Classic Warmup Tour - Round 2

(approved by Quite Quiet)

Huge Shoutouts to Jackii for this one!

Happy new year to you all! :bloblove:

It's already 2019, that means Smogon Classic is right around the corner. It's getting time to shake off some rust in the older gens.
That's why I decided to host the Classic Warmup Tour - a BO5 tour in the Classic OU lineup, meaning RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP and BW.

The rules are simple:
- This is a BO 5 series, whoever wins 3 games advances
- The first tier to be played is RBY OU - I do permit you to start with another tier if both players can agree on one
- Loser picks the next tier
- Games are to be played on the main server or Smogtours
- Replays are not nessecary
- Further tournament rules are found here


Yoshi vs Louna
(Winner Weegah / HKT ) vs Vileman
CyberOdin vs Altina
eden's embrace vs Zokuru
xJoelituh vs monchooo
Raiza vs (Winner dom / Jhonx~ )
byronthewellwell vs rob.
Diophantine vs Adam the first
Fantos13 vs Kaori
sig vs So Noisy
z0mOG vs Ampha
robjr vs (Winner Welli0u / Arch€r )
Jytcampbell vs BIHI
Bedschibaer vs Nurul
Eternal Spirit vs Bro Kappa
Fille vs azogue
LeoShakur vs (Winner Googly / Rokhan )
Thiago Nunes vs neomon
Triangles vs H.M.N.I.P
zf vs Hyogafodex
jcbc vs Watchog
1 True Lycan vs Teaquoo
Finchinator vs Raichy
Reymaki vs Melle2402
Minougarou vs Djokra
ilesaural vs Leo
Heldinho vs Cheese555
Crash Your Face vs wyc2333
a fruitshop owner vs Erzengel
Energy vs TogliBabineBoeuf
Ismail vs Shogarth
Shaneghoul vs JoJoUWU

Get your games done until the 8th 11:59 PM GMT +1
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