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looking at it may look weak but it can be a staller but dispite taunt clefairy will be at a disivantage against sweep bait and a battle stall match, clefairy is a beast with eviolite + cosmic power making its defence and Sp.def stats able to stand up to strong attacks and can stall with wish + toxic + protect
or either a attack set thunderbolt/Thunder, singal beam/seismictoss, psychic.
clefairy with magic gaurd is a good choice for a a staller but confusion makes clefairy in a disivantage as well making clefairy a easy target.

calm nature
Hp: 252
Spd: 252
Def: 4

if i made a mistake you may correct it


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Hi, there are quite a few things wrong here the major on being that clefairy is not a little cup legal pokemon as it evolves from cleffa, so please go learn the metagame you are trying to submit a set for. Second, please read the announcements and stickies for this forum before posting again because this isn't even close to the proper format for sets.
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