Classic Warmup Tour lll - Round 1

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Hello Everyone. The year 2020 has been a very hard one for most of us. Covid and everything it has caused hindered many of us in our everyday lives.
So it's getting time to start the Classic Warmup Tour again.
Just like in Season 1 and Season 2 you'll play a BO5 in all oldgen OUs: RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP and BW2.
Even though classic is not as close as it was the last times I decided to host it around my usual time anyways since we need something to clear our heads right now anyways. Next season will of course be hosted shortly before classic commences next year.






The rules are simple:
- This is a BO 5 series, whoever wins 3 games advances
- I don't mind what tier you're starting with. In case you cannot decide however - just start with RBY.
- Loser picks the next tier
- Games are to be played on the main server or Smogtours
- Replays are not nessecary
- Further tournament rules are found here


MatLaTomate - Petuuuhhh
- egalvanc
FNH - LLiama
Thildema - Aishia
- gorex
Kristyl - Jamez155
realSurfyTeen - Wigglytuff
Nazip - AM
Ryenix - RahelGamer03
byronthewellwell - Louna
Kevin Garrett
- 7shoes
BlazingDark - lemurn1
mc56556 - Not Yin
Chiles Habaneros - kjdaas
Gilbert arenas - Diophantine
Drew_ - zugubu royale
steelskitty - ara
Drafeu-kun - fran17
DYA - pj
emma - SOMALIA
No man's hax
- Conflict
Ophion - Chaitanya
Hiro' - Tomahawk
Fakee - watermess
Cousiin - So Noisy
giove97 - nightcore
eden - ThelordofbadRNG
apesh!t - Reymaki
Ismakhil - Pohjis
Leo - Pheo'
rylon - z0mOG
- yugon.exe
Dragonjarl - Finchinator
Emeral - jcbc
ForgottenOnes - Padox
Oxi - Mattakata
- Zenter
Kick42zo - Mr. Mime fan
- Internal
mael - Abyssal Ruins
Cheese5555 - Luirromen
I Eat Snoms - Astrø
- Waves
Astrologistic style - iKiQ
Nalorium - Saurav the great
Ron...5 - Energy
Mattorr Is Cute - Charmflash
Lord Thorx
- Roxiee
GaryTheGengar -
syzgy -
Sificon -
Stareal -
agenS -
juan123juan - Expulso
Ruft - Hyogafodex
Wanony - idiotfrommars
Morale -
jacob -
Raiza -
Staxi - Lilburr
Blui -
abd1710 -
Sapientia - Monsareeasy
berry -
Slave Of Passion -
Links -
Blanko -
BlessyZ -
McMeghan -
Fantos13 -
Koalacance -
Perish Song -
Gestoros -
obii -
Estarossa - robjr
qwily -
Lucix -
Zeno -
Souw - McSim
Wamr -
bb skarm -
Mister Tim - TopLel TopKek
Jhonx~ - 52Gambit
Broken Promises; -
Cicada -
GotCookies - ziloXX
Hockey1 -
Total Clefairy - shieldpoke
Ganso -
mikmer -
Genesis7 - CMDoge
Hyssou - SaDiSTiCNarwhal
64 Squares -
The Thunderbirds - Prinz -
nigel - TJ
Luisin -
johnnyg2 -
Monai -
AltCauseImInsecure -
pileosand -
RageAgainstTheMagearna -
Siatam -
Zokuru -
Attack on Samurott -
Shakur -
Aliss -
FeaNiiX -
MetalGro$$ -
avarice -
Lord Ninjax -
MSnt -
RAP Yogurt -
zio -
IoSonoNeon -
SiceXV -
crucify -
LuluDzn -
NHelioX7 -
Saladae -
august -
damflame 3 -
Justamente -
ReeceHughes -
RaJ.Shoot -

I know this is looking awkward - but since like real finals way more than a 3-way final I decided to host in a 256 Player format and have a 128 round in round 2.

Deadline is gonna be next sunday night - Midnight 20th/21st
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