Clawitzer (QC 1/3)

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Red White and Blue n_n

· Has good coverage, letting it hit a bunch of stall mons super effectively.

· Has respectable bulk for a wallbreaker.

· Mega Launcher gives pulse moves an effective STAB, and gives Clawitzer much more power on top of its base 120 Special Attack.

· Pivoting with U-turn is cool.

· Water typing gives cool resistances and semi-rare weaknesses.

· Really slow, prevents it from being a overwhelming threat.

· Expert Belt lacks power versus neutral threats, Life Orb is very passive, Specs locking you in can be used to the opponent's advantage.

· Faces competition with Slowking, who is much bulkier, has access to Regenerator, and Psychic STAB. However, it has much less power and has unwanted weaknesses.

· A little 4MSS, would like to run Scald, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, and U-turn, but can’t for obvious reasons.

name: Wallbreaker
move 1: Scald
move 2: Dark Pulse
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: U-turn / Aura Sphere
ability: Mega Launcher
item: Life Orb / Choice Specs
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpDef / 252 Spe
nature: Modest


· Scald is the chosen Water STAB, since it not only has similar power to Water Pulse, but also burns often, which is quite annoying to many stall mons.

· Dark Pulse is the first coverage option, letting it hit mons it would not be able to touch before, such as Slowking, Cresselia, and Jellicent.

· Ice Beam hits Grass types and Dragon types, namely Amoongus, Druddigon, and Virizion on the switch.

· U-turn is a nice pivot move that gets you out of unfavorable situations.

· Aura Sphere 2HKOs Specially Defensive Registeel. However, it doesn’t hit much else. Registeel is also easy to wear down anyways considering it doesn’t have reliable recovery.

Set Details

· Life Orb boosts Clawitzer’s wallbreaking power, letting it hit as hard as powerful as possible along with the ability to switch moves. Specs hits much harder, but comes with the drawback that it forces you to be locked into one move.

· Maximum Special Attack investment along with Modest nature hits as hard as possible. 252 Speed EVs outspeed 0 Speed Golbat, and allows Clawitzer to 2HKO Golbat with Ice Beam before it can Defog or Toxic. The rest are put in SpDef so it can switch into Stealth Rcok more often.

Usage Tips

· The beautiful thing about Clawitzer is that most special walls that wall most special attackers get 2HKO’d by Clawitzer’s very nice coverage. Therefore, as said many times already, LO Clawitzer should be a very helpful tool versus stall.

· There are a number of stall mons that Clawitzer easily switches into, such as Alomomola, Aromatisse, Slowking, Cresselia, Jellicent, and Registeel. Abuse switches into these mons as much as you can.

· A downside of using Clawitzer as a wallbreaker is that between Stealth Rock, Life Orb, and (Toxic) Spikes damage, it can be worn down very easily. Wish support/Hazard control is almost vital in order for Clawitzer to be used to the best of its ability.

Team Options

· As said earlier, Wish support is very nice for Clawitzer, as it can continue nuking stall. This makes Aromatisse a nice partner for Clawitzer, not only supplying HP for the crab, but also getting rid of any status that stall throws at it with Aromatherapy.

· Hazard control also helps Clawitzer plenty. Shiftry is a fellow offensive mon that not only Defogs hazards away, but also hits offensive teams very hard with Sucker Punch. If looking for a spinner, Hitmonlee is a very nice partner for Clawitzer. Not only does it spin away hazards, but it also beat stall mons that Clawitzer can’t beat (example, SpDef Aromatisse only gets 3HKO’d by Scald, but 2HKO’d by High Jump Kick).

· Druddigon is also a decent partner, not only setting up Stealth Rock, but also nice type synergy with Clawitzer and very strong moves.

· Clawitzer really enjoys Speed control so it's not dead weight versus offense. This is why Sticky Web from Shuckle helps Clawitzer destroy more offensive teams. Trick Room support from partners such as Bronzong or Aromatisse also helps, but only lasts for a few turns.

Other Options

· Assault Vest can be helpful for Clawitzer to be of more use versus Balance and more offensive teams. However, the power will be greatly missed and also makes it a much weaker stallbreaker.

· Expert Belt can be used on the set. However, Expert Belt may have no recoil, but it also hits much weaker versus neutral targets.

· HP Grass is another option that can work for Clawitzer, dealing with one of the only things that can effectively wall Clawitzer, Gastrodon. It also, if running Expert Belt, 2HKOs the standard Alomomola spread, something that Dark Pulse will not do (Dark Pulse will 2HKO with Life Orbr, however).

· Choice Scarf can be a shock to opponents, getting a free kill due to its rarity. However, it can't wallbreak nearly as well, so a fellow wallbreaker is required.

· Water Pulse is horrible, Scald is barely weaker and has a much better side effect. But if you insist n_n

· Dragon Pulse helps LO Clawitzer OHKO Druddigon, something Ice Beam doesn't have a chance to do without Stealth Rock. However, it brings no other coverage and Specs Ice Beam KOs after Stealth Rock.

Checks & Counters

· **Offensive Teams**: Clawitzer has a poor match-up versus Offensive teams, and will often be dead weight since it is easily pressured by powerful attacks.

· **Status/Hazards**: It hates passive damage, and these 2 threats, along with Life Orb Recoil, will often wear down Clawitzer before it can do much in the match.

· **Specially Defensive Gastrodon**: One of the few threats Clawitzer can’t 2HKO, allowing it to go for the Toxic and Recover spam.

· **Grass types and Electric types**: Many Grass types, such as Shiftry, Virizion, and Rotom-Mow can easily switch into Clawitzer’s STAB and threaten it out or KO it. Helioisk can switch into Scald, though not any other move, and KO. Jolteon can’t switch in, but it can revenge kill.

· **Registeel**: Registeel walls Clawitzer quite well as long as it doesn't carry Aura Sphere. Pairing it with Wish support makes it very hard for Clawitzer to chip enough damage away to KO it.
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QC Ready, along with some questions:

Is Assault Vest's ability to deal with Balance/Offensive teams much more easily (both of which are more common than Stall) enough to warrant a set?

Aura Sphere only really hits Registeel, which gets worn down by Scald and burns due to its lack of recovery. Does it really warrant an slash or should it just be put in OO?


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Sup shaymin :3 not QC but a few thoughts here and there:


· Its decent bulk allows it to take hits from stall mons it can’t 2HKO
Taking hits from 'stall mons' is something almost every Pokemon can do, and it's nothing special. Change this to something in the lines of "has respectable bulk for a wallbreaker"

· Assault Vest helps it to have a better match-up versus special balance and offensive threats such as Moltres, Zoroark, and LO Yanmega
I'm not sure what the stance on mentioning sets in Overview that aren't actually in the main analysis, so I'm not sure about this.. Unless AV becomes a main set, I think this should be removed, but don't take my word on it.

· Faces competition with Slowking, who is much bulkier, has access to Regenerator, and Psychic STAB.
I wouldn't say Clawitzer faces 'stiff competition' from Slowking, I'd just mention that Slowking is another Water-type option that is weaker but is a better pivot, Clawitzer is more of a wallbreaker than anything and Slowking is nowhere near wallbreaking for the most part.

[Wallbreaker Set]

EVs should be listed in this order: HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe, with those abbreviations instead of Spd and SpAtk, so it would look like 44 HP / 252 SpA / 212 Spe. There should be spaces between the dash and the moves, so make the 4th moveslot Aura Sphere / U-turn.

Make sure to mention Hidden Power Grass if using Expert Belt, as it can 2HKO Alomomola (104 HP/156 SpD) 100% of the time after Rocks while Dark Pulse fails to do so. However, Life Orb Dark Pulse and HP Grass have the same base power with Mega Launcher factored in, so it will 2HKO regardless. HP Grass also nails Gastrodon, a solid answer to Clawitzer

You misspelled Stealth Rock in Team Options. :P

Everything else looks pretty good, you just gotta fix your spacing (unneeded spaces between each line etc, but thats just me being OCD lol). Good job :]
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Mention Sticky Web like support, is close to be mandatory with Clawitzer because is v slow and cant boost their speed.

Specs needs be slashed on the 2nd slot on the main set.

Mention in OO a Choice Scarf set which outrun base 110 and hits decent with their 120 SpA base + Mega-Launcher to boost their moves, U-turn to scout. Mention that is kinda easy to be walled so needs some kind of wallbreaker / hazard support to work but definitely can surprise a lot of mons.


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Not QC but I've used the AV set considerably, the extra bulk is much appreciated and it still hits pretty hard. With U-turn (which is necessary in my opinion) it's a really bulky offensive pivot, just pair it with Wish support from Aromatisse to keep it going. What it has over Slowking is U-turn, less weaknesses (as mentioned), and better offensive presence in exchange for obscenely high special bulk and phazing support. Of course it's up to QC to decide whether it should be added as a legitimate set or not, but that's my 2 cents on it.

I think in general for team options you should also consider Trick Room support, since that's where Clawitzer would obviously shine best...Mons like Aromatisse (again), Reuniclus, and Cofagrigus can all set Trick Room up for it to take advantage of its poor Speed


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Ok, time to take a crack at this:


- Note you need to catch Virizion on the switch with Ice Beam
- Make the 4th slot U-turn / Aura Sphere.
- If the 44 HP EVs don't let Clawitzer live anything in particular, just run max Speed. If they do, then do share ^.^
- Add Trick Room and Sticky Web support to team options. Great ways to make Clawitzer harder to handle

[Other Options]

- Add Scarf, but explain the opportunity cost

[Checks and Counters]

- Note that Rotom-C and Virizion can tank anything but an Ice Beam
- Registeel is a good check, especially if Clawitzer lacks Aura Sphere

Keep AV in OO unless sufficient replays of AV Clawitzer being effective where LO wouldn't be can be provided. Address all of the above, and consider this guy

QC Approved 1/3 Shaymin :D
Also Dragon Pulse is one of the few moves in the metagame that can OHKO Druddigon so it probably deserves to go to OO
Hits nothing but it and Dragalge (who is a very solid check) but deserves to be mentioned
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