classic Warmup Tour IV - Finals (Won by Star)

Hello once again and welcome to a new season of the Classic Warmup Tour!
As always we'll be playing Gen 1 to 5 OU in a single elimination BO5.
For anyone interested, here were the finals of Season 1, 2 and 3
Since Classic got moved to July this year this tour is also following in its footsteps.
Meaning we got summer editions of Classic Warmup from now on.
Time for the grand Finale.

The rules are simple:
- This is a BO 5 series, whoever wins 3 games advances
- I don't mind what tier you're starting with. In case you cannot decide however - just start with RBY.
- Loser picks the next tier
- Games are to be played on the main server or Smogtours
- From now on replays are mandatory, so don't forget to post them.
- Further tournament rules are found here

Tomahawk - Star

I apologize for the delayed post. Had some irl stuff to do
Now, there won't be a deadline - so get it done whenever you feel like it.
GL HF Guys, may the better player win!
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