Tournament Cleansweep Seven - Won by Gunner Rohan


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absdaddy vs deathbywobbuffet

abs first posted act some hours before the scheduled time+both players show almost-moderate activity+"take it"
+ pohjis bias
[21:29] @Pohjis: !pick absdaddy, WOBBUFFET
We randomly picked:

DeathByWobbuffet vs Fireburn


Tournament Banned
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Banned deucer.
won in 3 ggs. Game one was sumo and I had game won ez but haxed 2 shreds. Game two was clean bw2 win. Game 3 was 1 dtail miss in my favor but still gud clean game. I'm like 10-1 in bw2 tour matches and only lost was 2 hyw in ugtt. Somebody buy me for upl

edit: forgot curses with froslass happened both games and both were crucial so fuck yea
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