RMT Clearly Best Play

Welcome one and all to an explanation of the team that will change how CAP is played forever.

So before I get into the nitty gritty of why this team is clearly best play, I'll introduce you to the hoity-toity characters that make up the stageplay that is best play.

Name: Chill Braah

Ability: Dry Skin
Item:Choice Scarf

Lava Plume
Sludge Bomb

Spread: 4 Def/252 Sp Atk/252 Speed (Timid Nature)

So we start of with the Mollux, Colossoil, Tomohawk core. A core clearly built for best play. Colossoil and Tomohawk have a shared Ice and Fairy weakness that Mollux covers. Mollux and Tomohawk have a shared Psychic weakness that Colossoil covers. Mollux and Colossoil have no shared weaknesses because they're tight like that. You use Lava Plume so that when the opponent makes a switch on your mon, he thinks you're the defensive variety for not running Eruption. At that point, you can trap a Cawmodore that thinks he's faster.

It's very important that you name Mollux "Chill Braah" so that new players will be fooled into thinking it gets Blizzard and run away with their Dragon types. Also, nobody will expect a chill Mollux to be carrying a try-hard Scarf, adding another layer to the illusion. Mollux is the perfect monster to get into the opponent's head with, which makes him the epitome of best play and a mon you can't go without.

Colossoil (F)
Name: DugtrioXExcadrill

Ability: Rebound
Item: Assault Vest

Rapid Spin
Sucker Punch
Knock Off

Spread: 252 HP/4 ATK/252 Sp Def (Careful Nature)

Ms. DugtrioXExcadrill is a strong beautiful woman who don't need no man in her life. Her spread reflects that no matter how tough things get, she'll always be speial. Thus the specialness of others doesn't get to her. She's cool like that

The first step to creating the ultimate Colossoil is Earthquake. It was the move her parents left her before the war, and thus the most powerful asset she has in the rough times. Next we look to her mother Excadrill to see the wonder that is Rapid Spin. Thus Colossoil must follow in her mother's footsteps and carry that torch in her stead.

From her father, we see Dugtrio was a master trapper. It therefore makes sense that she should have Pursiut. But then you realize that's for squares and immediately remove Pursuit. Sucker Punch is pretty good though, so we add that. We top off the movepool with Knock Off because when you don't know what to do, Knock Off is clearly best play.

Name: Wall Hawk

Ability: Prankster
Item: Rocky Helmet

Air Slash

Spread: 252 HP/252 Def/4 Speed (Bold Nature)

We start off the moveset by adding both Haze and Taunt. By having both on the same set, you make your opponent fully aware that you have reach the highest level of salt when it comes to stat boosting. This is where Chill Braah, master of illusions, shines (figuratively, as he doesn't have Illuminate). By making the opponent think you've gone full salt, they'll try to achieve disconnect by going carelessly into Auromoth or Cawmodore, where you can achieve kill status.

Priority heal is amazing, and should be mandatory on any best play team. By having Roost and Rocky Helmet, you allow the opponent to mine your salt for you, reducing the workload. Air Slash is here because we cannot have these workers being lazy. Not in this salt mine!

Name:B-Movie Plot

Ability: Levitate
Item: Leftovers

Volt Switch
Hydro Pump

Spread: 252 HP/4 Def/252 Sp Def (Calm Nature)

Whoa, not only do we have the Tomohawk/Colossoil/Mollux core, but we have the Rotom-w/Landorus-T core as well? That's double core value! We have achieved clearly best play bordering on clearly bester play. Thank you, "Attack of the Killer Washing Machine!!!!!"! You have brought us to our full potential.

Now I here talk of people using Technician on their Stratagem instead of Levitate. While this is excusable in some sets, Rotom-W cannot afford to go without it's bread and butter ability Levitate. Normally, a Water/Electric such as Rotom-W would be weak to Grass and Ground. However, by adding Levitate as his ability, you can not only cut his weaknesses in half, but his only remaining weakness will be in a rather obscure attacking type. Add to that the prevalence of monsters like Landorus, Landorus-T, and Colossoil, you quickly realize the importance of having Levitate on a Rotom-W.

So remember kids, use Levitate. It's the clearly best play.

Name: Johnny Tilt

Ability: Intimidate
Item: Life Orb

Knock Off
Rock Slide

Spread: 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Speed (Jolly Nature)

The second half of our double core wombo combo. We start off with Earthquake and Knock Off, because Johnny think that it'll impress Ms. DugtrioXExcadrill. He has a thing for her, but don't tell nobody.

Because he is Johnny Tilt, we have to include U-Turn to create the "you can't touch me" tilt. We can't go for the unexpected item tilt, because it'll blow Chill Braah's cover. Remember, sometimes switching out when you're outduked is the clearly best play. We end off his (s)kill set with Rock Slide, because Johnny is huge into D&D, and he knows how quickly "Rocks fall. All die." can lead to the full tilt scenario he hopes to achieve.

Name: Diesel

Ability: Clear Body
Item: Metagrossite

Bullet Punch
Zen Headbutt
Ice Punch

Spread: 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Speed (Adamant Nature)

"Having a diesel on your branch line is bound to improve it"
-Diesel, "Thomas the Quarry Engine"

So it's clear why this 'mon is best play. It's so awesome I had to quote Thomas the Tank Engine to illustrate it's sheer awesomeness. Clearly this is best play. One thing of note is that I gave this Metagross Adamant over Jolly as a nature. The reason is that Johnny Tilt already has Jolly, and learning to diversify your threats is the difference between clearly good play and clearly best play.

But all of this expanation will do no good without a clear example on how to play with such a team. As such, I have provided a playthrough to show how to apply the principles of best play to your Pokemans experience.


As you can see, this opponent was a toughie. He was using Brine/Drill Peck Cawmodore, so you know this is for legit. He also used Confuse Ray Tomohawk and Mollux, so he knows about the salt-mining potential of the wondrous bird. He went full 6 CAP to catch you off your guard. That way, No Guard Auromoth can go for kill. Thankfully, by the principles of clearly best play, I was able to succeed.

Now many of you may be wondering why I sacked my Landorus-T to a fairly obvious Blizzard, and that's simple because I wanted information on the No Guard set. By identifying the Choice Scarf in the early game, I could salt mine in the late game. Truly Johnny's sacrifice was not in vain.

For maximum learning experience, mute the sound on the replay and listen to this on loop while watching the replay. https://www.youtube.com / watch?v=UittIM3SxzI. Remember, you need the clearly best theme for the clearly best 'mon of the clearly best team.


This is a battle that came down to my ability to simply mine for salt with Tomohawk. Even getting hit on the Special end, my wall stands strong. While it may have looked like I made several misplays in that match, in actuality I secured the salt. It's not the clearly coward play, it's the clearly best play.
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I'm quite serious when I say this, but your sprites are really top notch. If you made them yourself, I'm quite jealous (coughcough April Fools sprites). They balance a mix of spriting technical skill with wonky humor that I'd die to have. They may look funny, but they are definitely not the result of a noob spriter.

Beyond your playful presentation, there's a nice and solid team hiding in here. There's really no glaring weaknesses, and it utilizes a lot of standard CAP sets. This might make surprises harder to pull off, but there's a reason why standard sets are standard to start with. Best RMT I've read all year :)

If there's too many RMTs that follow this quirky presentation, the fun is ruined. If this becomes a pattern, it will just get boring :c
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For those of you curious how the clearly best team is doing, here's a quick update on the goings on.

Now I'll be level. It was quite a bold move attempting to perish trap Rotom-W. He would be forced to let Voodoom die with the ship, seeing as I could just Volt Switch punish if he tried to back off turn 3. On the other end of the spectrum, Master of Illusions Mollux secures a kill and Tomohawk does what he does best. RIP Wrap-Perish Song Voodoom. May the bards forever sing of your glory and then die in 3 turns.

The Taunt salt was strong this game. The failed Necturna Wish pass was rather unfortunate. That Nec-turned out to be a flop. There's been a large influx of Cawmodores in the metagame recently, so the mind tricks are real. This is why you shouldn't bring out a Scylant without the Focus Sash backup. That is clearly not best play. If you wonder why I sacked the ever-revolutionary Megagross for no reason, it was to get Lando in to secure the Master of Illusion play. That Syclant thought his Earth Power was good, but that is but a mere illusion.
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